Invincible Divine Emperor/C4 Yin Yang Master
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Invincible Divine Emperor/C4 Yin Yang Master
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C4 Yin Yang Master

At the same time, in the main building of Lu family, Lu Yulee's white jade-like fingers were gently caressing the zither in front of her. It was as if a fairy from the nine heavens had descended to the world, and the divine light was fading away. Her face was graceful and graceful.

It was just that the coldness between her brows caused her beauty to remain in the midst of winter.

At this moment, Lu Xing was holding the divorce letter, and he was extremely furious as he walked over, and he was cursing loudly. "Rebels! Rebels! How dare a trash insult the face of the Lu family? I think the Zhang family wants to be destroyed in the Yunann City!"

Lu Yulee sighed lightly and said, "Isn't it just a letter of divorce? As long as they can cut off their relationship with Zhang Henn, the process is no longer important. "

Ever since Lu Xing entered the Lu family, he had been walking. Lu Yulee had heard the scolding and divorce on the way.

"Daughter, can you bear with this? I can't. I must make the Zhang family pay the price as if they were bleeding!"

Lu Xing shouted like a hungry tiger. His eyes were filled with fury, as if there was a raging fire burning in them.

He was also a powerful man. When he was facing Zhang Henn's divorce letter, he should have fought back with all his might. However, his mind was suppressed by Zhang Henn's Divine Emperor's Qi. In addition to the deterrence of Zhang Tao's martial power, he could only flee in panic.

However, when Lu Xing returned, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that the divorce certificate was a great humiliation to him. It was hard for him to swallow this insult. He had to take revenge on the Zhang family.

Shaking her head slightly, Lu Yulee said indifferently: "Endure? If Father had climbed to the top of the mountain, would you still care about how a small stone at the foot of the mountain jumps?"

After Lu Yulee was accepted into the Sky Location Academy, she was directly accepted as a closed door disciple by the inner court elder, Lau Yan, to comprehend the profoundness of the Great Dao. Gradually, the horizons of the essence of the universe became higher. The so-called Zhang Henn was just a clown in her eyes. He was not worthy of her attention.

"Daughter, you are right, but your dad is at the foot of the mountain right now. Zhang Henn's little stone has hit my face. I must step on it!"

His ruthless eyes turned left and right, and Lu Xing said in a deep voice, "The chairman of the Alchemist Guild, Chung Xuan, has some relationship with me. . . "

"Since that's the case, I will make Chairman Cheng cut off all the pill resources of the Zhang family for three months. Without the supply of pills, the overall strength of the Zhang family will be greatly reduced. At that time, Zhang Tao and Zhang Henn will sooner or later kneel before me and beg me, hahaha!"

Lu Yulee didn't say anything when she heard those arrogant laughter. She took a step forward and left with a sweet fragrance. Her beautiful face didn't have any emotional fluctuations.

Because the small stone that she spoke of also included Lu Xing. The fight between mortals had long had nothing to do with her.

. . .

In the attic of Zhang family, Zhang Henn was constantly searching for ways to cure the poison in his mind.

If he was in Divine Realm, Zhang Henn had countless ways to cure the Tarsal Bone Poison.

However, in the Ganwu Kingdom, it was just a mortal world. The resources were scarce, and the Profound Qi was thin. There were many methods that were difficult to implement.

In addition, this poison had already corroded his body for too long, and it had penetrated deep into his bone marrow. Zhang Henn checked the methods he thought of one by one, and there was only one method that was feasible.

"I never thought that the weak Internal Pill Dao in Divine Realm would become my life-saving straw. "

The inner Pill Dao belonged to the Alchemist Refining Division. However, in the mortal world, the inner Pill Dao had been completely destroyed. Even in the Divine Realm, it was on the verge of extinction.

This was because the inheritance of the inner Pill Dao was mainly about controlling fire and concocting pills. Furthermore, one had to cultivate all of the Profound Qi into the power of the Pill Fire. It was imaginable how difficult it was. After ten thousand years, most of the inheritors of the inner Pill Dao were killed by the backlash of the Pill Fire. It was a self-destruction inheritance.

In the past, the Dao Master of the Internal Pill Dao submitted the Six Extreme Fire Scripture to Heaven Shaking Divine Emperor and Zhang Henn in order to seek their protection. Zhang Henn also agreed to this request.

"First, transform your Profound Qi into a Pill Fire and force the toxicity of the bone adhering poison to one spot. After that, consume the medicine inside and this poison can be cured. "

Zhang Henn slowly stood up and thought to himself. "But in order to cultivate the Pill Fire, I need to find a place with abundant fire attributes. . . "

"I have it!"

After that, Zhang Henn changed into a clean set of clothes and left in a hurry.

The bright moon hung high in the sky, and the stars were twinkling.

Looking at Zhang Henn's back in a hurry, Zhang Tao and a middle-aged man were whispering in a dark corner of the building, as if they were discussing something.

"Patriarch, if you are really worried about something, your subordinate can go and find out. "

After thinking for a while, Zhang Tao shook his head and said, "I will. The sword technique that Heng Er used during the day, the sword wind was pure. It was definitely not an evil technique. It was just that Zhang Shengkun. . . "

Three years ago, Zhang Shengkun was taken away by a reclusive expert to cultivate. If he returned to Zhang family and opened the life-and-death stage, Zhang Henn, as Young Patriarch, would have to accept it. Otherwise, according to the rules of the family, Zhang Henn would have to abdicate and give it to someone else.

Furthermore, the life-and-death stage of the Zhang family was a competition between the younger generation of the Zhang family, regardless of life or death.

The middle-aged man seemed to have thought of something, and his facial expression suddenly turned serious.

"Patriarch, I know what you are worried about. You are afraid that Zhang Shengkun will kill Young Patriarch on the life-and-death stage. "

"But according to the latest secret report from Fourth Elder, the hidden expert who brought Zhang Shengkun to cultivate three years ago is most likely a Yin Yang Master. I'm afraid that Zhang Shengkun will find out that his brother, Zhang Shao, was crippled by Young Patriarch in less than half a month's time. . . "

"What!? Zhang Shengkun's master was actually a Yin Yang Master? Zhang Huacann, that bastard, is he trying to bring eternal damnation to our Zhang family?!"

Zhang Tao's eyes instantly widened, and his expression became extremely ferocious and terrifying.

The Yin Yang Master was an extremely insane profession. It mainly devoured the souls of others, and had been living in the darkness all this time. It was disdained by the world, like a rat crossing the street, and everyone wanted to beat it.

However, most of the time, it was also a form of denouncement. The means of the Yin Yang Master were extremely strange and terrifying. Unless those peerless experts or almighty experts dared to eliminate them, the rest could only curse in secret.

However, if this matter was leaked out, all the major powers in Yunann City would definitely come to denounce the Zhang family, and they would be surrounded by enemies from all sides.

At this moment, the middle-aged man's tone became somewhat hesitant. In the end, he still decided to speak.

"Fourth Elder's secret letter also said. . . That Zhang Shengkun's master has a 90% chance of being a two star Yin Yang Master. Zhang Shengkun has been cultivating for three years, and I estimate that he has already reached the level of a one star Yin Yang Master. Patriarch, we must make a thorough plan. "

"Otherwise, if we miss a single step, it will be a bottomless abyss. . . "

In this world, there were all kinds of occupations, such as Alchemists, Array Masters, Chess Masters, etc. Each profession had the corresponding innate ability.

The innate ability of a two-star Yin Yang Master was the 'Lord Palace Soul Lock'. It could send the Black and White Impermanence to lock the souls of others in the dream world, allowing the Yin Yang Master to control them. It was truly terrifying.

If Zhang Shengkun really was a one-star Yin Yang Master, then he would have the innate ability of "Meng Po Giving Soup. "

If Zhang Shengkun wanted to take revenge for his brother being crippled by Zhang Henn, then he could sneak into Zhang Henn's dream and feed him the Meng Po soup, turning Zhang Henn into a fool who could not take care of himself from now on.

This was also the reason why the middle-aged man was so worried. After all, the Yin Yang Master killed people invisible. Regardless of whether it was before or after the incident, Zhang Tao and Zhang Henn could not defend at all, nor could they fight back.

"Unless. . . Unless I can get Great Master Chess Dao to use the chessboard to deduce where Zhang Shengkun's Qi is and capture him in advance to ensure his safety. " Zhang Tao's expression became unusually firm.

"But Great Master Chess Dao has always been a recluse, and they specialize in studying the Chess Dao's transformation. Patriarch, is this method feasible?" The middle-aged man revealed a worried expression.

This middle-aged man was called Molin, Zhang Tao's personal bodyguard. Zhang Henn knew him as well. In his past life, after Zhang Tao was assassinated by Zhang Huacann, Molin had been loyal to him, and had been looking for an opportunity to take revenge. However, in the end, the assassination failed, and he was dismembered by Zhang Huacann.

"I have to give it a try. I heard that Great Master Chess Dao, Wenkong, will be traveling in Yunann City in the future. Even if I have to kneel and invite him, I have to invite Great Master Wenkong over. I can't let Hen'er get hurt in the slightest!" Zhang Tao made up his mind.

. . .

He walked on the main road outside the city. The memories of his past life surged into Zhang Henn's mind.

In the surroundings of Yunann City, Zhang Henn naturally knew where the best place to cultivate Zhang Henns was.

This was because, after Zhang Henn had ascended the Divine Emperor in his past life, although he had not found the method to reincarnate his parents, he had also made a trip to the mortal world to pay respects to his parents and used his Divine Sense to scan the entire continent.

The Divine Sense of the Divine Emperor was so vast that not even a grain of sand could hide from it. Not to mention precious lands and secret realms.

As for Zhang Henn's mother, her name was Pei Yao, and she was a member of the Royal Capital Pei family. However, the Royal Capital Pei family was a big family in the present world, so how could they take a liking to a tiny Zhang family in the Yunann City? The Pei family had always opposed the marriage between Zhang Tao and Pei Yao.

Pei Yao thought that everything would disappear after she left the Pei family. She never thought that on the day she gave birth to Zhang Henn, all the experts of the Pei family would come out and forcefully bring the weak Pei Yao back to the capital city and put her under house arrest. They said that Pei Yao had disgraced the Pei family, and Zhang Tao had also been seriously injured by the experts of the Pei family. Under such severe injuries, it was difficult for Zhang Tao to break through to the next realm.

In his previous life, after Zhang Tao was assassinated by Zhang Huacann, with the help of his fourth uncle, Zhang Yong, Zhang Henn had gone through a lot of hardships. Along with the danger of dying at any time, he had come to the Royal Capital Pei family to seek justice from the Pei family.

However, what awaited Zhang Henn was endless humiliation. The Pei family had only sent one servant to meet Zhang Henn.

The location was right outside the door of the Pei family. Zhang Henn didn't even have the right to enter.

"A person must know his own limitations. Do you think the people of the Zhang family are qualified to talk to the people of the Pei family?"

"Also, Pei Yao isn't your mother. In a few days, Pei Yao will marry the elder of the Ouyang family, Ouyang Kai. This is the perfect match. "

On that day, Zhang Henn was like a bolt from the blue outside the Pei family.

Three days later, Zhang Henn heard the news of his mother hanging herself.

All kinds of things were pressing down on his heart. In his previous life, Zhang Henn finally couldn't bear the immense pain and chose to commit suicide by throwing himself into the sea. However, he was dragged into the Divine Realm by the spatial whirlpool. After eight hundred years, he had become Heaven Shaking Divine Emperor's famous name.

Later on, when Zhang Henn came to the mortal world with the realm of Divine Emperor, he didn't even find his parents' gravestone. In the end, he used the divine sense of the Divine Emperor to scan the entire continent and found his father's leg bone and a strand of his mother's ashes. It was enough to tell how unfortunate his parents were after their death. They didn't even have a complete corpse.

As his pace increased, Zhang Henn clenched his fists and said in a deep voice, "In this life, I want revenge for old dog Zhang Huacann. Don't even think about running away from your Pei family!"

"You wouldn't even dream about it. I will be reborn!"

"It won't be long before I head to the capital to rescue my mother. I will smash your Pei family's gate with a single punch. You will bring humiliation and humiliation to my mother. I will slap your faces ten million times over!"

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