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She nodded, licked her lips in a reminiscent way, and smiled contentedly, as if he had really eaten something delicious.

Guo Rongrong clicked her tongue in wonder. "You can do that?" "He's too good at bluffing."

"This is not a bluff, this is science." Ding Qian rolled his eyes at her.

Ding Qian's hypnosis provided the special case team with an unexpected clue. Soong Yulin and the other two immediately drove to Pingjiang City's Criminal Police squad. The other members of Special Cases Group were still waiting there. Ding Qian also came to Criminal Police Squad with them.

There were a total of five people in the special case team. Now, except for the medical examiner, everyone was present.

Group Leader Leng was Du Zhixun, and the one with big eyes and a big personality was Guo Rongrong. She wore glasses and looked like a dry skit actor, called Zhong Kaixin. It was said that she was a computer expert. There was also a tall and chubby man with a pancake face named Nian Xiaoguang.

Ding Qian rearranged all the memories that the female victim recalled after her hypnosis and told them to everyone.

When Ding Qian finished, Du Zhixun concluded, "This female victim's name is Yan Guo. We suspect that she escaped from her home and was found randomly running into the youth park. Her home and address were very important. She wanted to go to Peace Town in Shui Xiang … "Kaixin, immediately check the location of this place."

"Hold on a minute, boss, we're almost done." Zhong Kaixin always straddles a computer bag, making it easy to work online at any time.

He took out his notebook and searched for a while. Soon, he came to a conclusion. "It's in the outskirts of the city's north area. It's 20 minutes away from National Highway 101."

"Let me look at the map." Du Zhixun looked around the computer for a while and said excitedly, "Yan Guo's home is in the same direction as the face attack three months ago. It's only a few kilometers away. If we follow this case, we might be able to solve the previous one as well. "

When everyone heard that Nian Xiaoguang was full of energy, they shouted loudly, "Boss, then what are we waiting for? Can't we just go straight to his house and ask him?"

"I still have something to say. That Face-Eating Demon might be hiding somewhere near Yan Guo's home. We don't know what's going on with him yet, but I do know that his methods are cruel, insane, and full of aggression. It's very possible …" He didn't even look like a normal person. Although we don't know what he looks like yet, I guess we'll recognize him as soon as we see him. Once you discover him, you must be careful. You absolutely must not fight him at close quarters. "

"Leader, you don't have to worry too much. Even if the other party is truly the zombie, with so many of us, why would we be afraid of him." Furthermore, I checked on the internet and found that the zombie's only weakness is its head. If we were to encounter it, I would immediately take out my gun and shoot its head. "

Zhong Kaixin laughed and teased Nian Xiaoguang, "You are just bragging. When the time comes, you will be the first to run."

"Alright, let's hurry up and pack up. We'll leave in fifteen minutes." Du Zhixun gave the order.

"Liu Fei will be here soon. Should we wait for her?" Guo Rongrong asked.

"No need. Let's go first. Just give her the address. "



Du Zhixun did not bring along the local police, a total of five people including four people from Special Cases Group and Ding Qian got in a police jeep, left Criminal Police Squad, and drove straight to the outskirts of the city. Follow the navigator's instructions and rush to Wangshui Peace Town.

The Peace Town was located to the southwest of the River Gazing Village. There were 400 families living there, and their main livelihood was farming land and raising fish. It was a peaceful little town.

Entering the town, he found himself in a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, in which he could not feel anything out of the ordinary.

It was as if there had never been a terrible woman who was bitten by a "zombie" before.

However, Yan Guo had clearly stated that this was the place where the tragedy occurred.

Arriving at Peace Town, the policemen went straight to the town government and asked the staff to help them find out where Cai Fengqin, a former teacher, lived.

The staff member checked the account book and found that there were three women with the same name, but none of them were teachers.

Du Zhixun asked the staff member, "Has there been any big, scary case recently?"

"Nope." That person replied with certainty.

Nian Xiaoguang said, "Boss, could it be that we found the wrong place?"

Du Zhixun thought about it and said: "This is not surprising. If Cai Fengqin wasn't a local teacher, she wouldn't have any records in the local area. As for her residence, we think that the person we are looking for should be living in a remote area, so no one noticed anything unusual. "

Two of the three people named Cai Fengqin lived in the town, and the other one lived at the fish farm at the southern end of town. There were no neighbors around them, only a single house.

The officers drove to Cai Fengqin's house under the guidance of the government workers. There was a compound, three brand-new tiled buildings, and a chicken coop and vegetable garden in the backyard.

Everyone got out of the car and walked to the gate of the yard. They found the gate closed and pushed it open with their bare hands.

"Wait a moment." Du Zhixun waved his hand to indicate for the others to not move. Then, he squatted down and looked at the green brick ground beneath his feet.

There was a small pool of blood that had turned brown.

He followed the trail of blood into the yard and soon found more blood on the ground. A little farther on, he saw a pool of blood that ran from the front door to the front door like a winding line of blood.

Du Zhixun looked at the others and said in a low voice, "If this blood vein was left by Yan Guo, why is there only this blood vein? Could it be that no one else escaped?"

Du Zhixun's words were exactly what everyone was worried about. No one made a sound as they stared at him, waiting for his instructions.

Du Zhixun was more calm, and did not immediately bring anyone to break into the house. He was not clear about the situation inside, so he decided to observe first. He made a gesture towards Zhong Kaixin and Nian Xiaoguang, and the two of them understood immediately and went around to the back of the house to prevent the murderer from escaping.

He gave Guo Rongrong another look, and the two of them separately moved to the east and west window to observe what was going on inside.

Ding Qian was curious and also wanted to go over to take a look. Guo Rongrong patted his shoulder. "Don't follow along and cause trouble. You're unprofessional!"


Guo Rongrong walked to the window of the west room, which was usually used as the main living room. Sure enough, through the window you could see the TV cabinet and the sofa.


Her eyes widened in astonishment.

"What's wrong?" Du Zhixun asked.

"There's someone in the living room..." Eating. "


Someone eating at the crime scene?

Just thinking about this scene was already strange enough.

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