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C6 Sir Please Wait

At this moment, the woman in red also knew that the person who had come was not simple, but when she thought about her identity and background, she felt that there was nothing to be afraid of.

She continued to snort stubbornly. "So what if you have hidden your strength? The fact that you didn't dare to kill Xiong Ann just now proves that you are afraid of the background behind me. Do you dare to touch me?"

As she spoke, the woman in red slowly circulated the Profound Qi with her hands behind her back. The fiery cloud and the fiery rain intersected in her palms. She was ready to knock Zhang Henn out when Zhang Henn relaxed his guard.

"Hehehe. . . "

How could Zhang Henn not see through what she was doing in the open and secretly? He shook his head and smiled.

The woman in red said angrily, "What are you laughing at?"

Zhang Henn said indifferently, "Why did you use the 'Fire Cloud Rain Palm' that was passed down in your family? Why didn't you use the 'Star Seizing Palm' that you secretly learned? What about it? "


This sentence was like a heavy hammer smashing into the red-dressed woman's mind, causing her to continuously retreat. The way she looked at Zhang Henn was already filled with terror.

"You. . . How do you know?"

The old man's eyes widened as if he had thought of something. He asked sternly, "Xintong! The reason why your hands lost consciousness is because of this, right?"

"I. . . I. . . "

Xintong, who was still proud and arrogant just now, At this moment, the arrogance on her face was completely gone. Her beautiful face gradually drooped down, and she stuttered. It was obvious that she tacitly agreed.

She looked at Zhang Henn in panic and said, "Who exactly are you? How did you know about the matter of me secretly learning?"

Star Seizer Palm was obtained by her from the marketplace. Even the merchants who sold it to her did not know about it. Because the contents of this martial skill were engraved on a rusty piece of metal. In addition to her warlike nature, this martial skill was also top-notch. It was rare in this world, so she could not suppress her curiosity. When she secretly cultivated, other than her, this matter. . . No one else knew about it.

"How did you know?" Zhang Henn sneered.

"The 'Star Seizing Palm' is made of gold, and its strength is sharp. If you cultivate it for a long time, even your nails will turn into steel. I can see that your nails have nine circles. You must have secretly learned it for nine years, right?"

"After the nine circles, the Star Seizing Palm can be initiated, but you are still unable to succeed. It is obvious that you have been influenced by the Fire Cloud Rain Palm, which is passed down in your family. You are born in a family of alchemists, and this Fire Cloud Rain Palm can not only be used as a martial skill, but also as a pill refining technique. However, its flaw is that you are not allowed to cultivate other martial skills before you have achieved great success. "

"You think that you have unparalleled talent and forcefully cultivated the' Star Seizing Palm Technique ', but you do not know that' Metal meets fire, but the rain will not stop '. In these nine years, most of the blood in your body has been clogged up, and losing consciousness in your hands is only the beginning. If not for your grandfather using the pill to nourish you for a long time, your Qi and blood would have frozen, and you would have died from petrification!"

These words were like a sudden clap of thunder, causing Xintong's pretty face to turn pale.

That old man was originally an Alchemist. Previously, it was only because Xintong hid the fact that she secretly learned the 'Star Seizing Palm' that he made a mistake in his judgment. After a long time, he was already at a loss on what to do with Xintong's severe illness.

Hearing Zhang Henn's words and looking at Xintong's flustered face, how could the old man not know whether this matter was true or not?

The old man cupped his fists and asked Zhang Henn, "Since young friend has found out about my granddaughter's illness, there should be a way to treat it, right?"

Zhang Henn looked straight into the old man's eyes and swept his gaze across the three of them, then he smiled coldly.

"Save her?"

"From the beginning, your subordinate, Big Black, has been releasing killing intent towards me. Your granddaughter has been speaking rudely to me many times. "

"As for you, you have been watching coldly from the sidelines. Why should I save you?"

Although the old man was certain that Zhang Henn had an extraordinary background and that there must be a great alchemist behind him, that was only the subconscious reaction of someone who had been an Alchemist for a long time.

After all, Zhang Henn's strength was too low. He also had doubts in his heart and wanted to find out the truth. That was why he stopped Xintong for a while and did not stop her with all his strength.

This old man also knew the ways of the world, so he did not dwell on this topic.

He straightened his back and said with some pride, "Little friend, I see that your way of controlling fire is extraordinary. There should be a Pill Dao Great Master teaching you behind you, right? I don't know what your name is, but which Alchemist branch do you belong to? "

With a trace of coldness at the corner of his mouth, Zhang Henn glanced at him.

The old man immediately said, "Little friend, don't misunderstand me. I am the chairman of the Alchemist Guild in Yunann City. Chung Xuan, perhaps he knows your master as well. "

He was thinking about how impulsive Zhang Henn was. He was still angry about what had happened just now, so he decided to reveal his background. Even if Zhang Henn was unhappy about it, he should still think twice before acting.

However, Zhang Henn was thinking in his heart, "If it wasn't for my lack of strength, why would I use words to intimidate me?"

There was a lot of wind in the forest. That Xiong Ann was very strong. The Wind Thunder Sword Qi that Zhang Henn shot out with his finger just now had already used all of his strength, and he was unable to use the second move. That was why he used words to intimidate Chung Xintong. With the insight of the Divine Emperor, it was also very easy for it to see through the flaws of other people's cultivation techniques.

The matter of detoxification was imminent. If Chung Xuan apologized for his previous offense and was a little more sincere, Zhang Henn would not mind giving him a few pointers.

Unexpectedly, this Chung Xuan did not stop. Not only did he use his background to pressure others, it seemed that if he did not cure his granddaughter, he would not let Zhang Henn go.

"Let's play the game for now!"

With this thought in mind, Zhang Henn looked around as if he was looking for something.

"Master, there's someone called Chung Xuan looking for you. He even said he knows you. "

Chung Xuan's gaze instantly became serious as he vigilantly observed his surroundings.

Xiong Ann was also preparing for war with all his might, in case something unexpected happened.

Chung Xintong stared at Zhang Henn with a complicated expression. Her eyes were more focused on guarding Zhang Henn, in case Zhang Henn slipped away. Otherwise, if Zhang Henn ran away, her serious illness would not be able to be cured.

"Phew. Phew. . . "

Around the dense forest, No one appeared, only the gentle breeze blowing, the branches swaying, the willow branches dancing in the wind.

However, suddenly, the breeze turned into a fierce wind. Within a hundred meters, dozens of giant tornadoes appeared, sweeping up the gravel and sand on the ground.

The fierce wind was rotating at a high speed, causing sparks to appear on the crushed stones.

Some of the weaker trees had already been blown away, and all of the willow trees' willow branches had been cut off by the wind blades.

At the same time, a powerful aura rushed towards him.

That aura was like Mount Tai pressing down on them, and it was as if they were being pressed down by a giant's palm. Chung Xuan and the other two couldn't help but retreat, and cold sweat flowed down their backs. Their expressions were filled with fear.

"This strength. . . This strength. . . This strength. . . This strength, it's not something that ordinary people like us can guess! What kind of powerful realm is this young man's master in!? "

Under this majestic aura, Chung Xuan had long lost his courage and soul, and even his back was bent.

Xiong Ann's face had already turned pale, and his body was trembling nonstop. His knees were trembling, and he was about to kneel down on the ground in the next second.

Chung Xintong only felt a kind of fear that caused the sky to collapse and the earth to cave in. She was already starting to feel vexed. Why did she have to provoke a descendant of a hidden expert like Zhang Henn?

Right at the moment when the three of them were trembling in fear.

They looked up and saw a shadow of the Milky Way suddenly appearing above their heads. It was as if thousands of worlds and hundreds of millions of planes were being condensed within it.

The shadow of the Milky Way slowly rotated. With every turn, the pressure they felt became heavier and heavier.


Xiong Ann, who had goosebumps all over his body, finally couldn't bear this kind of vast and mighty pressure. He suddenly knelt down on the ground. He was afraid that if the shadow of the Milky Way rotated even a little bit more, he would be crushed into a pile of meat paste.

"President!" Xiong Ann gritted his teeth with difficulty and looked at him with a pleading look.

Only now did Chung Xuan understand that there was always someone stronger than him. He suddenly kowtowed and begged for mercy.


"Junior knows his mistake, junior knows his mistake! Junior should not have angered your beloved disciple! Senior, please forgive me!"

"In the future, if your beloved disciple has any requests, this junior will definitely fulfill them without any mistakes. Senior, please be magnanimous!" Chung Xuan kowtowed like he was knocking on the ground, panicking.

Even the incomparably arrogant Chung Xintong was currently obediently kneeling on the ground like a quail, calling out "senior" unceasingly.

Gradually, the overwhelming pressure dissipated.

It was as if death had arrived.

Chung Xuan and the other two were drenched in sweat, as if they had just walked into the gates of hell.

However, Zhang Henn was secretly upset, "Ai! My Divine Emperor's Qi has been used up just like that. . . "

As his martial arts strength advanced, every realm would have a matching aura and pressure. Zhang Henn had been reborn as a Divine Emperor. Even though there was still the aura of the Divine Emperor remaining in his body, because his own strength was too low, he could not match it. As time passed, it would slowly fade away.

Today, he had used up all of it.

Of course, the aura of the Divine Emperor could easily gather the flowers and stones, but without a matching strength, beating people up would be like tickling them. The pressure that Chung Xuan and the other two felt was only from the fear of the divine power in their souls.

At the end of the day, he had scared himself to death.

Slowly, he arrived in front of Chung Xuan and the other two. Zhang Henn said. " Chairman Cheng, can I leave now?"

Chung Xuan trembled as he stood up, but his legs seemed to be filled with lead, and he was unable to move even half a step. Xiong Ann and Chung Xintong were the same.

"Of. . . Of course. " Chung Xuan wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and said with lingering fear.

But before Zhang Henn could take a few steps away, Chung Xuan suddenly remembered something.

"Sir! Sir, please wait!"

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