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Ding Qian did not answer him and continued: "Even if there is a zombie, it cannot have too much intelligence. His method of committing crimes would only be a simple and direct assault, and there would only be one victim, but if he has to deal with six, he might not be able to do so. Taking a step back, if this zombie was strong enough to solve the problem of six people at the same time, then later on, he wouldn't even think of imprisoning these people, taking out their liver, cooking them slowly, and then putting them into the form of a meal together. This was no longer just about eating people, this was enjoying the process of eating humans. He likes to pounce on them and tear them apart. He likes to pounce on them and tear them apart. No matter how cunning the zombie was, it was still just a cunning animal. There is an essential difference between animals and people … "

Ding Qian's imitation of a zombie really scared everyone quite a bit.

"What if this zombie is smarter than you think?" Du Zhixun asked in disbelief.

"Impossible." Ding Qian said resolutely.

"You are so sure. What is the basis for that? The personal experience you were talking about just now?"

"Trust me. I can promise you that. " Ding Qian's deep eyes flashed with a look of certainty, but it was hard to fathom.

Du Zhixun didn't know where his confidence came from, but he could already guess what he meant. What exactly do you want to say after going around in such a big circle? "

"There are no zombie."


"There are no zombie at all. We were all deceived. "

Ding Qian's unexpected words stunned everyone.

"What? We've been tricked." While everyone was staring at Ding Qian in shock and the situation was in a deadlock, Guo Rongrong appeared out of nowhere and shouted.

She had always been anxious about how the case was progressing, and she didn't dare to come to the medical examiner's office. She couldn't help but sneak over and hide outside the autopsy room to eavesdrop. She had only heard a portion of the conversation between Ding Qian and Du Zhixun, and was still confused from listening to it, as if she did not understand it. At this moment, she suddenly heard Ding Qian say straightforwardly, "There are no zombie." Unable to restrain herself, she jumped out to ask.

Ding Qian took advantage of her words and said, "This question is actually not hard to explain. It's just that the murderer's methods are too ruthless and too simple. The reason we suspect that it was the zombie is not because we saw the culprit with our own eyes but because of our imagination. "

"That's not right. In the first case, the surveillance cameras recorded zombie. Didn't you see that video too? And in the second case there was that kid called Andubao, who mimicked the murderer, didn't he look like a zombie, too? " Guo Rongrong immediately retorted.

"This is actually not hard to explain. Firstly, the footage was not very clear at first, and furthermore, how do you know that the murderer did not intentionally create a false impression to confuse us, it is not difficult to imitate a zombie. Furthermore, if that child was the one who broke in when the culprit was committing the crime, and the culprit had an idea to deliberately imitate a zombie and mislead us through that child, it is entirely possible. "

"But he doesn't have the right to create such a silly facade. Rather than pretending to be a zombie, he might as well be more careful and not get caught. Isn't that much more covert? Why does he have to go through all this twice?"

Guo Rongrong was the youngest in special squad, but she was quick of thought and reacted quickly as well. Her words were actually not unreasonable, and they also represented the general idea of special squad. Otherwise, these intelligent police officers would not have believed that there was any zombie present.

"Maybe this guy has a desire for acting. Maybe he's challenging the police. There are a lot of possibilities. But no matter what, it seems like a lot of people are starting to suspect that he is a zombie, which means that he has achieved his goal. "

"I don't believe he's a zombie, I just... "It's just a hypothesis." Guo Rongrong hurriedly denied it.

"Actually, zombie is just a synonym. "It doesn't matter what you call him, you can also call him the Face-Eating Devil, the Man-Eating Devil. In short, you just need to know that he's not a normal person."

Du Zhixun suddenly said, "Could it be because of this person's cannibalism, his personality has changed?"

"It is possible that cannibalism in zoology generally refers to the act of an animal eating the same species, usually occurring in the lower animal kingdom. But we humans are also animals, and sometimes we also display the characteristics of lower animals. However, a person like the murderer who committed a crime for the sake of eating human flesh could be called a cannibal. This is a perverted personality. The patient's intelligence is no different from ordinary people. On the surface, he looks like a normal person, but his heart is hiding the desire to eat humans. He is a beast covered in human skin. In his eyes, everyone was his food. Such people may not commit crimes because of the laws and constraints of many reasons, but once they do, they become terrible criminals. " Ding Qian answered.

"What are the characteristics of cannibalism? For example, in this case, he did not imitate zombie just to confuse us …" Du Zhixun asked.

"Yeah, you're right. I think that the zombie is more likely to be the culprit because it wants to confirm its identity as a cannibal. He could wish that he was a lion, a wolf, a crocodile, and other man-eating beasts that existed in nature. However, our killer seems to be more bloodthirsty and more destructive. He views himself as a zombie. zombie is a living dead body. The people who worship zombie worship immortality. He hopes that the identity of zombie will bring him immortality, terror, and strength.

After Ding Qian's calm analysis, this was the first time this mysterious zombie killer appeared in front of everyone. Ding Qian was not analyzing his appearance, but his heart.

The heart of a cannibal killer who wished to become a zombie.

While Ding Qian was talking, Du Zhixun had been secretly observing him. His expression became more and more serious.

Although he was proud, he was not a self-righteous person. He did not like Ding Qian, but he did not deny that he was capable. After two days of contact, he found that Ding Qian was more unpredictable than he had expected.

What alarmed him most was that he did not see in this man the sense of justice that a policeman should have.

Just now, when he saw Ding Qian imitating the way the zombie ate people, he did not doubt it at all and almost shot. A veteran detective like him, who had experienced countless murder cases, was not easily fooled. However, at that time, he truly felt the killing aura from Ding Qian's body. It was definitely not a simple imitation. A person who had never killed a person would not have this kind of aura.

Du Zhixun didn't show any emotion, he said to Ding Qian: "Suppose the murderer is like you said, the purpose of the crime is to eat people. There's a problem here... Why should he start now? "

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