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"What do you mean?"

"She can't remember the whole story, but she can remember bits and pieces. She said there were other victims who were imprisoned, and we think she escaped from the prison. If we don't find the place sooner, those people will be in trouble."

"…" Ding Qian didn't say anything and seemed to be hesitating.

"Well, try it. You can't just stand by and watch us die, can you? "

Ding Qian sighed helplessly and agreed, "I can only try. Whether it's okay or not, we can talk about it later. Also, I have to make sure that her brain is fine before I hypnotize her."

"Alright, no problem."



The doctors performed a CT scan of the victim's brain to make sure it was intact and functioning.

Thus, Ding Qian started to hypnotize her.

He first gave the woman a simple psychological assessment, then told Soong Yulin that they had already found out the cause of her amnesia, "This woman suffers from progressive amnesia, so she can't remember what happened before."

"What is forward amnesia?" Guo Rongrong asked curiously.

"The patient has no memory of what she is doing or of what she is doing, so she has no actual memory of the terrible things that are happening to her."

"Then how can she not remember her name and where she lives?"

"She must have received a severe psychological shock. Her encounter caused her to be on the verge of collapse. In this kind of situation, the defense mechanism of her body would cause her to be selectively forgotten. Even if she were to remember some bad experiences, she would subconsciously think that it was someone else's misfortune, not her."

"Since she can't remember anything, is hypnosis really effective?" Guo Rongrong raised her doubts.

"The short-term memory area of the human brain is located in the anterior temporal lobe of the brain." Ding Qian pointed to a spot slightly above the cheekbone, "This victim's temporal lobe isn't damaged, which is to say, it has a memory function. It's just that after being stimulated, there's a neural dysfunction that can be recovered through hypnosis."

"In that case, show us your brilliant skills." Du Zhixun said in an indifferent tone.

Ding Qian went back to the ward and told the others to leave. He went to the window and closed the curtain. The room immediately became dark.

The woman on the sickbed suddenly became alert, watching Ding Qian's every move.

Ding Qian went back to the bed and said to the woman in a gentle voice, "Did you have a good meal just now? I have a packet that tastes even better. Would you like to try it? "

As he spoke, he reached into his pocket and took out something and put it in his mouth.

The three policemen stood at the door and watched the scene in the room. Du Zhixun frowned slightly, "What is he doing?"

Soong Yulin didn't say anything.

Guo Rongrong curiously stared with her eyes wide open.

The woman on the bed saw that Ding Qian seemed to be eating the food with relish and also swallowed her saliva like a child.

"Do you want it?" Ding Qian reached into his pocket and took out some food.

He placed his fist in front of the woman and said, "However, let's make a game first. I'll count to three. Only when you open my palm will there be food to eat. Do you understand?"

The woman nodded.

"Good, one …" Two... "Three …"

The woman couldn't wait to open Ding Qian's hand. Suddenly, Ding Qian retracted his hand, reached out his other hand and said: "It's in this hand."

The woman was stunned. She couldn't help but stare at his palm. At that moment, Ding Qian suddenly pressed his hand on her head and gave a short order, "Sleep!"

An incredible thing happened.

The woman's body instantly went limp, as if her entire soul had been sucked out.

She fell into Ding Qian's arms. Ding Qian pressed the blanket against her body, allowing her to sit on the bed.

The three onlookers at the door were all stunned. Guo Rongrong said in disbelief, "Is this considered hypnosis? Why do you look like a swindler? "

Soong Yulin stared at her, "You look really good."

Guo Rongrong stuck out her tongue and did not say another word.

Ding Qian sat on the edge of the bed. He looked at the woman, who had her eyes closed and was breathing rapidly, and slowly said, "You are tasting delicious food right now. The more you chew, the more tasty it becomes. You have to taste it slowly …"

The woman did as she said and chewed with relish, as if there really was something in her mouth.

When the woman had almost reached a moderate level of hypnosis, his breathing had steadied. He began to ask, "Now tell me your name."

His speech was slow and clear, with a weary magnetism.

After he finished asking, the room was silent for two seconds. Then a woman's clear voice said, "My name is Yan Guo."

There was no hint of insanity in this voice. It was simply the voice of a clear-headed, stable person.

"Where do you live?"

"My house …"

The woman's body started to tremble violently. Through her eyelids, her eyes could be seen rolling rapidly, as if she was going to jump up from the bed at any moment.

Ding Qian pressed both of her shoulders with both of his hands, transmitting his power to her. He said slowly and surely: "You are very safe now, nothing can hurt you. You just had a nightmare, it's just a dream …"

"But... A dream? "

"Yes, it was just a dream. Tell me, what did you see in that dream? Did you see your home?"

"I saw it …" The woman gradually regained her calm.

"Where is your home?"

"Wang Shui Xiang … "Peace Town …"

"Who's in your family?"

"My mom."

"What's your mother's name?"

"Wei..." Phoenix … "Qin."

"Where's your dad?"

"I... I don't have a dad. "

"Can you remember the last time you left home, what happened at home?"

"I... "I can't remember …" Yan Guo's chest heaved up and down, and her mood began to falter again.

This confirmed Ding Qian's guess. The place where Yan Guo was attacked by the "zombie" was definitely at or near her home, so whenever she mentioned home, she would become extremely nervous. Her mental defenses were trying to avoid the memory.

"You have to remember, what you see is just a dream. No matter what you see, it doesn't exist. You don't have to be afraid …" Ding Qian put his hand on her hand and slightly pressed, giving her a hint, "Now tell me, what did you see?"

"I saw a lot of people coming to my house."

"What are they doing here?"

"They all say hello to my mother."

"Do you know them?"

Yan Guo paused for a few seconds, then slightly turned her head, as if she could really see the people in front of her and was identifying them one by one. "I think I've seen them before," she said.

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