Invincible Divine Emperor/C3 Please Forgive Me
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Invincible Divine Emperor/C3 Please Forgive Me
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C3 Please Forgive Me


Unexpectedly, Zhang Henn slapped him again.

At this moment, Zhang Shao was fuming with anger. His strength was stronger than Zhang Henn's, and he could have dodged it.

However, Zhang Henn's slap was aimed at the blind spot of his attack. It was as fast as a gust of wind, and as heavy as lightning. He couldn't defend himself at all. Every time he tried to dodge, he would be slower by half a beat.

With Heaven Shaking Divine Emperor's experience, he could easily see the flaws in Zhang Shao's attack.

The surrounding elders were so shocked that their mouths were wide open. They were stunned like wooden sculptures.

This. . . Who was this young hero?

"Hit you? Even if I kill you, do I need a reason?"

Zhang Henn's eyes were indifferent, as if he was a god looking down on all living things.

This kind of gaze could only be obtained by those who were used to dominating everything.

If it was in the Divine Realm, Heaven Shaking Divine Emperor could only destroy a region with a single thought. There was no need for a reason.

However, Zhang Shao was now furious. His fury had made him lose his rationality.

Killing intent slowly emerged in his eyes.

"A sneak attack! How dare you humiliate me?! You deserve to die!" Zhang Shao flew into a rage out of humiliation.

Cold air rose from his palm like raging flames, and it was also like rolling waves. Zhang Shao's entire right arm was suddenly covered with frost.

The full power of this Cold Dark Palm had already been fully activated by Zhang Shao. It could freeze an elephant in an instant. It was truly terrifying.

With a single step, Zhang Shao stomped on the ground. He leapt into the air and slapped towards Zhang Henn's head. Even the surrounding stone slabs couldn't withstand the cold and started to crack.

Three inches. . .

Two inches. . .

One inch. . .

Just as Zhang Tao was about to save Zhang Henn. . .

Zhang Henn suddenly pulled out his sword, and wherever the sword light shone, it was like a scorching sun that illuminated the sky, and it pressed down on the sky.

At this moment, the force of the wind outside the hall seemed to have heard the call of the king. It pushed open all the doors and windows of the meeting hall, causing loud popping sounds to be heard. It rushed into the hall, causing the people in the hall to be unable to stand stably.

The violent wind was like the roar of an ancient ferocious beast. It carried a force that could topple mountains and overturn seas as it crashed towards Zhang Shao.

Zhang Shao was unable to dodge, defend, or counterattack at all. His body was swept into the air by the gale, as if he had been handcuffed and unable to move at all.


The ground shook. Zhang Shao fell to the ground. Blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth and his body kept twitching.

He wanted to stand up several times, but that kind of bone-tearing pain made him unable to stand up.

"Just one move. . . Just one move. . . "

"Impossible. . . Impossible! I am a young hero, I am a Martial Dao Genius, how could I lose to a trash, how could it be!"

Zhang Shao's eyes widened, and they were filled with blood. He stared straight at Zhang Henn, unable to believe the fact that he had lost.

"Young hero? Martial Dao Genius?" Zhang Henn sneered.

"In front of a god, what's the big deal?"

Zhang Henn held the sword with his left hand behind his back and pointed it at the sky.

Zhang Henn's right hand was like a giant holding up the sky. He shouted, Rock Piercing Cloud!

"Thunder, come!"

All of a sudden, there was lightning in the void, and the entire hall was filled with daylight.

The dense, snake-like lightning suddenly exploded in Zhang Henn's right palm. It was like the awakening of an ancient dragon elephant, suppressing the universe.

"Rumble!" The thunderous explosion caused all the teacups in the hall to shake uneasily. Everyone could only feel their eardrums ringing.

Zhang Henn held the lightning in his hand and walked forward with his sword behind his back. The Lightning Light constantly reflected and intertwined on his face.

Step by step, he walked towards Zhang Shao. Zhang Henn said coldly, "Zhang Shao, let me ask you, who am I?"

At this moment, Zhang Shao actually had an illusion. He felt as if he was in the boundless starry sky of the universe.

Facing Zhang Henn was like facing a god that dominated everything. And he was just an ant. All he had was his tiny and weak presence.

After being reborn, although Zhang Henn's Divine Emperor aura did not have any combat power, In the depths of a mortal's soul. . . There's an innate fear of divine power.

Zhang Shao had been defeated by Zhang Henn with a single sword strike. Now, he had lost his mind, and was being invaded by Zhang Henn's Divine Emperor aura. He could feel a great fear that even the heavens and the earth were afraid of.

As for Zhang Henn, with the Divine Emperor's Qi on his body, the wind wouldn't dare to twist him, the rain wouldn't touch him, the clouds wouldn't suppress him, and the lightning wouldn't strike him.

However, Zhang Henn's strength was too low, and the power of the lightning borrowed from the Wind Lightning Sword Technique could only injure people, and not kill them.

However, this was nothing. What Zhang Henn needed to do now was to destroy Zhang Shao's Dao heart, making it so that he could no longer break through and become a cripple.

With a pale face, Zhang Shao trembled and said subconsciously, "You. . . You are Zhang Henn. . . "

"Crack!" With a loud sound, the lightning in Zhang Henn's palm became extremely violent.

"Who am I?" Zhang Henn asked.

"You are Young Patriarch, you are Young Patriarch of Zhang family! I. . . I am the trash. . . " Zhang Shao was so scared that his hair stood on end.

"Who am I!" Zhang Henn asked.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning fell from the sky and turned the towering tree outside the meeting hall into charcoal. It was as if an earthquake had occurred on the ground.

"You. . . You are a god, you are a god! I. . . I am just a mortal. . . "

The Divine Emperor's aura had completely invaded Zhang Shao's soul.

At this moment, Zhang Shao's gaze became incomparably pious, like a worshipper worshipping incense.

"I am guilty. God, please forgive me. I am guilty. God, please forgive me. . . " Zhang Shao kowtowed like he was pounding garlic.

Hiss -

This unusual phenomenon in the hall only made all the elders suck in a breath of cold air, and they were all stunned.

What. . . What was going on? Had Zhang Shao lost his mind?

Every elder present, Zhang Tao or Zhang Hongchu, were all highly skilled martial artists. Zhang Henn controlled the lightning in his palm. Although the sound was shocking, they could naturally see it. In fact, the lightning could not kill people. Therefore, they did not take it seriously.

What surprised them was. . . But why couldn't Zhang Shao see it?

However, Zhang Huacann's eyes were wide open, and he shouted furiously, "Little bastard! What kind of evil technique did you use? Speak! "

He had wanted to save Zhang Shao a long time ago, but Zhang Tao and Zhang Hongchu had been staring at him, making him not dare to make any reckless moves.

Naturally, Zhang Tao wouldn't let Zhang Henn suffer any losses. As for Zhang Hongchu, as the supreme elder, he had personally agreed to the duel, so how could there be any mistakes?

Zhang Huacann helped Zhang Shao up, but Zhang Shao's eyes were empty. He kept muttering, "Please forgive me. . . "

"My son's Dao heart was completely destroyed. . . Ah! Little bastard, I will kill you!"

The Great Elder, Zhang Huacann, was a Sixth Level Green Profound Stage, and he was filled with fury. He lunged at Zhang Henn with lightning speed, and his eyes were as red as a devil's.

Zhang Tao's strength was also at the same level, and he quickly appeared in front of Zhang Henn.

"Zhang Huacann, you are willing to bet and admit defeat. Are you trying to kill someone in front of everyone in the Zhang family's meeting hall?"

They didn't wait for the battle to start.

Zhang Hongchu, who was sitting on the big seat, waved his sleeve lightly. Zhang Huacann's chest caved in and he was sent flying.

Zhang Hongchu's old face sank. He said, "Before this, I have already said that the position of Young Patriarch will be decided by martial arts competition. Now, you want to kill me in front of everyone. Are you looking down on me?"

Zhang Huacann's face was pale. He knelt on the ground and said in horror, "No. . . I dare not. . . "

At this point, those elders were very smart. They all tried to get close to Zhang Tao and said that he had a good son. Their congratulations were endless. There were even some elders who were handing out gold notes.

Zhang Tao smiled bitterly. He knew that these compliments were actually all thanks to Zhang Henn. Normally, these elders were all high and mighty, so how could they be like today?

"Could it be that Heng Er has some other fortuitous encounter? Forget it. If Heng Er wanted to say it, he would naturally say it. Even if he didn't want to say it, I can't force him. "

Zhang Hongchu stroked his beard and looked at Zhang Henn's figure. He thought to himself, "Controlling lightning. . . Although its destructive power is very small. . . But it seems like a peerless expert has come to Yunann City recently. . . But why would he fancy Zhang Henn?"

Given Zhang Hongchu's age, all he wanted was to improve his martial arts strength. He did not care about worldly matters. He was well aware of the behavior of those lackeys and elders at the beginning.

However, he only looked at the facts. If Zhang Shao won today, he would also stand on Zhang Shao's side. Interventing in mundane matters would only affect his Dao heart.

Zhang Huacann had truly suffered internal injuries. He swallowed a mouthful of old blood forcefully.

He had planned for many years. He thought that he could seize Zhang Henn's position as Young Patriarch first, then Zhang Tao's position as the patriarch, and then take control of the situation. He never thought that he would fail today.

He did not want to stay any longer. Before he left, he said in a stern voice, "Zhang Henn, consider yourself lucky!"

"But don't you forget that half a month later, my eldest son, Zhang Shengkun, will return from his apprenticeship. Your position as Young Patriarch will be secured. But. . . Hehe! "

Zhang Shao, who was in a daze, picked up Zhang Shao. Before Zhang Huacann could take a few steps away, he heard Zhang Henn say, "I think the Great Elder has a bad memory. Since your son has become an idiot, you can pay back the five thousand gold coins! "

Zhang Huacann stopped in his tracks. His face kept turning purple, as if he had been slapped countless times. The blood that he had swallowed just now, along with his anger, slowly rose to his throat.

"Can't you take it out? That's right, five thousand gold coins is not a small amount. You can write an IOU first. This interest. . . "


Zhang Huacann could no longer suppress the blood in his throat. He was so angry that his heart was pounding. He kept spraying blood like a fountain towards the sky.

After throwing out a Spatial Ring, Zhang Huacann gritted his teeth and said, "They are all inside!"

. . .

Although Zhang Henn had been a well-known piece of trash for the past six years, his status in the Zhang family was also Young Patriarch. Adding Zhang Tao's protective nature, Zhang Henn's residence was not bad. There were a few small pavilions, a huge courtyard, a small lake, and a fake mountain. There were flowers and plants, and it was quite peaceful.

It was late at night. Zhang Henn sat cross-legged and said to himself in a deep voice, "Zhang Huacann, it's because of your bone adhering poison that I have always been known as a piece of trash!"

In his previous life, Zhang Henn had never thought of himself as trash. He had stepped into the path of martial arts at the age of ten, and his strength had reached the first level of the Green Profound Stage. If he was a trash, how could he have such achievements?

It was only after he had jumped into the sea and committed suicide, and entered the Divine Realm that the bone poison was unexpectedly separated from his body due to the spatial whirlpool. Only then did Zhang Henn's talent in martial arts once again see the light of day.

After arriving at the Divine Emperor, Zhang Henn recalled the past. How could he not know who had caused the bone adhesive poison?

This poison was a chronic poison, just like gangrene. It slowly corroded one's meridians, causing the Profound Qi to be unable to flow smoothly, making it difficult for one to break through in strength.

"In my previous life, my father was killed by that old dog, Zhang Huacann. The humiliation I suffered was also ordered by Zhang Shengkun, Zhang Shao, and the others. "

"If it wasn't for my lack of strength, I would have been able to kill Zhang Shao and Zhang Huacann in the meeting hall!"

When a martial artist cultivated, there were nine levels: Green Profound Stage, Silver Profound Stage, Gold Profound Stage, Jade Profound Stage and Sovereign Stage. Heavenly Sovereign realm, Divine EssenceStage realm, Divine King Stage realm, and Divine Emperor. Each level was further divided into nine small levels, from the first to the ninth.

Fortunately, there was a lot of wind and rain during the day, which allowed Zhang Henn to use the Wind and Thunder Sword Technique. Otherwise, Zhang Henn would not be able to pass Zhang Qi and Zhang Pu's level.

However, this wind and rain could not happen every day.

"Look at this poison. It will fully erupt in about two days. At that time, there is no longer any possibility of detoxifying it. . . "

With this thought in mind, Zhang Henn said, "The most important thing right now is to get rid of it. It's still better to detoxify the bone adhesion poison. Otherwise, with this poison in my body, my strength won't be able to increase, and my life will be in danger. "

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