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Such patients often experience or witness extremely frightening events, or suffer from severe trauma, which can lead to emotional numbness and sluggishness, resulting in a prolonged period of panic, in which they are unable to stop themselves from recalling scenes and content related to the trauma. Severe depression and even suicidal tendencies may occur.

Ding Qian was suddenly curious. Just how terrible of a thing had this woman experienced that she would become like this?

"She was the second victim?" Ding Qian asked.

As for the survivor, Guo Rongrong didn't elaborate, she just drove Ding Qian to the hospital first.


"And her face?"

"You can probably guess. You can see for yourself when the nurses change their medicine later."

The woman with the big head looked at them blankly, oblivious to what they were saying about her.

What terrible thing had happened to this woman?

Ding Qian stayed with Guo Rongrong in the ward with a questioning look. Before Guo Rongrong entered the ward, she took a bag from the car. It was unknown what was in it.

Now she poured the contents of her bag onto the bed. It turned out to be a pile of snacks, dried beans, chicken collarbones, duck necks, and a small bag with a bed spread out on top of it, along with a gossip magazine with Li Min's pick on the cover.

When the woman saw this, her eyes immediately lit up.

There were so many bandages on her head that it was hard for her to eat. However, she couldn't wait to grab the duck neck Guo Rongrong handed to her. She took out a piece from the bag and started chewing on it.

Ding Qian sighed in his heart. Women were indeed the same kind of animals. Even if it was the end of the world, with these things, they could still enjoy this day.

The door of the ward was pushed open, and two nurses pushed a cart into the ward to change the patient's medicine. Seeing the scene in the ward, they nearly went crazy.

The woman was sucking on a piece of chicken collarbone, and she sat there in shock, half out of the bone in her mouth.

Guo Rongrong quickly explained, but the two nurses didn't say anything.

Since there were too many gauze bandages on the woman's head, it required two people to finish it. The two nurses worked together, carefully peeling off the gauze on the woman's face with tweezers. They even had to hold the woman's hand from time to time to prevent her from scratching her face.

When the bandage on the woman's face was completely taken off, Ding Qian and Guo Rongrong's breathing instantly stopped.

Was this still a human face?

Except for the eyes and the small half of his face, the rest of his face was completely covered in a layer of red flesh that stuck to his bones. Blood and scabs were still congealing on the pieces of flesh, and as the gauze was torn apart, fresh blood flowed out from the new wound.

There was another "hoho" in her throat, and that was the only way she could express it now.

"How did she get that wound on her face?" Ding Qian asked.

"Teeth like the first victim."


"This is the result of our forensic examination. It can't be wrong. Judging by the bite marks, they were human teeth. Furthermore, from head to toe, from head to toe, there was only one injury. Now that there have been two face-biting cases, both of which happened here, do you think it was accidental? "

"…" Ding Qian was silent.

This was indeed out of his expectations. He had never encountered such a case. No wonder the police suspected that the zombie was guilty. Now, even Ding Qian himself was a bit confused.

"Both she and the first victim were single women, and both were attacked on the face. There was a difference of three months between the two cases … "

"You suspect the same attacker?"

"Yes." It looks like a serial killer, but we can't identify the killer or why. Although there was a similar case of face-biting in the United States, we didn't have the details of the case. You said that the murderer was driven mad by a large amount of drugs, but we weren't sure if that was the case. You're a psychiatrist. Are you familiar with this drug? "

"It's not bad. I have treated three patients with mental disorder caused by the drug."

"Is that so?" Guo Rongrong was slightly shocked.

"The anesthetic 'bath salt', also known as' zombie bath salt ', can indeed make a few people go crazy, but like I said, there is no actual clinical manifestation. If you take this medicine, you will definitely have the symptoms of biting other people's face. Of the three patients I've been with, the first tried to jump off a building with his girlfriend in his arms, the second tried to bite someone and grab whatever he could get, and the third was the one you've described as the Face-Eating Devil who went berserk and bit with only his teeth, not his face, but like a mad dog.

"You mean you suspect the attacker was driven mad by the salt?"

"Yeah, but I can't think of any other way to turn someone into this."

"As a psychiatrist, you must know a lot of mental medicine, right? Is there any drug that can turn a person into this? " Guo Rongrong asked expectantly. One of the reasons they asked Ding Qian to come

Ding Qian shook his head.

"Then is there any way to turn a person into a zombie without using medicine? "For example, psychological depression, if you suppress it to the extreme, that would be abnormal?"

Ding Qian shook his head.

"Or maybe, you have a zombie mental illness. People who have this disease will have a change in intelligence. It's full of aggression, just like the zombie s? "

"You're amazing!"

"Did I guess correctly?"

"It's better for you to write a horror story than to be a cop."

"You …"

"I finally understand now why you called me here. With all due respect, I have treated all sorts of mental problems, and I have also seen all kinds of mental patients, including people with personality split and people killed... But I've never seen anything like it. "

"Since there is no such thing as possibility, then there is only one possibility. The killer is a unique zombie. "

"…" Ding Qian moved his mouth but did not say anything.

"I know what you want to say. You want to refute me, say that there are no zombie in this world, how can I, a police officer, believe such nonsense … "But you have to find a reason to convince me. Can you find it?" The little girl glared with her big round eyes. She held her waist and asked in a righteous tone.

"…" Ding Qian really made her speechless.

He turned to the injured woman on the bed and asked Guo Rongrong, "She must have seen the murderer. What did she say?"

"She didn't get a good look at the killer."

"She should at least have an impression of the murderer's physical appearance …"

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