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Du Zhixun didn't lose his temper and sneered: "If you didn't kill someone, why did you lie and say you didn't know Cai Fengqin? Why did you escape after I revealed my identity? "

"I... "I was nervous back then …"

"Why are you so nervous if you don't have a ghost in your heart?"

"I get nervous when I see the police."

"Hmph, quibble. I don't think you're nervous. You're guilty of being a thief. You already know what happened at Cai Fengqin's house, right?"

"…" Ann Qiang shuddered and lowered his head to avoid Du Zhixun's gaze.

"Do you think you can escape without speaking? I just checked you out... You're a felon. Eight years ago you were sentenced to two years for theft, and shortly after you were released you were sentenced to two years for assault, and then you were sentenced to five years for burglary and light injury. You were released early last year. You've been in prison most of the time, and I know exactly what people like you are thinking. "

Du Zhixun left his seat, walked up to Ann Qiang and put his hand on his shoulder. "The law is only used to restrain ordinary people, but for people like you, it can't restrain the dark desires in your heart at all. Any little stimulation can make you take the risk." "You don't care about sentencing at all. For you, trying to get away from the law is more exciting …"

"But I... I... I've never killed anyone. " Ann Qiang felt an invisible pressure on Du Zhixun's hand, making his heart beat faster.

"Yes, you've never killed before, but you're already on the edge of it, and we know you have a history of drug abuse. Maybe you didn't want to kill people, but the development of the case is always surprising. Maybe you just wanted to rob people, but you didn't get anything. Or maybe one of the six people resisted and you just happened to be on drugs that day, so even the tiniest bit of excitement could make you lose control and go crazy. You've vented all the hatred you've had from your years in prison on the six innocent people. I have to say, you learned some brilliant criminal skills in prison, you can kill six people in one breath, and you can even pretend as if nothing had happened, so you want to confuse us police officers. However, you have an oversight, a fatal oversight. "

Ann Qiang raised his head and looked at Du Zhixun doubtfully.

"One of the victims was lucky enough to escape. She was Cai Fengqin's daughter. She remembers that before the murder you went to Cai Fengqin and had a violent argument with her. After that, the six of them were killed. And you keep denying that you know Cai Fengqin. This is because you have a guilty conscience, so of course you wouldn't dare to admit it. "

"I didn't kill anyone!" Ann Qiang shouted, "I lied, but I didn't kill anyone. "I had a big fight with Cai Fengqin the day she was killed, and there's a reason for that."

"Why are you arguing?"

"Because of my son."

"An Dabao? Is he your own son? "


"You've been in prison all these years, how can you have a son?"

"Of course he's my son, yes." Seeing Du Zhixun tease him, Ann Qiang panicked, "Although I stayed in the prison for a long time, let it out in the middle, and even married a wife, although I went back in after a short time, but I didn't expect to get some seeds. This woman is pretty courageous, and she immediately got pregnant with a fat kid." The shape of the face and eyes are similar to mine. If you look carefully, my son isn't running. "

"You said that on the day of the murder, you and Cai Fengqin had an argument because of your son. What happened?"

Ann Qiang sighed, "You should have seen my son, Dabao. Do you feel that he is different from the other children? The doctor said that he was born retarded, and that he had a school name... Oh, exciting type of mental retardation, such a child's intelligence is inferior to other children, and also especially moving. "He often runs around, and if he's not careful, he'll disappear …"

Du Zhixun thought that Ding Qian was right. With just a single glance, this fellow was able to tell the illness of this little boy. It was not just for show.

"..." That day, Big Treasure couldn't even f * cking keep an eye on him. This kid ran away again, only to end up at Cai Fengqin's house. This old woman was cold and unreasonable, she didn't ask me what was the matter, she caught my son and scolded him, and when I came she was screaming at me and scaring my son to tears. What's wrong with a child making a ruckus? Is there a need for that? I got angry right away and went up to argue with that old lady. I … I did threaten to 'kill her entire family', but I just said that I was trying to scare her. "

Du Zhixun seemed to come to a sudden understanding, "So you even said something like 'kill her family'."

Ann Qiang realized that he talked too much and covered his face in frustration.

"What happened in the end?"

"Nothing, I'll be taking my son away."

"Oh, and then, have you been with your son all this time?"

"I …" Ann Qiang was about to answer, but Du Zhixun seemed to have a profound look in his eyes. His intuition told him that he was going to dig another hole, so he quickly swallowed the words on the tip of his tongue and didn't dare to easily answer.

"The question is simple. "Just tell me, did you stay by your son's side that afternoon?"

"I... "I …"

"Whether it is or not."

"..." "No." Ann Qiang replied helplessly.

Du Zhixun's eyes narrowed into a beam of light as he stared at Ann Qiang's face.

An Dabao's strange actions of learning how to walk in the zombie at the scene of the crime caught the attention of the police officers. Ding Qian guessed that he might have accidentally seen the murderer kill someone, because he left a deep impression in his heart, so he could not help but imitate it.

According to this hypothesis, since his father took him away from Cai Fengqin's home on the day of the murder, he must have gone back to visit him again.

If Ann Qiang insisted that he would stay by his side, then the person he would imitate would be his father. In theory, it made perfect sense.

However, after thinking for a while, the cunning Ann Qiang denied it.

"If you said you didn't follow your son, then where did your son go after that?"

"He ran out to play for a while, then went home …"

As Ann Qiang was speaking, someone knocked on the interrogation room's door.

The door was ajar. Liu Fei, who was wearing a big mask, waved at Du Zhixun.

When Du Zhixun came to the door, Liu Fei said in a low voice, "The result of the five footprints at the scene has been released. "These footprints are all the same person, it's a man …"

Du Zhixun turned his head to look at Ann Qiang who was handcuffed on the chair. He asked Liu Fei: "Did the matching result come out?"

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