C2 The will with 4 part

Radhe Oberoi was immersed in his sorrow, people did not dare to comfort him in any way, because everyone was surprised by his emotional behavior. someone roared in that strange atmosphere "After eating nine hundered mice, cat goes on for a pilgrimage"

Everyone turned their attention to the place from where that voice came, but after seeing that person, no one dared to turn back. who have dare to laugh at that taunt, because that sentence says by not anyone else but Radhe Oberoi's friend and the famous Ruthless businessman Ahed Rangrez "Marry ... Do not let people cried with crocodile tear here, start the work you have called for"

He was a middle age man but his skin was so beautiful with handsome face that no one would have ever seen, he was wearing a white kurta suit.

When Ridhya looked at him, she was stunned as she had never seen anyone so beautiful. She understood that there can be more handsome than Radhe Oberoi, there is not much power in every face to attract people towards you.

Radhey Oberoi and Ahad Rangrez were two men with different personalities, Ahed was obsessed with ruling and Radhe with his emotions.


People sat in their own places as if there was going to be a program, anyway, for the last 6 years, people from all over the city were watching these two family conflicts....Everyone wanted to know why Husband and Wife, who wants gave life to each other 16 years ago, they start hated each other so much?

Marry stands in front of everyone, taking a captive file in a red cloth in her hand....Everyone is surprised, the lawyer who is the family lawyer of the seventh jade's members is not Mr.Oberoi's family lawyer but his ex-wife's family lawyer.

But nobody knows that.....

Marry was not just Piya's friend but also her family lawyer. marry worked exclusively for Ahed 12 years ago, Ahed is the leader of Seven jade and the group follows his rules.

Seven Jade was a modest college friend group but people were not modest, they were all belongs to noble family...Radhe Oberoi was also one of the seven jade member.

The people sitting there started sharing among themselves. Everyone wanted to show their surprise to each other.

....What's happening here is that the Seven Jade group is about to break up?

....I don't think Seven Jade is going to break, just Leader supporting to

an outsider won't break Seven Jade.

....I think Ahed and Piya's relationship was not ordinary .. After all, why did that woman have left Radhey Oberoi?

....It is absolutely true that Oberoi's is the richest family in the whole state but...It is different that it is not equal to a family like Rangrez.

Suddenly Ahed Rangrez, sitting in front, gets up and stands, as soon as people see Ahed standing, everyone closes their mouths... do not have courage in anyone, get enmity with Ahed Rangrez.

"I am Ahed Rangrez, The Leader of Seven Jade, Radhe Oberoi is being punished according to the rule of the group..If the group is not supporting Radhe, it is because of the rules of the group, and I came here from a brother and sister relationship between me and piya"

"I have come to listen to her last wish, it would be very kind of you to close your mouth and sit here .. Marry start reading the will"

Marry opens the file in her hand "Will has 4 parts"...."Property has 3 parts"

Everyone is surprised that if there is 4 parts in the will then the property should also have 4 parts.

"10% of property is named after Kabir Roy .., 10% of Marry Mailker AND 80% of property is named after Radhia Rajput"

Suddenly Ridhya stands up, everyone starts looking at her, just everyone sees a 12-year-old girl whose face is hidden by clothes..She tremble and says, "My last name is Roy not rajput"

Ahead sits near her and laughs and says "By the way, your last name is neither Rajput nor Roy"

"How can you say that"

"You can ask your fake father"

"You are lying, Kabir Roy is my father"

"Your eyes are proof "

Ridhaya looks at her father, Kabir leans out and says in a full voice "You are the daughter of Piya and Radhe"

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