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She pulled out the key and opened the door to the autopsy room.

Not only her, Du Zhixun and the painter were also shocked.

The autopsy room was underground. There were no windows, only light. The room was dark, with only two lights in the corner. Under the dim light, an unimaginable scene of terror appeared before everyone's eyes.

The bodies lying on the table had all sat up.

They sat on chairs on the back, surrounded the city once, and they even had huge wounds on their bodies. Their faces were like inappropriate human masks, barely able to fit on their faces.

Those weird expressions were like they were holding a secret meeting and didn't want others to know about it.

At this moment, a strange sound came from the shadows. It seemed to be the sound of something rubbing against the ground. Rub... Rub... Rub... Rub...

A terrifying black object slowly emerged from the shadows.

It looked a bit like a human, but its posture was very strange.

Its two arms were hanging stiffly below its shoulders, and its body was stiff as it leaned slightly forward. Its two legs couldn't bend at all, and it was dragging itself forward under the ground time after time.

Du Zhixun and the others watched with their mouths wide open. They felt like their hearts were being squeezed by a hand that could explode at any time.

Wasn't the scene in front of him the zombie that appeared in the surveillance video?

He actually appeared in the autopsy room.

It was right in front of his eyes!

The police had tried to find the mysterious man, but when he suddenly appeared in front of them, the shock they felt was far beyond what they could bear.

The zombie slowly walked around the corpse, its throat letting out a "ka ka" sound. As he walked, he suddenly stopped beside one of the corpses. His completely stiff body bent with difficulty to almost 90 degrees. He leaned over the corpse's face, opened his big mouth, and started to bite the face of the dead.

"Wow …"

The painter called Divine Brush Zhang was the first to collapse as he screamed and fell to the ground.

Du Zhixun was truly worthy of being called an expert with courage. Although he was also frightened, he was still calm. He quickly took out his gun, aimed it at zombie's back, and shouted: "Stop, if you move again, I'll shoot!"

Regardless of whether the other party could understand his words or not, he had to first intimidate him.

As expected, the zombie stopped.

"You can understand my words, right? I order you to raise your hands!"

The zombie did not move. It was unknown if it did not understand Du Zhixun's words, or if it could not raise its hand.

"He … "He's smiling …" The painter who was sitting on the ground pointed at the zombie and said with fear.

The zombie stood in the darkness, its shoulders moving slightly, revealing its dense white teeth. Unparalleled evil and malevolence.

Liu Fei suddenly came to her senses. "The light switch is at the door." I'll turn on the light, you aim at him, he won't be able to escape! "

She rushed into the autopsy room, groping in the dark for a switch on the wall. If the zombie had pounced towards her at this moment, she might not even have had the chance to escape.

Suddenly, Du Zhixun warned Liu Fei loudly, "Be careful, he turned around."

"Pa …"

When the zombie turned around, Liu Fei pressed the switch.

The dissecting room went from darkness to day in an instant.

Even the surrounding corpses and zombie were exposed under the dazzling light.

Everyone's gaze instantly landed on the face of the zombie, they all wanted to see the true face of the man-eating zombie.

Everyone was stunned.

Especially Du Zhixun and Liu Fei.

They never thought that the man-eating zombie that had scared them so much would actually be …

Ding Qian.

Ding Qian couldn't open his eyes due to the dim light. He covered his eyes with his hands and stretched lazily as if he had just woken up.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing? Why are you here? " Du Zhixun was furious. He wished he could give him a few shots first.

"I've been waiting for you guys here all this time, and I've never left. It's too boring to be alone, so I found something for myself to do."

To find things to do is to play the zombie?

"What's going on? Liu Fei, didn't we all leave together? Why is he still here?" Du Zhixun turned to ask Liu Fei.

With an awkward expression, Liu Fei was at a loss for words. She couldn't possibly say that she purposely made it difficult for Ding Qian to lock him in the autopsy room.

From the looks of it, not only was this kid not scared, he was also very good at playing.

"You look like a grown man pretending to be a zombie to scare people, are you full?!" At this moment, Liu Fei couldn't be bothered to put on the airs of a goddess. She yelled at Ding Qian in a flustered manner, venting all her anger on him.

Ding Qian was very self-controlled and didn't get angry at all.

He supported the male corpse beside him. One of his toes tapped on the ground. He looked as if he was relying on his old friend. He said to Liu Fei and Du Zhixun, "I'm simulating a crime."

Hearing Du Ding Qian's words, Du Zhixun's heart stirred. Looking at the dead bodies sitting around him, and thinking back to how Ding Qian mimicked the walking posture of zombie, as well as walking around those corpses, he was obviously mimicking the murder case that just happened.

He was trying to reconstruct the crime scene.

Du Zhixun sneered: "You can even think of such a method, but we police don't do mimics like you. I almost shot you to death. "

"I know. I'm different from what you guys are simulating. "

"What did you simulate?"

"I mimic the murderer's heart."

Du Zhixun was slightly surprised and felt that he was deliberately mystifying it. He said: "Then tell me, when you were a zombie, what did you think?"

"I didn't think about anything."

"What, hehe, what kind of answer is that? You mean you never thought of anything at all. "

"No, I mean, when I became a zombie, my mind was completely blank, I only had the urge to bite."


Liu Fei revealed a disgusted expression as she looked at the male corpse that Ding Qian was supporting. "You didn't really bite him just now, did you?"

"Not really. I still have some sense."

He then said to Du Zhixun: "From the killer's point of view, the first zombie case is a simple process and it's easier to complete. If the second zombie case was also done in the same way as the first case, then the killer would have no way to finish such a complicated case … I don't know if there are such things as zombie in the real world, but after I experienced it myself just now, I have a different view on it. "

"Personally experience the zombie? "Just now?" Du Zhixun felt that Ding Qian was making things difficult for him again.

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