Invincible Divine Emperor/C5 One Finger Broken Blade
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Invincible Divine Emperor/C5 One Finger Broken Blade
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C5 One Finger Broken Blade

Five hundred meters outside of the city, there was a lush and lush forest. There were many towering ancient trees here, and the wood could be used to make fire. The fire attribute was extremely high.

According to the memories of his previous life, Zhang Henn finally found the cultivation treasure ground and sat down cross-legged.

As he thought about the contents of the Six Extreme Fire Codex, Zhang Henn gathered all the Profound Qi in his body and started circulating it slowly.

Of course, Zhang Henn only needed to cultivate a little bit and use the Pill Fire in his body to suppress the toxicity of the bone adhering poison.

Zhang Henn did not want to cultivate the Six Extreme Flame Codex to an extremely high level. If he could cultivate all of his Profound Qi into the Six Extreme Flame Codex, he estimated that he would not be far away from burning himself to death.

He sat down with his legs crossed, and as he cultivated, he gradually entered a better state.

As he breathed, he was like a whale sucking in water. All of the fire element Profound Qi around him were absorbed into his body. All the trees within a ten-meter radius were withering at a visible rate. Even the branches and leaves were slowly turning yellow.

Waves of spatial fluctuations were becoming stronger and stronger as Zhang Henn's aura changed.

The hearts of the tigers and wolves in the forest instantly shook. Although they were extremely far away, they could still feel the pressure of the scorching sun filling the sky.

They were all facing the direction where Zhang Henn was, trembling and prostrating on the ground. The ferocious faces of the beasts were full of respect.

Without the attack of the beasts in the forest, Zhang Henn had been in a state of quiet cultivation.


The night faded, and the sun rose.

Sunlight passed through. It broke through the clouds and sprinkled onto Zhang Henn's body.

He suddenly stretched out his index and middle fingers and stabbed forward. A thin stream of flame suddenly rushed out and extended for a few meters, making crackling sounds as if it had burned through the void.

The stream of flame continued for more than ten minutes, as if it was reversing yin and yang. It only stopped when Zhang Henn's two fingers turned gray.

At this time, he slowly opened his eyes. The tadpole-like fire ball kept circulating in his pupils. After a while, the flame light faded.

"Turning my Profound Qi into the power of the Pill Fire. The technique of controlling the fire of the Pill Dao is indeed extraordinary. However, I can't cultivate it too deeply, otherwise, I will have to burn myself. "

Zhang Henn didn't feel that it was a pity. The skill of the Pill Dao was just to force the poison out.

Lowering his head and looking at his finger turning gray, Zhang Henn said, "One day, I will force all of the bone adhering poison onto my finger. At that time, just take some medicine to detoxify the poison. "

He did not sleep the whole night and was also a little tired. Zhang Henn wanted to go back to sleep and then force out the poison.

Just as he was leaving, three people walked towards him.

A beautiful woman supported an old man. Behind her was a three-meter tall dark-skinned man who gave off a feeling that strangers should not enter.

The woman's skin was smooth, and she had white teeth and bright eyes. She was tall, and her figure was concave. There was an innate pride between her eyebrows.

Zhang Henn saw the three of them as well. However, they were too tired, so he didn't care too much about them. He left immediately.

However, the three of them noticed Zhang Henn.

The dark-skinned man kept staring at Zhang Henn. He even turned his head to look at the old man, as if he was asking for an order.

The old man waved his dull palm and said, "Don't mind him. He's just a passerby. "

When Zhang Henn returned to the residence of Zhang family, he saw Molin standing outside the door without saying anything. He looked like a statue.

"Uncle Mo, what are you doing?" Zhang Henn couldn't help but be surprised.

Seeing Zhang Henn, Molin's stone-like facial features smiled and said, "I received orders from the patriarch. I will be Young Patriarch's butler from now on. "

Zhang Henn did not think too much about it and said, I will be Young Patriarch's housekeeper from now on. "There are many empty rooms inside. Uncle Mo, you can do whatever you want. I will sleep for a while. "

He nodded his head. Molin continued to stand guard with a deadpan expression.

After waking up, Zhang Henn and Molin casually ate lunch before speeding towards the dense forest.

However, when they arrived at the place, Zhang Henn discovered that his cultivation treasure ground had actually been snatched away by someone. . .

It was the three people Zhang Henn met in the morning.

At this moment, a beautiful woman wearing a red brocade robe was occupying Zhang Henn's original cultivation ground.

Her hands were constantly drawing circles in the void, as if she was cultivating some kind of profound technique. Strands of flames were dancing in her palms, sometimes turning into fiery clouds, and sometimes into a rain of fire.

However, the red-dressed woman's eyebrows were tightly furrowed, and she was sweating profusely. She seemed to be unable to control herself.

As for the old man, he stood beside her and occasionally gave her a few pointers. Only then did the red-clothed woman relax and control the flames in her palms with ease.

As for the dark-skinned man, his eyes had already noticed Zhang Henn. He held the steel knife tightly and stared at Zhang Henn. If Zhang Henn dared to take half a step forward, the dark-skinned man would kill him.

If it was any other time, Zhang Henn would have chased these three away long ago. However, the most important thing right now was to force the bone adhesion poison out, and this place was huge. If it was at the side, it wouldn't affect the poison, so he didn't care about it.

Slowly sitting down cross-legged, Zhang Henn circulated the Six Extreme Fire Scripture. Tadpole like flames were dancing in his pupils.

Gradually, the trees within ten meters of him started to wither. In a moment, they turned into charcoal, and even the fallen leaves turned into dust.


This strange phenomenon naturally aroused the old man's curiosity. He couldn't help but turn around and look at Zhang Henn.

Along with the Pill Fire energy in Zhang Henn's body, it became stronger and stronger. Suddenly, there was a 'huff' sound, as if a volcano had erupted. A huge fire pillar wrapped around Zhang Henn's body.

The fire pillar rapidly rotated. The crackling sound caused the woman in red to secretly frown. Her gaze was cold as she looked over.

The old man stroked his white beard. After pondering for a moment, he said uncertainly, "I think I have read about this fire controlling technique in some ancient book. It is an extremely brilliant and lost Pill Fire technique. "

The woman in red chuckled and said, This is a fire controlling technique. I think I've read about it in some ancient book. It's an extremely profound and long-lost Pill Fire technique. " That kid is only at the first level of the Green Profound Stage. How could he control fire? Grandpa, you're really old and muddle-headed. "

The old man couldn't help but let out a bitter laugh and said," That's true. Looks like I'm seeing things"

Regarding Zhang Henn's attracting action, it only made the woman in red look at him with disdain.

However, right after that, the old man's expression changed.

"This. . . This. . . "

At this moment, they could only see the pillar of fire surrounding Zhang Henn. It suddenly spiraled downwards and turned into a lotus-like flame. It supported Zhang Henn's body and slowly rose into the sky like an immortal.

Zhang Henn only stopped when he was three meters away from the ground.

Zhang Henn's skin had also turned bronze. It was being roasted by the scorching flame. It was like a human-shaped sun that was emitting intense light.

The expression of the woman in red was also slightly serious. However, she sneered after that, and her face was filled with disdain.

The dark-skinned man did not think too much about it. The strength of his grip on the steel knife was getting stronger and stronger. He looked at Zhang Henn with killing intent in his eyes.

The old man was still in shock, and he quickly said, "This person might be a junior of some great alchemist. This kind of fire control technique is really rare. "

"Grandfather, don't forget what kind of background we have. With his performance, he might seem extraordinary, but he can still fake it with talismans, pills, formations, and so on. I guess he is deliberately doing this to try and get close to us. "

After thinking for a moment, the old man shook his head slightly and said, But. . . " Normally, when we control fire, the transformation between the Profound Qi and the Pill Fire will only happen in our hands. However, the transformation of his Pill Fire will penetrate through his entire body. It is impossible. . . "

"Tch!" The red-clothed lady did not take it seriously. She said, "Let's ask that brat later. Isn't everything clear?"

Hearing this, the old man's expression returned to normal. Whether it was a dragon or a mouse, he would know immediately.

However, this state did not last for long. The old man's expression once again revealed shock.

"Using the body as the furnace and spitting out flames. . . This. . . He must be a junior of some great alchemist. "

The woman in red's eyes were filled with frost as she looked over. She saw the flame lotus under Zhang Henn slowly opening and closing as he breathed.

After that, the fire lotus suddenly split apart and fell onto Zhang Henn's right arm. She stretched out her finger and stabbed into the void. A fire snake shot out from Zhang Henn's finger. It was more than twenty meters long. The intense temperature made the surrounding air evaporate.

"Hu. . . "

Zhang Henn slowly exhaled. He lowered his head and looked at his two fingers, which had turned black. He said to himself, "The poison has been successfully forced. Next, I need to buy medicinal ingredients to cure the bone adhesion poison in one go. "

After the matter of forcing the poison out was resolved, Zhang Henn did not want to stay any longer.

However, the momentum of forcing the poison just now was really a little frightening. That old man was sure that Zhang Henn had an extraordinary background. There must be an alchemist grandmaster teaching him behind him.

The old man's curiosity was piqued, and he wanted to step forward and have a chat with Zhang Henn.

However, before he could take a few steps forward, the old man was stopped by the woman in red.

She said coldly, "Grandpa, do you think a great alchemist master would like a little brat at the first level of the Green Profound Stage?"

"Let me expose his fake mask!"

The old man wanted to stop her, but the woman in red had already walked far away.

She raised her white neck like a proud swan and said to Zhang Henn coldly, "Kid, your trick has succeeded. Speak! What is your goal this time? Is there anyone behind this?"

Zhang Henn was confused. A trick? Purpose? Instruct?

"Sick. "

Zhang Henn couldn't be bothered with such a brainless girl.

Just as Zhang Henn was about to turn around and leave, the woman in red stopped in front of him once again.

She snorted coldly. "I have seen too many people like you. Pretending to be indifferent to attract my attention, stop pretending. I know all your little tricks. Hurry up and tell me the truth! "

Her status was noble and devastatingly beautiful. Not only was her natural talent in the Martial Dao peerless, she was even an Alchemist refiner. Normally, there were countless scions and juniors from wealthy families that racked their brains to get close to her. She had seen quite a few of these tricks that were used to capture and play.

However, she didn't know that when Heaven Shaking Divine Emperor fought in the Divine Realm, countless saintess and goddesses wanted to get close to Zhang Henn. With her beauty, Zhang Henn couldn't be any more ordinary.

At this moment, Zhang Henn was a little angry. In order to force the poison out of his body, he didn't pay much attention to the matter of seizing the precious cultivation ground and blocking his way.

In another day's time, the bone adhesive poison would fully erupt. Zhang Henn needed to hurry up and buy medicinal ingredients. Now that the red-clothed woman was blocking his way, it only made Zhang Henn's gaze become heavier and heavier.

"This is your last chance. Are you going to f * ck off or not?"

As soon as Zhang Henn said this, the red-dressed woman couldn't help but raise her eyebrows and stare with her phoenix-like eyes.

She sneered and said, "What? Someone exposed her plot and wanted to run away? Can you run away? "

" Xiong Ann! "

After receiving the order, the black-skinned man, who had been filled with killing intent for a long time, suddenly raised his steel knife and prepared to capture Zhang Henn.

Zhang Henn's eyes flashed with a biting cold light. Without waiting for Xiong Ann to make a move, a Wind Thunder Sword Qi shot out from his finger.

"With a clang, the steel knife in Xiong Ann's hand was sent flying by the sword Qi. It flew back for more than ten meters and stabbed into the tree trunk. The leaves fell like rain.

The old man screamed in his heart. The woman in red was shocked, while Xiong Ann was drenched in cold sweat.


The steel knife on the tree seemed to be unable to withstand the powerful sword Qi and broke into two pieces. The cracked blade stabbed straight into the ground.

His face turned cold. Zhang Henn said in a cold voice. "If I had attacked your head just now, you should know what the consequences would be. "

Xiong Ann was three meters tall, and he was so frightened that he was rooted to the ground. He didn't move for a long time, and it was obvious that he had been frightened badly.

He was at the fifth level of the Green Profound Stage. In all these years, there were only a handful of people in the Yunann City who could defeat him with just a single sword strike. At this moment, the way he looked at Zhang Henn was filled with fear and dread.

This man. . . Is he really at the first level of the Green Profound Stage?

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