Invincible Divine Emperor/C10 One Roar to Break All Laws
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Invincible Divine Emperor/C10 One Roar to Break All Laws
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C10 One Roar to Break All Laws

In the blink of an eye, more than ten figures suddenly flew over. They wore embroidered robes and had dignified expressions, as if they were pillars that could hold up the sky. They gave off a strong sense of oppression.

The person in front was precisely the Deacon, Shea Hai.

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice. With every step Shea Hai took, the Profound Qi energy in his internal organs became more and more dazzling. It was like the stars in the nine heavens, piercing through his clothes and shooting out boundless radiance.

Between his brows, there was a domineering power of the Heavens and Earth. Mountains and rivers were constantly flowing in his eyes.

The internal organs of a fourth level inner strength realm martial artist could be enhanced by the Profound Qi, and their passive defense would be enhanced a hundred times. Even if they were hit by a hundred pound boulder hammer, they would not be harmed at all.

"Zhang Henn, you've had enough of this. Stop it! I can spare your life. "

Shea Hai looked down at Zhang Henn with a condescending attitude. In his tone, It was as if a king had granted Zhang Henn amnesty, allowing him to be spared from death.

"Spare me from death? Who do you think you are? How dare you take my life?"

Zhang Henn exerted more force with his foot. He shattered Lu Zhixin's jaw once again, causing Lu Zhixin to scream continuously.

Zhang Henn's entire mind was like a pine tree that was ten thousand feet tall. Shea Hai's powerful mental pressure did not affect Zhang Henn in the slightest.

On the other hand, Shea Hai felt that his domineering speed was like a drop of water compared to the ocean when faced with Zhang Henn's coldness, weak and tiny.

"Zhang Henn, how dare you!" One of the Deacon shouted angrily at Zhang Henn.

"Shea Hai's Deacon. Ten years ago, he was the chief instructor of the three hundred thousand guards in City Lord Mansion, and he was the one who suppressed a region. If it wasn't for the internal injuries caused by the pacification of the rebellion, which caused his strength to decline, he would have gone to the headquarters of King's City long ago. "

"That's right. What kind of attitude is this? You have come to my Alchemist Guild to cause a huge ruckus. Master Shea Hai's Deacon is magnanimous. If I don't make a fuss about it with you, how can I not forgive you?"

More than ten Deacons were chattering amongst each other. All of them were pointing at Zhang Henn, and every single one of them had a beard and a beard. Their words were harsh and fierce.

"You're saying that I'm wreaking havoc in your Alchemist Guild?"

"What right do you have to make me cause a ruckus? A bunch of ants. If I really want to, I will kill your Alchemist Guild and give you a chance to live. "

Zhang Henn's eyes became colder and colder. It was as if he could freeze mountains in an instant.

"Son of a b * tch, you are too arrogant!"

The numerous Deacons immediately moved in a group. The wind from the fists surged and the Profound Qi shot out. They were ready to capture Zhang Henn at once.

However, Shea Hai gently waved his palm and stopped them from doing so.

With a gloomy expression, Shi Hai said, "Zhang Henn, what exactly do you want?"

Back then, Shea Hai was also an ambitious and ambitious man. He knew the principle of "a thousand mile dam is destroyed by an ant's nest. " He had long heard of the name of Zhang Henn's trash, but today, he had stepped on Lu Zhixin. His intuition told him that this matter was definitely not simple, and that was why he had to be cautious.

"Tell Chung Xuan to come out and apologize to me. I will spare your lives. " Zhang Henn's indifferent tone was as if it was a matter of course.

At this moment, some of the staff had already walked to the side of those Deacons and told them what had happened just now.

After listening to what had happened, Shea Hai's expression was like a tempestuous storm, and he was filled with fury. The Deacons' faces were also filled with fury.

Pointing at Zhang Henn, Shea Hai shouted. "You have come to Alchemist Guild to cause trouble without reason. You have long violated the taboo of my association. You should have broken both of your legs. "

"Manager Lu Zhixin's actions are reasonable and legal. There is nothing wrong with it. "

After that, he said in a deep voice, "Zhang Henn, since you are the son of the Zhang family's patriarch, Zhang Tao, I will be lenient to you. I will punish you to stay at the bottom of the Dead Soul Cliff for thirty years. Are you convinced?"

The Dead Soul Cliff was the place where the Alchemist Guild dealt with the useless pills. After many years of accumulation, the bottom of the cliff had already become a poisonous sea. If an ordinary person went there, not to mention thirty years, they wouldn't even be able to survive for three days.


Zhang Henn threw his head back and laughed wildly. The aftershock of his voice had actually caused ripples to appear in the surrounding air.

"In the end, only you are allowed to kill, and no one is allowed to make any unusual movements. "

"Since that's the case, I'll send your Steward Lu to the bottom of the Dead Soul Cliff first!"

The sole of his foot stepped down, and the sound of a watermelon exploding could be heard. The Blood Mist that filled the sky exploded, and Lu Zhixin's life was lost in the Yellow Springs, and it was a scene of red and white.

Even at the brink of death, Lu Zhixin couldn't believe this fact. He could only go to hell to repent. Why did he have to provoke Heaven Shaking Divine Emperor?

This kick had also caused the fury in Shea Hai's body to reach a critical point. His fury erupted like a volcano.

"Little bastard, if you want to die, I'll fulfill your wish!"

With one foot stepping on the ground, Shea Hai's body shot towards Zhang Henn like an arrow.

At the same time, Shea Hai's palm wind stirred, and he directly stretched out his palm. Like a Kunpeng covering the sky, the Palm Shadow smashed down like hailstones.

Zheng Yun, who was watching a good show from the side, immediately turned pale with fright.

"This is the Tyrant Shadow Palm, Shea Hai's famous martial skill. It's a top grade martial skill, and it has long been mastered by Shea Hai. When the palm strikes down, the Palm Shadow will overlap and dominate the world. It can cause a ten-meter crack to appear on the ground, and cause one's soul to scatter. "

A sinister expression appeared on Hongling's face as she said, "This is the best. For someone as ignorant and arrogant as Zhang Henn, he should have been dismembered a long time ago. "

She held a great grudge against Zhang Henn. Previously, Zhang Henn had disturbed the romantic relationship between her and Zheng Yun.

Among the surrounding crowd, some of them had already turned their heads away, not willing to see the miserable state of Zhang Henn's corpse.

Some of them were also feeling sorry for Zhang Henn, "I hope that Zhang Henn will go to hell and be more restrained after reincarnating. "

At the same time, the dozen or so Deacon behind Shea Hai also moved. The momentum of their attacks was like a meteor that crashed into the earth, shaking the heavens and earth.

Zhang Henn's expression didn't change at all. Apart from the sharp killing intent, it was getting stronger and stronger.

Zhang Henn slowly lowered his palm, then suddenly flipped it up and stopped at the tip of his nose.

His palm suddenly clenched into a fist shape, and a majestic aura spread out from his chest like a rubber ball.

He opened his mouth and shouted with all his strength. Like a giant dragon from ancient times, he controlled lightning and clouds to create rain. The roar of a dragon shot into the nine heavens, giving off a powerful pressure that seemed to be able to destroy the moon and destroy the stars.


The ten meter area in front of him instantly turned into a vacuum zone. Circles of spatial ripples that were entangled with lightning seemed to tear apart heaven and earth as they suddenly exploded.

I have a saying that can break all laws. I have a word that can suppress the heavens!


"My ears!"

" Quickly invite the guild leader over! I'm afraid this kid has already entered the Devil Dao!"

Shea Hai, who was closest to Zhang Henn, had already knelt down on the ground. Blood flowed out from the corners of his eyes, nose, ears, and the corners of his mouth.

The way he looked at Zhang Henn had long ago turned into a high and mighty look. It had turned into a look of fear.

He wanted to stand up a few times, but the remaining force of the sound wave had almost shattered his knees. He could not move at all.

As for those Deacons, some of them covered their ears and curled up on the ground, some fainted, some spat out blood mist, and cried out continuously.

Every one of them felt as if their internal organs were about to be crushed by Zhang Henn's sound wave attack. The blood in their bodies was constantly showing signs of going against the current.

"You. . . What kind of cultivation technique and martial skill is this?" Shea Hai's voice was trembling.

"Martial technique?" Zhang Henn sneered and pretended not to hear him.

Ice worms cannot be spoken in summer.

When a martial artist reached the Divine EssenceStage, they would be able to awaken all of their abilities.

Zhang Henn's shout just now was just one of the many divine abilities he had when he used the Divine Emperor, and it was called the Great Sound Thunder.

Originally, with Zhang Henn's strength at the second level of Qi Transfer, it was impossible for him to use any divine abilities. However, after cultivating Divine Power, he was able to simplify the divine abilities and use some of their power. Although it was less than one ten-thousandth of the Divine Emperor, it was enough to deal with these mortal martial artists.

Just like the Sword of Wind and Thunder, with Divine Power in his body, Zhang Henn did not need to borrow the power of the heaven and earth to be able to produce wind and thunder in his sword.

Slowly walking to the front of the Deacons, Zhang Henn said in a cold voice: "Are you trying to commit suicide? Or do you want me to help you?"

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