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Before Guo Rongrong could reply, a deep, slightly hoarse male voice came from behind them. "She was so agitated that she couldn't remember what the murderer looked like …"

Ding Qian turned around and saw a man in his thirties with a stern expression standing at the door.

The man's gaze was sharp, and a faint green beard appeared on his temples and under his chin. One could tell with a single glance that he had a very resolute personality.

Ding Qian was stunned. He felt like he had seen this face somewhere before, but he couldn't recall where.

At this moment, he heard Guo Rongrong say, "Team Leader, you're here." Only then did Ding Qian realize that this person was the head of the special case team.

"This is Professor Ding." Guo Rongrong introduced to the special squad Elder.

"I know. "Your name is Ding Qian." The man nodded and stretched out his hand towards Ding Qian, "I'm the leader of the special case team, Du Zhixun."

"Oh, hello." Ding Qian also reached out to shake his hand.

However, he noticed that although the man was polite, his eyes were cold. The muscles on his face didn't move at all, and the handshake was only a symbolic gentle touch before relaxing. This was an obvious rejection. It seemed like he didn't have a good impression of her. However, he didn't even know this person. Where did his hatred for him come from? Ding Qian was confused.

"I'm just a psychology teacher. I'm not good at solving cases. If you guys were only looking for me to ask about the existence of zombie, I've already told Officer Guo. " Ding Qian said to Du Zhixun.

"We don't need you to solve the case. We have another matter for you."

"What is it?"

"You're not just a college psychology teacher, you're also a psychologist, right? "It is said that you are the number one hypnotist in the country. I wonder if that is true."

"…" Ding Qian looked at Du Zhixun's sharp eyes. His eyes didn't look like he was certain, but more like he was asking a rhetorical question.

It turned out that the police officer didn't believe he had the ability to do so.

However, Du Zhixun was a very shrewd and sensitive person. When he realized that Ding Qian was observing him, his expression changed slightly and he instantly regained his calm.

Ding Qian thought to himself, this guy is very difficult to deal with, luckily he's not his patient.

The woman in the hospital bed let out a sudden cry of pain, as if the nurse had hurt her by applying the medicine to her face.

She waved her bony arms to keep the nurse away and hissed a warning.

The two nurses did not know what to do. They were sweating profusely.

"What's wrong with her? Did she get a head injury too? Is it bad?" Guo Rongrong asked anxiously.

Ding Qian didn't say anything and walked towards the bed. When the injured woman saw that Ding Qian was getting more nervous, she desperately retreated to the foot of the bed and screamed at Ding Qian.

The sound was so loud that it could pierce a person's eardrums.

The two nurses ducked to the window and pressed their hands to their ears.

Guo Rongrong covered her ears and shouted at Ding Qian, "If you can't tell that she's afraid of you, then don't provoke her."

Du Zhixun did not move as he stared coldly at Ding Qian.

Ding Qian turned a deaf ear to the woman's screams. He reached into his pocket and rummaged around for a while. Everyone looked at him in confusion, especially Guo Rongrong. She had always been filled with curiosity and suspicion towards this so-called therapist. She really wanted to see what kind of tricks he had up his sleeve.

Ding Qian Li carefully took out a transparent plastic bag. There were some black pills that had a round shape. No one could clearly see what the medicine was.

Ding Qian opened the plastic bag, took out a pill in front of the woman, and watched her slowly put the pill into her mouth with a smile, as if she was tasting something delicious. Then he put the medicine on the bed and took two steps back.

The woman's attention was completely attracted to the packet of pills. She watched Ding Qian eat with relish and slowly reached out to grab the package. He took out a pill and placed it in his mouth.

In an instant, her face became twisted, and the half of her face that had been bitten off started twitching, looking both terrifying and comical.

But she didn't spit it out, and then something unexpected happened. She calmed down, and there was no hostility in her expression.

"What kind of medicine did you give her to be so effective?" Guo Rongrong couldn't help but ask curiously.

"Nothing much, just a plum blossom. I still have a bag in my pocket. Would you like to try it?"

"What?" Guo Rongrong's already big eyes were wide open as she stared at the salted duck egg.

Du Zhixun said, "This is nothing. Plum Blossom has the ability to quench thirst and stimulate the taste buds to secrete large amounts of saliva. Swallowing saliva itself has the effect of calming the emotions." Am I right, Dr Ding? "

"Indeed." Ding Qian smiled faintly.

"So that's what happened." Guo Rongrong previously thought it was very magical, so this explanation from Chief Du wasn't that amazing.

"But a packet of food can completely calm her down. This is too unbelievable. Did something really go wrong with her brain?" Guo Rongrong was worried again.

"I can't be sure if she has a brain CTT or not," Ding Qian said. "However, her current performance isn't due to her intelligence, but to her psychological problems. From her various clinical manifestations, she was greatly stimulated, as you may have guessed. But you may not know that the human body has an instinctive defense mechanism to prevent the external world from causing further harm to the patient's mind. She is now under the influence of the 'retrogressive mechanism', which has completely sealed off her body. She currently thinks of herself as a completely ignorant child who only wants to watch comic books. and can only respond in a simple and limited way to what we say. "

"Then will she become like this forever?"

"As long as her brain is not actually damaged, it will slowly recover. The length of time depended on how strong her willpower was. The shortest would be a few days, with a possible length of one to two years. "

"Isn't that a bad thing?" Guo Rongrong was very anxious.

"What on earth do you want me to help you with?"

"It's not convenient to talk here. Dr Ding, let's talk somewhere else." Du Zhixun turned and walked out of the room.

Ding Qian followed him out of the ward and into the corridor. Du Zhixun walked up to a row of large glass windows and stood down. He looked out the window at a distant place and recounted the horrible scene from three days ago in a low voice.

It was around six o'clock. The sky had just turned dark.

At the Youth Park in the north of the city, a dozen old men and women were dancing in the square. At that moment, a woman with disheveled hair broke into the crowd like a madman. Her clothes were in disarray and she was staggering. Without looking at anyone, she bumped into one of the old ladies.

The old lady thought she'd run into an alcoholic, but when she pushed him hard, he fell on his back and stopped moving.

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