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The picture was a close-up of a woman's face. In fact, he had judged it only by the length of her hair. However, there was an eyeball clattering outside of his eye sockets. It was an indescribably disgusting eyeball.

Guo Rongrong tilted her head to observe his expression. She was slightly surprised to see that he wasn't panicking.

Even a professional police officer like her would not dare to look at such a disgusting photo. It would be embarrassing to say it out loud, but Ding Qian's reaction was almost the same as their team's medical examiner: a pair of … Un, a pair of emotionless dead fish eyes. This was Guo Rongrong's most appropriate assessment.

"She was the victim of the first zombie case that was reported in the newspaper. The victim of the second case was also subjected to a similar attack.


"The first to take over the case is Pingjiang City. They had been investigating for nearly three months, but there had been no results. Now that there was a second zombie case, they felt that the problem was getting serious, so they sent the case to the provincial report. Our special investigation team specializes in these kinds of cases... You asked me just now, how did I get to the conclusion that these two cases were zombie cases? Actually, we didn't really believe that there was such a thing as zombie in the beginning, do you know how the murderer hurt her face to such an extent? "

Guo Rongrong suddenly asked, causing Ding Qian to be slightly stunned.

"With my teeth. This is the medical examiner's report. "

Until now, Ding Qian's calm expression finally revealed a hint of unease.

"The second victim was also attacked by the attacker with his teeth. It's scary just to think about it, isn't it? The surveillance camera on the scene captured an even stranger scene. Although I couldn't see the killer's face clearly, I could see that the way he walked was completely different from us normal people …

"..." When city C Criminal Police Squad arrived at the scene of the crime, they discovered that the female victim had her pants ripped off. They had once suspected that the culprit was a pervert, so it would be easier to understand if it was a rape and murder case. However, the autopsy found that the victim's lower body was unharmed. Further investigation revealed that the victim had taken off her pants herself and that she was in the process of taking them off. This meant that the murderer had no interest in her body at all and had not taken her money. This is not a case we usually understand. We don't understand, the murderer is... "Why did he do it, or how did he become like this?"

"So the reason you've found me is because of this?"

"Chief Song said that you are very well-versed in human psychological problems. "I wonder what you think of this beast race."

"To tell you the truth, I've come in contact with sexual abuse, have come in contact with mental illness, have come in contact with autism, but I've never come in contact with 'zombie'."

"Then do you think there's really something like a zombie?"

"That depends, as I said in class, in a narrow sense, the brain has already died, and it has become a mindless zombie with a festering body. I think it's very unlikely, since this kind of thing can only exist in novels and movies, after all, the human body is an extremely complex structure, and the brain is the only center that can control behavior. If the brain dies, then the human being will also die."

"Is there no exception?"

"To put it more broadly, if a person's brain tissue is not dead but degenerated, it might also reflect some of the characteristics of the zombie. That's what you said about the zombie case in the United States. The killer was also known as the Face-Eating Demon. The reason why he did it is very similar to the case you described. The reason is that this person had been taking drugs for a long time, which led to mental disorder, which led to hallucinations, which led to the perpetration of violence. In the eyes of those who do not know the truth, he has been demonized and turned into a terrifying zombie. "

"Then why did he bite the face? Do people who ingest bath salts always like to gnaw on faces when they attack people? "

"About this …" Although drinking 'bath salt' can make people extremely aggressive, there is no clinical evidence that can make drug users have the desire to attack and gnaw on their face. Personally, I think that the zombie biting their face incident in the United States was just a coincidence.

"What about this case, was it a coincidence?" Guo Rongrong pointed at the photo in Ding Qian's hand.

"Why not? China and the United States are so far apart that there is certainly no connection between the two cases. It's not unusual for something like that to happen occasionally. You policemen can't possibly meet a victim whose face was injured, could you say that you were attacked by a zombie? "

Ding Qian's words more or less contained contempt. He felt that the police were too whimsical, to actually believe in the existence of zombie. He was probably in a hurry to solve the case and didn't know where to start. Otherwise, he wouldn't just randomly come in for treatment, even looking for a psychiatrist.

Guo Rongrong understood the meaning of his words and did not reveal any emotion. She said to Ding Qian, "I forgot to tell you, in this recent case, the victim is not dead. Do you want to come with me to the hospital to see her?"

Ding Qian frowned and thought, since she's alive, she should remember the murderer's appearance. What do you want me to analyze?

He didn't say it even though his words reached his mouth. This was his first time encountering such a strange case and he could not help but feel curious.



The First People's Hospital of Pingjiang City. Intensive Care Unit.

Guo Rongrong pushed open the door of the ward and walked in quietly. Ding Qian followed behind her.

There was only one patient in the large ward. Judging from her figure, she was a woman, but it was impossible to see her appearance.

But the woman was lean and skinny, and through her clothes one could see her frighteningly thin frame, her large hospital gown wrapped around her like a kite wrapped in paper.

Her whole face was wrapped in white gauze, and her head was unusually large, like a big head doll. Only two eyes and half of her face were exposed, and most of her face was covered by the gauze.

The woman didn't look that old. She was sleeping with her eyes closed. There were a few comic books on the bed.

However, as soon as Guo Rongrong approached the bed, she suddenly woke up with a start. She let out a cry of "Ho Ho" and ran towards the corner of the bed in fright.

"It's me. Don't be afraid, I just came over two days ago. I'm a police officer, did you forget?" Guo Rongrong pointed at her face for the woman to see.

The woman stared at Ding Qian fixedly. Her gaze was filled with hesitation, as if she was trying hard to remember. Then, she looked at Ding Qian. She clearly had a very strong sense of wariness towards Ding Qian.

Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Ding Qian immediately came to this conclusion based on her actions and expression.

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