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She adjusted the face slightly against the broad outline of the head. The skin of the face was frozen for a short period of time and had a certain shape. It was no longer a piece of minced meat.

From this point of view, it can be seen that Liu Fei's mind is very flexible and flexible. Unlike an ordinary medical examiner, the only thing he knew throughout his life was that he had mechanically performed an autopsy and that he had filled out a report. Thus, he could be considered as being perfunctory. She was able to nimbly use cold instruments and forensic codes. In the same case, she could obtain more valuable clues than other forensic doctors.

The reason why Liu Fei was able to stand firm in the Special Case Group at such a young age was not because of her looks, but because of her strength. This was also what she had always been proud of.

She put the mask on the corpse's head, but found that it would reveal some of the edges.

Ding Qian took the opportunity to return the compliment, and smiled: "What's wrong, you can't hide it? I think it's like massaging your face. "Think about what you do with your beautiful face in the mirror. The principle should be the same."

Liu Fei rolled her eyes at him.

She tried again, but it didn't work. She stopped and looked at the face carefully. "This is a woman's face. This corpse is a man, it's not a person at all. No wonder it doesn't fit."

She suddenly thought of something and turned around to compare the other faces on the tray with those of the corpses. Then she sighed and said to Du Zhixun, "There's a bad news, those faces on the table at the scene of the crime actually don't match with the corpses on the chairs. It's all messed up. "

"How could this be?"

"I don't know either. Right now, I can only use the stupidest method. I'll have to test every single face. It'll be very troublesome." As Liu Fei said this, she subconsciously turned around to look at Ding Qian for some reason.

Ding Qian didn't say anything, but he had a faint smile on his face, as if he was taking pleasure in Ye Zichen's misfortune.

He really was a despicable thing.

Liu Fei's hostility towards Ding Qian increased by a few points.

Clearing her mind, she picked up the face of the first woman she had chosen and matched them one by one.

It was a terrible and troublesome job. If she could find more than five similarities, Liu Fei would put her face on the line for comparison. It was a test of the pathologist's courage and patience.

An hour later, Liu Fei made four faces. Half an hour later, the six corpses had all recovered their faces.

After covering their frozen faces, the corpses did not look as frightening as before, but their expressions were strange, as if they were all grimacing.

Du Zhixun nodded in satisfaction, "I'll go find a simulator to see if he can draw these victims from their recovered faces. With an accurate appearance, we can easily determine the identities of these people. "

Simulated portrait is a kind of police criminal investigation method, there are professional portraits through eyewitnesses oral, painted the face of the suspect. If the likeness of the portrait is more than 50% of the crime suspect, it can be used to arrange, post, as a useful clue. Traditional analog portraits use pencil sketches, and computer simulations have been popular in recent years.

Because the victim's face was severely damaged by the killer, these two zombie cases had brought about an unprecedented degree of difficulty to the investigation. Once the victim's appearance was restored and the identity of the victim identified, important clues could be found.

"Get someone to draw it as soon as possible." I want to see what these people look like. " Ding Qian said impatiently.

Du Zhixun glanced at him but didn't say anything. He turned around and walked out of the dissecting room.

Liu Fei packed up her dissecting equipment and also prepared to go out to rest for a while. Staying longer with a bunch of murder corpses also affected her mood. She was going out for a cup of coffee to relax.

However, she found that Ding Qian was still standing there staring blankly at the corpses. She asked: "Hey, aren't you going to leave?"

"You can go first, I want to stay here alone."

Liu Fei was stunned.

This man was so strange that he had to be left alone in the autopsy room, guarding a pile of corpses.

Suddenly, a hint of ridicule appeared in her eyes. She did not stop him and happily agreed. "Alright then. You can stay here. However, I need to lock the door."


Liu Fei had indeed locked the door and locked Ding Qian in the autopsy room by himself. Even if he went back on his word, he wouldn't be able to get out. She wanted to tease him.

When she wasn't working, Liu Fei was a fashionable girl who dressed up with good taste.

She was wearing a beige high-necked windbreaker, with her long slender legs elegantly crossed. She wore a pair of silver high-heeled shoes, looking exquisite and delicate, as she lazily sat by the coffee shop window. People who saw her would unconsciously think that she was some brand company's white-collar PR employee or a newly established movie star.

While she was drinking her coffee and thinking about Ding Qian's bad luck in the autopsy room, many men secretly looked at her with appreciation, thinking about how to phrase the conversation.

She was already used to this kind of scene, and she even secretly found it funny. If she had told them that she was holding a cup of coffee with her slender white fingers and struggling with her face on a bloody man's head half an hour ago, she would have been able to scare away nine of them, and one of them would have fainted.

After spending an hour in the coffee shop, Liu Fei felt that it was about time. He got up and left the coffee shop. He was 1.7 meters tall, and he wore high heels that made him stand straight and tall. His outstanding demeanor made many of the men who were eager to confess even more upset.

Walking on the road to Criminal Police Squad, Du Zhixun called him and said that he had found the simulator. He was Pingjiang City's Public Security's best painter, known as Divine Brush Zhang.

Liu Fei suddenly remembered that Ding Qian was still locked up in the dissecting room. She rushed back to the medical examiner's room, where Du Zhixun and Divine Brush Zhang were already waiting.

Liu Fei took out her key and walked to the door of the dissecting room, intentionally listening in.

She couldn't help but wonder why that guy didn't move at all. Could it be that he wasn't in the autopsy room? That was impossible! He had clearly locked him inside, so he couldn't escape at all.

There were only two keys to the dissecting room, one for the Criminal Police Squad and one for her.

"Chief, has anyone else been to the medical examiner's office?" She couldn't help but ask Du Zhixun.

"I don't know, I don't think so. "What's wrong?"


Liu Fei became even more suspicious.

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