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"It's out. We found a pair of sneakers that matched the footprints on the crime scene at Ann Qiang's house, and they had blood on them. "

"I know." Du Zhixun said plainly with a fire in his eyes.

He rarely saw a stubborn criminal like Ann Qiang, who was able to sit in jail and sneak in whenever he had a chance. He actually dared to play tricks on him even when he was about to die.

When Du Zhixun announced the news to Ann Qiang, Ann Qiang's face was ashen.

"Now that the dirt is here, you have nothing to explain."

"I... I didn't kill anyone. " Ann Qiang gritted his teeth.

At this point, Ann Qiang panicked. In order to prove his innocence, he told another version of the 'truth'.

"After the fight with Cai Fengqin that day, I hadn't seen her for a few days, and then one time Big Treasure ran off and lost him. My wife told me to go find him, and I looked around and found Cai Fengqin's house. I saw Big Treasure wandering around her yard and called him over, but I didn't think that not only did he not listen to me, he even ran into someone's house. "I went into the house to look for it, but I didn't expect to see it …"

Speaking to this, Ann Qiang's face turned blue, as if he was scared of something.

"What did you see?"

"A room full of dead people." Ann Qiang took a deep breath, "They were all tied to the chair. His face was covered in blood and he didn't seem to have any skin left. Big Treasure just walked around these dead people. His kid didn't know that he was scared. I was about to pee in fear, so I grabbed him and ran outside … "To tell you the truth, I've been on tenterhooks these past few days. Whenever I think about those dead people sitting on chairs, I'm so scared that I can't sleep. Who knows if that murderer will set his eyes on our house and try to silence me …"

"You've been in prison for so many years. What kind of prisoners have you not seen before?" Du Zhixun mocked him.

"That's not the same. I'm just stealing something. Fighting has never happened before. You don't know that the worst prisoner in prison isn't an old fool like me, but one of those cruel murderers. These kinds of people all had a murderous aura around them. Standing beside them, they felt a chill on their bodies. Such people are the most terrifying, and no one dares to offend them. "

"Since you didn't kill anyone and you were afraid of getting your revenge, why didn't you call the police?"

"It's not that I don't want to, it's that I don't dare to say. "I know who I am, and if you find out that I've been in jail a few times, you'll think of me as the number one suspect. If I tell you too much, I won't be able to wash myself."

"Hmph, if you don't say it, you won't be able to wash it off." After Du Zhixun finished his sentence, he asked the police to hold him in Criminal Police Squad for the time being.

Despite Ann Qiang's outcry of injustice, the evidence at hand was enough to convict him. However, Du Zhixun, who was cautious, rarely made any light conclusions. He still wanted to see more evidence.

He got someone to do a blood test on Ann Qiang to see if he had been in contact with any drugs. If it was a hallucinogen like "bath salt", it would be easier to explain why the killer walked around the scene of the crime in the posture of a zombie.

The results showed that besides a certain concentration of alcohol, there was no drug in Ann Qiang's blood. As for those who were addicted to drugs, they would be able to detect it even after a few days. This meant that Ann Qiang had lost his mind due to drug use.

During the interrogation of Ann Qiang, the medical examiner, Liu Fei, had already started her autopsy.

The most horrifying thing about this case was the weird way the body was handled. Ignoring the fact that the six victims had their faces cut off, their internal organs were removed and they were fed to each other. The strange method of the killer was really incomprehensible.

Moreover, he was a guy whose actions were similar to a zombie.

These questions bothered Du Zhixun, as he hoped to discover something from the autopsy.



Medical Examiner's Room, dissecting room.

The cold air was thick with the smell of disinfectant. It could mask the stench of blood and rotting corpses.

The four dissecting tables were square in the middle of the room.

Liu Fei chose the largest autopsy room in the police station because of the need for autopsies.

There were corpses on each of the four dissecting tables. There were also two stretchers in the corner, and two corpses on top of them.

A total of six corpses. Four men and two women. All of their faces had been peeled off, and there was a huge knife scar on their chest or abdomen. Each knife scar had a different location. When the body was found, the wounds were sewn with twine. The pathologist, in order to examine them, had removed the threads and opened the wound to reveal a hole where the internal organs should have been. The internal organs were placed on a tray next to the autopsy table. It was not the medical examiner who removed them, but the murderer. He dug out the victim's guts and placed them on a plate, then sewed up the wound again.

Next to the dissecting table was a square stainless steel plate with the forensic anatomy tools inside. Organ size, scalpel, large scalpel, scissors, tweezers, bone saw, scissors, skull saw.

Some were used to cut open the skin, some were used to saw through the ribs, and some were used to cut open the skull … Just listening to it made one's scalp tingle, not to mention what a woman would be like if she were a medical examiner.

Liu Fei was wearing a mask that covered most of her face. For the past three hours, she didn't say a word, choosing all sorts of tools to wholeheartedly dissect the corpse. Just the thought of such a woman was terrifying.

Facing these bloody and terrifying corpses, her brow only occasionally creased slightly, and she could no longer see the expression on her face.

Du Zhixun stood behind her with his hands behind his back. He looked at her silently as she used her latex gloves to dig around the victim's body. However, he didn't move an inch as his hands were covered in blood.

This was a terrifying woman.

"The wounds on their faces are free of skin, white blood cells are seeping out from under the skin, and the serotonin in their blood is increasing rapidly." Liu Fei casually said a string of medical terms that sounded like a heavenly book to outsiders.

"What does that mean?" Du Zhixun was used to it, so he asked.

"It means that the victims were alive when they were cut, so the wounds started to heal, and most of them survived for at least an hour after they were cut. This kind of situation also appears on the wounds on the victim's chest and abdomen. However, these wounds have only been left for a short period of time. This means that the culprits had actually taken out their internal organs alive.

"Maybe he was scared to death by the zombie."

A mocking voice came from the door of the autopsy room.

Liu Fei and Du Zhixun looked over and saw Ding Qian stepping into the autopsy room.

Liu Fei frowned and asked Du Zhixun, "Did you let him in?"

"I didn't let him in."

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