C1 10th Day after death

It was a beautiful day, it started raining suddenly, a 12-year-old girl who wore her school dress ,to escape the rain water she stood under a plastic shet.

She was not far from her destination but she was not even wants to go home early, She was in her own fog and started talking to herself " Ridhya , today must be an unlucky day ...In sunny climate with rain that means A lion must have died in the forest"

Suddenly a cold and savory voice came from behind " who told you that's story? "

She look back ,A middle-aged man stood behind but he was too handsome like Any A list star his age not oppress beautiful face. he wear the tailored clothes black shirt with gray waistcoat and white tie, But Ridhya eyes stayed on the man's eyes..She hated the color of her eyes, she wanted her eyes black or brown like other children, But very different green and blue eyes make her feel afraid with her own eyes Because she has just seen someone with similar color eyes as same as her ,Suddenly she senses that man has asked him a question.

Ridhya fixed the position of her glasses between eyes "My father told me my mother used to say that"

It seemed a little strange to her, after all, why is anyone asking her such a question, that uncle was really very handsome but his eyes seems very complicated and cold, Like there are many stories in those eyes,

Suddenly he said a sentence I was relieved to hear "Your mother must be very innocent women"


As soon as she comes to her house, she gets the same news going on the news channel on TV, she has been watching it for 10 days and she shouted in anger " Baba...That villainous women died but she gives news channel a new topic And you have been watching the same news since last 10 days"

Kabir Roy comes out of his room, Ridhaya asks her in surprise when she sees her father in a white kurta because her father is not easily wear traditional dress "Is there a festival today or are you going to the temple to do some worship".

her father's face was not right, the eyes had turned very red, her father had not come home for many days and if he came only watched TV.. "Daughter, I have got your clothes ready from the servant, go to the room and wear a white traditional dress, we have to go out"

She knew that her father did not answer any of her questions, so she was get ready and come out of her house, her father was waiting for her in the car she come and seat beside her father then the car drove in the direction of main city.

After a few hours' journey, the car stopped outside a luxurious house, it was no less than a palace, but somehow seemed familiar "_" .

When she came in with her father, she realized that all the well-known people of the city are in one place today, Before going in, Ridhya father asked her to hide her face but everyone is suspicious and serious they all wear white dresses just life funeral

she looked at her father impatiently Suddenly, her eye stared at a big picture set in the middle of the house her mind was blank wtf 'Is the Baba know the villainous women' ,' what her relationship with my dad', kabir senses suspicious gaze of her daughter "Ridhya, the world never knows the truth, what kind of a human being is in the heart, so don't look at Piya's picture with that kind of eyes" ,"Did you know her very well" She was shocked as to how her father knew that woman As soon as she asked these questions, before that her father gave an answer a beautiful sweet voice come from some distance She was a beautiful aunt, wearing a formal black and white dress and her age is around some 34 or 35 year "Not only your father but you also know her very well"

My father hugged her and they both had tears in their eyes.Both of them were crying by expressing their sorrow "marry I didn't protect her well" "No kabir, If I had stopped her 16 years ago, then perhaps we would not have seen this day today, she would have been with us even today"

Suddenly the whole hall are gone in deep silence everyone eyes's are on door Ridhya lifted her eyes and saw a identified man face.This is same eye colour uncle , who got it in the morning

When Marry saw that Ridhaya was not turning away from Radhe, she said in a bitter tone "Don't look at cheaters"

she did not say very loudly, but because of being silent, her sentence was all heard.

Suddenly, there was an aunt from behind Uncle, whose face was more happy but she said angrily "When Killer's soul can be worshiped for peace after death, is Mr Oberoi cannot come on tenth day after prayer of his ex-wife"

Marry Auntie said calmly , "You have misunderstood mistress, because I am the one who called Mr.Oberoi today to come here"

Standing too late, Radhe Oberoi said looking at the picture in the hall with a slow and loving voice " She was my woman ....And you two women have no right to speak about my and piya matter" He was touching the picture with so much love as if she really stand infront of him.

He was standing in front of the picture of the woman he loved the most and she hated him the most. Nobody knew how much he was suffering in the last 13 years, he just want to hear her calling him " Hubby" ,she had made a mistake, just wanted to hear an apology from his wife, he would have forgiven every mistake of her, he would have given his life if she had asked for her but... she always shied away from him and eventually he changed his path, perhaps he think was called back from her, but she asked for divorce.he does not know how he is alive in this 13 years.

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