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"Are they coming to your house as guests?"

"Mm, yes."

"What does your mother do?"

"She's a high school teacher."

"And then what did your mother and the guests do?"

"They Chat... "And help my mom cook."

Guo Rongrong, who was standing by the door, listened attentively for a long time. She was getting impatient. "Why does he keep asking questions? What does it have to do with the face biting case?" "What a layman."

Soong Yulin waved his hand and rebuked her, "What do you know? and listen to them. "

Guo Rongrong pouted in dissatisfaction.

"He thinks that this woman is the crime scene for the 'zombie'. He is trying to find out the cause and effect, and whether there are any suspicious people appearing." Du Zhixun said in an extremely low voice.

Although his attitude towards Ding Qian was not good, he did not look down on him. He carefully observed Ding Qian and listened to what he said.

"Other than cooking, what else can I do?" Ding Qian continued to induce.


"..." "Yes, besides cooking and eating, what else happened? Think about it carefully."

"There was someone at dinner time." Yan Guo's chest and shoulders were shaking. "He looks fierce and scary …"

"How terrifying?"

"His face... "His face …"

"What happened to his face?"

"Very scary …" He quarreled loudly with the teacher... I don't know why they... "

"Then what happened?"

"Then we started to eat and chat."

"You? Your mother and her students, you mean? "

"Yes." It's them. "

"What about that scary guy?"

"I don't know. I can't remember. "

At this critical moment, Yan Guo's memories were broken, and the hypnotized memories couldn't be compared to the normal ones. They were all fragmented and fragmented. A good hypnotist needs to learn how to connect these memory fragments quickly and guide the recipient to continue to remember.

"Then, what did you all do after eating?"

"We... "I didn't finish my meal …"

"Did something happen in the middle?" Ding Qian felt that he was getting closer to his target.

Yan Guo's next sentence shocked him.

"We can't move."

"What do you mean, can't move?"

"I don't know, we just can't move. We have to sit in the chair. Then... "Then..."

"And then what?"

"Then, he... Come... "It's done …"

"Who is he?"

"He … He … "Too terrifying …"

"Who is he? Is he the man who came to your house to quarrel with your mother before?"

"I... I... Oh my god … He bit us... We can't move, he's biting us like mad... "He's going to eat us all …"

The woman's words were clearly heard by the three policemen outside the door. They looked at each other, their expressions changing.

Eating people?

Even though they had all sorts of guesses about the culprit and even thought of the zombie, they still hadn't thought of such a possibility.

"Then how did you escape? Why didn't he eat you?" Ding Qian's tone was still calm and unaffected.

"He thought I was too thin, so he put me in a cage, and then … Later, after he finished all those people, he thought of me... He bit my face, wuu... "I don't want to be killed like the others. It was so easy for me to open the cage …" "Yan Guo's chest heaved up and down as her eyes darted around rapidly. Ding Qian had awakened her most terrifying experience, and it was about to reach the limit that she could bear.

"How many days have you been imprisoned?"

"Imprison, imprison …" Yan Guo screamed again and again in extreme terror. Once again, she couldn't help but tremble. Her voice was sharp and resounding, as if she had gone insane.

"This is a dream! This is a dream!"

Yan Guo's violent reaction was out of Ding Qian's expectation as he tried to hold her down. Unexpectedly, Yan Guo suddenly opened her mouth and bit Ding Qian's wrist hard. Due to using too much force, her injured face twisted into a hideous expression.

A "hehehehe" sound came out of her throat as a vicious smile appeared. Soon, blood started to seep out from Ding Qian's wrist.

The three policemen at the door rushed into the room in an attempt to pull Yan Guo away, but Ding Qian shook his head at them. It was as if Yan Guo had bitten someone else's hand.

He lifted his other hand and placed it on Yan Guo's head, slightly pressing down on her as he ordered, "You're sleepy, go to sleep …"

Yan Guo's excited mood mysteriously returned to calmness, and she powerlessly leaned against the stamp, feeling drowsy.

Only then did Ding Qian say to the three policemen, "During the process of deep hypnosis, you can't use any external force to wake up the recipient. This will cause serious mental damage to the recipient.

Guo Rongrong clicked her tongue. She did not expect her hypnosis to be so terrifying. She almost made her move.

"I've found all the information you need. She's exhausted, and I want to stop and wake her up."

Du Zhixun was still a little unsatisfied, "I heard her mention the murderer just now. If she could ask again, she would be able to provide more detailed information … "

"If she really remembers who it was, she told me. If she doesn't say it, it means she really doesn't remember. Even if I try to force her, she won't be able to remember.

"It's not that serious. Just a few words. "

"I don't want to risk my patients." Ding Qian coldly refused.

Du Zhixun looked embarrassed and didn't say anything else. After all, Ding Qian was the one who was hypnotized. Whether he did it or not was up to him.

The others no longer opposed it. Ding Qian was just about to give the awakening command to the unconscious Yan Guo, who spoke in surprise.

What he said was even more surprising.

Her voice was vague, deep, like a man's, and everyone heard it. She repeated, "You should die, why don't you!"

This sentence sounded like an ordinary person's curse, but there seemed to be some hidden meaning behind it. However, no one could think of a lot.

After that, she fell into a deep slumber. It was as if what happened just now had never happened.

"Listen to my password, I'll count to three. Wake up, one …" Two... Three... "Whap." Ding Qian snapped his fingers at Yan Guo.

Yan Guo shuddered and woke up from her deep trance.

With a tired expression, she looked at Ding Qian, who was sitting in front of the bed, and then looked at the three policemen behind him, revealing a puzzled expression.

"Is the food I gave you delicious?" Ding Qian asked her with a smile.

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