Invincible Divine Emperor/C1 The Rebirth of the God Emperor
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Invincible Divine Emperor/C1 The Rebirth of the God Emperor
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C1 The Rebirth of the God Emperor

In the Profound Extreme Continent, martial arts were the most respected. Martial artists absorbed the Profound Qi of Heaven and Earth for their own use. When they cultivated to the highest level of martial arts, they could move the stars to exchange for the moon, split the sky and earth, and receive the respect of all living beings. As for those weak people, they could only live in seclusion, living a mediocre life, and their lives were as lowly as ants.

Ganwu Kingdom, Yunann City, Zhang family.

"Lu Xing, are you determined to make things difficult for my Zhang family?" A furious roar suddenly came from the hall.

"It's not embarrassing, it's just a fact. "

A proud middle-aged man stood in front of him, his face full of disdain.

"It's been six years. Zhang Henn has been stuck at the first level of the Green Profound Stage, and my daughter, Yulee, was accepted by the Sky Location Academy as a top student a month ago. "

"Zhang Tao, you are also the patriarch of the family. Let me ask you, this marriage. . . Do you think the Zhang family is worthy?"

Lu Xing sneered. He waved his sleeve and threw the marriage certificate onto the ground as if it was trash.

Zhang Tao's eyes widened. He said angrily, "Six years ago, it was you, the Lu family, who came to us and begged us to agree to this marriage. Now, you want to go back on your word? Isn't this the behavior of a despicable person?"

"A lowly person?"

Lu Xing shook his head. He didn't think much of it.

"In this world, the strong are respected. Back then, Zhang Henn entered the Martial Path at the age of ten, so he was naturally a genius. I will definitely cling to him, but now, Zhang Henn has become a useless person, and your Zhang family is also at a disadvantage. "

"As for my Lu family, we have to make the right choice, and find another powerful backer. You can only blame yourselves for being too weak, and you can't blame me for that. "

After he finished speaking, he glanced at the youth beside him, and said in a mocking tone: "Chief Zhang, I think you should worry about your son! I thought that Zhang Henn was just a trash, but I never thought that he was a fool. Luckily, the Lu family is wise. "

The young man stood at the side. His eyebrows were sharp and his eyes were bright. His body was tall and slender. Although he wasn't a handsome man, he was still very handsome.

At this moment, the young man's eyes were dull. He stood there like a wooden man for a long time and did not speak. He was no different from a fool.


Zhang Tao was shocked. His son might not be able to take the blow of breaking off the engagement, and his mind might have already collapsed.

"Who am I? Where am I?"

The memories in his mind rolled like waves as they swept over one by one.

After the waves of pain, the youth suddenly muttered to himself: "I didn't expect that I didn't die in the Mental Demon Tribulation, and that I would be reborn back into my youth. "

The youth was extremely familiar with the scene of the remarriage. This scene was also the beginning of his life's most humble path in his previous life.

First, the Lu family broke off the engagement, then the Great Elder used this as an excuse to hold a meeting of the Zhang family's elders. First, he would seize Young Patriarch's position, and then his father's position as the patriarch.

Lastly, the Great Elder sent assassins to assassinate his father.

After his father died, Zhang Henn was demoted to a slave of the Zhang family. He lived like an ant, receiving all kinds of beatings and punishments.

"If it wasn't for the fact that I was accidentally dragged into the spatial whirlpool before I killed myself, I'm afraid I wouldn't have had the reputation of 'Heaven Shaking Divine Emperor' after entering the Divine Realm. "

During the trip to the Divine Realm, Zhang Henn had almost died, but fortunately, his heart was firm and firm. He had fought a bloody battle all the way until he reached the position of Divine Emperor eight hundred years ago. He had suppressed a peerless sect and a great clan that lived in seclusion, causing the Divine Realm to tremble and the deities to prostrate themselves before him.

After he had ascended the Divine Emperor, Zhang Henn had been reorganizing the order of the world. He had opened up the law of the universe, but it had caused dissatisfaction from the heavens. He had sent down the Five Thunder Heavenly Tribulation to punish Zhang Henn.

When the heavens were angry, the sun and moon immediately fell down, the mountains and rivers were broken, and heavenly fire and lightning struck down at the same time. All the gods were frightened, and all the living beings in the world were trembling and kneeling down.

However, Zhang Henn was fighting against the heavens alone. He shattered the heavenly tribulation with a single punch, causing the heavenly law to disappear. All techniques retreated, and the heavens were infuriated. However, the heavens didn't dare to say anything.

This was also the reason why Heaven Shaking Divine Emperor's name was known.

At this moment, Lu Xing, who was standing aside, couldn't help but snort disdainfully when he saw Zhang Henn standing there in a daze. His expression couldn't help but deepen.

He said sarcastically, "You even forgot your own name? I think this is good as well. It only proves that your Zhang family doesn't deserve to have a marriage alliance with the Lu family. "

When Zhang Henn's memory in his mind stabilized, the wooden look in his eyes suddenly became extremely sharp, like a green mountain piercing into the clouds, piercing into the sky.

He turned around and walked to the desk. He picked up a piece of paper, and the brush moved like a snake or a snake. Wherever the tip of the brush drew, it was as if the heavens had determined life and death, without any emotion.

"This marriage is indeed not worthy. In my eyes, the so-called Lu Yulee is just a speck of dust on the ground. "

"Since you are here, take this divorce letter back!"

The young man's face was cold. Although his body was thin and weak, Lu Xing felt that he was facing a huge mountain. That kind of heavy pressure, as if he was in hell.

Lu Xing could be considered a powerful warrior. When he came back to his senses, he said coldly: "What a joke! A useless piece of trash who has no strength and no strength dares to speak such arrogant words!"

The youth was neither sad nor happy, but his expression was indifferent, as if he was a god judging all living things.

"Even an ant knows what power is?"

Zhang Henn's eyes could be seen. He suddenly opened his eyes, and it was as if the universe was spinning in his pupils, and the Milky Way was floating upside down.

In that instant, countless terrifying scenes flashed through Lu Xing's mind.

In those scenes, the Gods could easily devour the sun, cross the void, and destroy a country with a single strike. And in all of these scenes, Zhang Henn's figure could be seen.

How could he not be shocked by this? How could he not be afraid?

Both of his temples were drenched in cold sweat. Lu Xing's face was pale, and he kept retreating.

"Evil. . . Really evil. . . "

His heart was trembling in fear. He subconsciously picked up the divorce certificate and turned around to leave. His steps were full of panic.

But when he walked out of the door, Lu Xing suddenly realized something, and he thought to himself, "Why am I scared by a little kid?"

His face turned livid with anger. He turned around and shouted angrily, "Zhang Tao, don't think that you can scare me just because you have set up some strange formations!"

Zhang Henn's Divine Emperor's Qi only lasted for an instant. Zhang Tao did not notice that it was only targeted at Lu Xing. When he heard Lu Xing shouting, he thought that Lu Xing wanted to borrow the divorce certificate and continue to make things difficult for Zhang Henn.

Zhang Tao's face turned cold, and a fierce light flashed in his eyes. The Profound Qi on his body rose up like a raging flame, and he stretched out his palm and shook it across the air. The doors and windows behind Lu Xing were all turned into powder.

"Patriarch Lu, you are the one who came to my Zhang family today to provoke us. If you don't scram now, do you want me to 'invite' you to scram?"

Being in the Zhang family, Lu Xing's strength was about the same as Zhang Tao's. He didn't dare to be too impudent. He could only leave with a stern voice and leave in a huff.

After Lu Xing's figure disappeared, Zhang Tao looked at Zhang Henn with a loving gaze.

"Hen Er, you don't have to worry about this matter. How could Lu Yulee be worthy of my son? As long as father is here, no one can bully you. "

Zhang Henn smiled and said, "Father, From now on, no one can bully me. "

After being reborn, Zhang Henn understood the preciousness of familial love. In his previous life, Although Zhang Henn was known as trash, his father had used most of the cultivation resources in the family on him. He was also a very protective father.

There were so many things that Zhang Henn wanted to say to his father.

However, this was obviously not the time. According to the memories of his previous life, after the marriage was canceled, the Great Elder, Zhang Huacann, convened a meeting of elders. First, he seized Young Patriarch's position, then his father's position as the patriarch, and finally, he assassinated his father.

This was also the reason why Heaven Shaking Divine Emperor fell from the inner demon tribulation. After all, Zhang Henn had been searching for the method to revive his parents after he ascended the Divine Emperor. This matter had always been a thorn in Zhang Henn's heart.

Initially, Zhang Tao wanted to comfort Zhang Henn a little more, but a guard from the Zhang family rushed over and whispered a few words into his ear. Zhang Tao's face immediately turned serious.

"Hen'er, there's something that has happened in the clan. I need to go and take care of it. " Zhang Tao said.

Zhang Henn nodded. Zhang Tao left in a hurry.

Although he was in a hurry, Zhang Tao was still thinking about Zhang Henn. He kept muttering, "Hen Er didn't have much talent in martial arts. In the future, the entire Yunann City will know about the matter of the Lu family breaking off the engagement. How can Hen Er raise her head?"

. . .

Both of his eyes gradually turned cold. Zhang Henn naturally knew what was going to happen later.

"I have to change history. I can't let the Elders Guild seize my position as Young Patriarch, and I can't let my father die because of this. "

However, once he was reborn, Zhang Henn's Divine Emperor's strength would never return. Right now, he was only at the first level of the Green Profound Stage.

Although the aura of the Divine Emperor was still there, it did not have any combat strength.

Just as Zhang Henn was thinking about how to change the Moment of History, All of a sudden, a strong wind blew in the courtyard in front of him, causing all the flowers and plants in the courtyard to bend over.

Raising his head to look at the sky, Zhang Henn smiled and said, "Today is a windy day. I will use the Sword of Wind and Thunder to challenge the Elders Guild!"

When the wind rose, the clouds would rise. Yun Yang would move the rain. When the wind and rain moved, the thunder and lightning would ring.

This sword technique was created by Zhang Henn in the form of a Divine Emperor to fight the Five Thunder Heavenly Tribulation. Wherever the tip of the sword pointed, the Heavenly Tribulation will be controlled by me.

This was also the reason why the heavens didn't dare to express their anger to Heaven Shaking Divine Emperor. After all, the Heavenly Tribulation had already been controlled, so what was the point of saying so much?

However, Zhang Henn's current strength was too low, so he couldn't use the Wind Lightning Sword Technique to summon the heavenly lightning. He could only borrow the power of the wind and lightning between the heavens and earth to increase the power of his sword techniques.

But this was enough. How could a mortal withstand the force of the heavens and earth?

After that, Zhang Henn held the sword in his hand and moved forward with the wind.

After a short while, before Zhang Henn could reach the meeting hall, he was blocked by two people.

"Trash, you don't have the right to go in. "

Zhang Henn's face turned cold. His eyes narrowed slightly, and a cold chill flashed across his eyes.

If there were people from the Divine World present, they would definitely be terrified when they saw Heaven Shaking Divine Emperor's expression, because in the next second, it would definitely be a bloody scene.

Even if Zhang Henn turned into ashes, he would recognize these two people who blocked his path.

Zhang Qi and Zhang Pu were the vanguards who bullied him in his previous life. Especially after Zhang Tao died, they became even more aggressive. They often let Zhang Henn wash the toilet and move the ores. If it wasn't for Fourth Uncle Zhang Yong secretly taking care of them, he would have been tortured to death long ago.

Zhang Qi crossed his arms in front of his chest and said jokingly, "Looks like our Young Patriarch is angry. It's really scary! Should we move aside?"

Pretending to be helpless, Zhang Pu said: "But this is an order from above, animals and dogs are not allowed to enter. Young Patriarch, please forgive us!"


Zhang Qi and Zhang Pu laughed arrogantly, as if they were playing with a little white mouse.

They seemed to feel that they were not satisfied enough and said, "Come, little beast, the shoes of these little men are dirty. Hurry up and lick them clean. If you lick them well, you will even be rewarded!"

"Get lost!"

A sharp killing intent suddenly blossomed around Zhang Henn's body.

The flag flew into a rage. It pulled out its long blade and slashed at Zhang Henn's head fiercely.

"Little bastard, how dare you unleash your killing intent on me? Go to hell!"

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