Invincible Divine Emperor/C7 The Ten Thousand Dragon Divine Stele
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Invincible Divine Emperor/C7 The Ten Thousand Dragon Divine Stele
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C7 The Ten Thousand Dragon Divine Stele

With a cold look in his eyes, Zhang Henn turned around and said: "What? Guild Leader Cheng still wants to see my master?"

"No. . . I don't dare. . . "

"It's just that this is my daughter's malady. I hope that Sir can treat it. This old man will definitely reward you handsomely!" Chung Xuan bowed respectfully to the end.

"Do you think that your heavy gratitude is worthy of my help?"

Heaven Shaking Divine Emperor had roamed the Divine Realm and had seen all kinds of rare treasures. A mortal's heavy gratitude. This was not something that could enter the Divine Emperor's eyes.

With a resolute expression, Chung Xuan seemed to have made a huge decision.

"I know that Sir's teacher is from a prestigious family and doesn't care about ordinary things, but. . . "

After saying that, he took out a jade pendant. He said: "This jade pendant was thirty years ago. I found it in a secret realm and almost died on the spot. After that, I went to the capital and asked many appraisers to examine it. They all said that this jade pendant contained a drop of true dragon blood essence that had been with me for a long time. It can nurture one's own Profound Qi, allowing one's path of martial arts to progress even more. "

A serious look flashed across Zhang Henn's eyes. From the corner of his eyes, he could feel the powerful energy fluctuations coming from this jade pendant. It should be true that this was true dragon's blood essence.

"If I can refine this blood essence, my strength will improve by leaps and bounds. " Zhang Henn thought to himself, but he didn't show it.

Zhang Henn smiled and said: "What? Chairman Cheng wants to use this jade pendant to make a deal?"

"No. . . I don't dare. This jade pendant can be considered an apology. In the future, if you need anything, just tell this old man. " Chung Xuan's attitude was sincere. He was afraid that Zhang Henn's master would appear again.

After keeping the jade pendant, Zhang Henn shook his head and said, "Apologize? If you really want to apologize, then concoct pills for Zhang family for free for a month. How about this, I will diagnose your granddaughter's illness. "

It was time to give her sweet dates after hitting her. Furthermore, Zhang Henn was no longer able to control the aura of the Divine Emperor.

As for the matter of concocting pills, Zhang Henn was also planning to increase the strength of his father's trusted aides and suppress the development of the Great Elder Zhang Huacann's bloodline.

"Refining pills for free? This is a bottomless pit. . . "

If it was any other time, Chung Xuan would never agree to such a request. He would even punish the person who made the request. But now, he was "living under the roof. " When he thought about Zhang Henn's master and his granddaughter's illness, he felt a lot better.

After nodding in agreement, Chung Xuan said, "Zhang family? Could it be that mister and Zhang family. . . "

"Zhang family, Zhang Henn. " Zhang Henn said indifferently.

"Zhang Henn, the trash of Zhang family?"

Chung Xuan and the other two men were shocked in their hearts. They looked at each other, not daring to say anything. They were really frightened just now.

"There is such a powerful master behind him. I'm afraid the Yunann City will change in the future. . . " The three of them had similar thoughts in their minds.

Thinking that the bone adhesion poison in his body had yet to be cured, Zhang Henn said. Since you have already agreed to concoct the pill for free," he said. Then I will not ignore your granddaughter's illness. But there have been a lot of things going on recently, so I'll have to wait a few days. "

Chung Xuan wasn't in a hurry either, he said, "That's fine. Zhang family is also a big family, and it's necessary for me to gather some people to concoct pills for them. I'll be able to do it in a week. "

Zhang Henn nodded and explained some details. He didn't stay for long. He turned around and left.

Chung Xintong looked at Zhang Henn's back and mumbled with a complicated expression. "I didn't expect that there would be a day when I don't recognize the true dragon. . . "

Chung Xuan shook his head and smiled bitterly. "Xintong! You have too high of a vision in your daily life. There are some opportunities that you missed. There will not be a second time. . . "

. . .

The antidote to the bone adhering poison was called the Clear Heart Powder. The medicinal ingredients required were everywhere in the market on the side of the street.

Zhang Henn had bought all of them on the way back to the Zhang family.

This kind of ordinary medicine only needed to be mixed according to the ratio. Originally, it was impossible to cure the bone poison, but since Zhang Henn had forced the poison to a corner, it was not difficult for him to cure it.

Sitting in the room, Zhang Henn said, " Although the medicinal herbs used to concoct the Heart Cleansing Powder can be seen everywhere, it is still very expensive. The five thousand gold coins that I won from Zhang Shao have all been used up. "

Immediately after, Zhang Henn consumed the Heart Cleansing Powder. Two hours later, the toxicity of the bone adhering poison was completely removed.

"Next, I need to increase my strength. With that Dragon Blood Jade Pendant and the experience from my previous life's Divine Emperor, I can break through to the third level of the Green Profound Stage in one day. "

The Dragon Blood Jade Pendant that Chung Xuan had given him, although it only contained a drop of true dragon blood essence, the Dragon Clan was still very powerful. The energy within the blood essence was wild and violent. Once an ordinary martial artist absorbed and refined it, their body would inevitably explode and they would die.

Take Chung Xuan for example. He only dared to wear it close to his body, not directly absorb the energy of the dragon blood.

However, with Zhang Henn's experience as a Divine Emperor, he naturally knew how to avoid such a situation. Refining the dragon blood within the jade pendant was also a piece of cake.

Holding the jade pendant in his hand, Zhang Henn was about to slowly absorb the dragon blood's energy.

Suddenly, a feeling of dizziness came from the depths of his brain.

It was as if Zhang Henn's soul had reached another part of the void.

A gray world. There were only a few dazzling golden lights flickering in the sky. An ancient and ancient aura would occasionally hit his face.

"This is my spiritual world, could it be. . . "

Suddenly, Zhang Henn raised his head and saw a towering stone monument standing in front of him. The dense cracks were like spider webs that crisscrossed.

At the top of the stone tablet, there was a huge dragon carved on it. The dragon's mouth was wide open, and its eyes were like copper bells. The dragon scales were extremely vivid and lifelike.

"This is a Myriad Dragon Divine Tablet. Could it be that it has been reborn with me?"

In his previous life, after Zhang Henn entered the Divine Realm, apart from his natural talent returning, his Dao heart was firm and firm. The Myriad Dragon Divine Tablet in his mind was also a great help for him to reach the top of the Divine Emperor.

Because during the bloody battle in the Divine Realm, Zhang Henn found that no matter how serious his injuries were, the Myriad Dragon Divine Tablet could help him recover quickly.

He also wanted to know the exact origin of this divine monument, but he had no idea. After being sucked into the Divine Realm by the spatial whirlpool, the Myriad Dragon Divine Tablet was already in his mind.

"In my past life, every time this Myriad Dragon Divine Tablet appeared in my mind, it was the moment when I was seriously injured. But now, I am not bleeding, why. . . "

Without waiting for Zhang Henn to think carefully, he saw wisps of weak blood Qi coming from all directions, all of which were absorbed by the dragon mouth on the divine monument.

Then, the dragon's eyes on the divine monument shone. The dragon's eyes lit up and a series of dragon roars sounded out one after another.

On the surface of the divine monolith, tens of thousands of giant dragons suddenly appeared, circling and dancing.

During this period of time, vigorous and powerful words appeared on the tablet in an orderly manner.

"Myriad Dragon Divine Arts!"

Zhang Henn looked at the contents of the tablet and a moment later, he revealed a shocked expression.

"This is. . . The cultivation method of Divine Power!"

When a martial artist cultivated, their strength would be above the seventh level of Heavenly Sovereign. Only then would they be able to see the divine power.

However, Divine Power was a power that surpassed the five elements of the heaven and earth. It could change the Laws of the universe and create its own universe and void. Without reaching Heavenly Sovereign, one would not be able to comprehend and cultivate it.

However, Zhang Henn was a Divine Emperor in his previous life, so he naturally knew how to use this divine power.

At this moment, Zhang Henn revealed a joyful expression and said, "This Myriad Dragon Divine Arts is simply customized for me. "

Even if an ordinary martial artist possessed the Myriad Dragon Divine Arts, they would not be able to comprehend it. Just like a frog at the bottom of a well, they would never be able to see the towering mountains and the boundless sea.

Moreover, even if they managed to comprehend it, if they forcefully cultivated Divine Power, even the slightest deviation would result in their body and spirit being destroyed, and they would be eternally doomed.

However, Zhang Henn was different. In his past life, he had completely mastered Divine Power, and he knew what to avoid when cultivating Divine Power. It was as if an old horse knew the way, and would not get lost. There would also be no bottlenecks.

"If I were to improve my strength step by step, I would need to at least reach the Heavenly Sovereign Realm before I can awaken the Divine Power in my previous life. "

"But this Myriad Dragon Divine Arts can awaken the divine power of a Green Profound Stage. " Zhang Henn was extremely happy.

Ordinary warriors cultivated the Profound Qi, but Zhang Henn could cultivate Divine Power.

The difference between them was like tofu and a steel knife. The power of Profound Qi was tofu, but Divine Power was a steel knife. No matter how heavy you were, I would cut myself in half!

Slowly looking down at the inscription, Zhang Henn suddenly frowned.

"Why is it only the content of the cultivation of Divine Power between the first and third level of the Green Profound Stage? Why is there nothing after the third level?"

His mind returned to reality. Zhang Henn lowered his head and looked at the Dragonblood Jade Pendant in his hand. Then, he came to a realization.

The jade pendant had long since turned into powder on the ground. A drop of dragon blood had also disappeared without a trace.

"It seems like this Myriad Dragon Divine Arts needs to be refined with dragon blood. The more dragon blood there is, the more content of the skill will be. . . "

"But in my previous life, I also obtained a lot of dragon blood with my Divine Emperor realm. Why didn't the Myriad Dragon Divine Arts appear at that time?"

"Could it be that my rebirth was also because of this Myriad Dragon Divine Tablet?"

However, the urgent matter at hand was still to increase his strength. The matter of finding the dragon blood and Myriad Dragon Divine Tablet was temporarily put aside by Zhang Henn.

Ninth level of the Green Profound Stage was divided into nine small realms: First level of Profound Sense, Second level of Qi Transfer, Third level of Qi Return, Fourth level of Internal Strengthening, Fifth level of Bone Tempering, Sixth level of Invigorated Meridian, Seventh level of Cauldron Strength, Eighth level of True Form, and Ninth Layer Master.

The so-called Profound Sense was the existence of the invisible and ignorant Profound Qi in one's body. The higher one's talent was, the earlier one would open the cultivation door. Therefore, Zhang Henn was regarded as a genius when he reached the first level of the Green Profound at the age of ten.

However, because of the Myriad Dragon Divine Arts, the first level of the Profound Sense had become the Divine Sense, which could directly sense the existence of Divine Power.

As his cultivation progressed, Zhang Henn's breathing slowed down. Invisibly, all the weather around him seemed to be moving according to Zhang Henn's breathing, as if all of them were submitting to Zhang Henn's Divine Power.

"Late Profound Sense realm. . . "

"Peak of Profound Sense realm. . . "

. . .

"Mid Qi Transfer realm. . . "

"Late Qi Transformation Stage. . . "

. . .

When a martial artist reached the second level of Qi Transfer, the Profound Qi would be able to flow through their body like an extension of their limbs, allowing them to be used freely. However, Zhang Henn was different, the Divine Power within his body was greater than all the Profound Strength.

Two hours later, Zhang Henn gradually opened his eyes, and a bright light flashed across his eyes.

"This Divine Power at the second level of Qi Transfer is only one-billionth of the Divine Power in my Divine Emperor. Fortunately, I have experience from my previous life, so I have no bottlenecks in cultivating Divine Power. "

"However, Divine Power is still Divine Power after all. The difference between it and the Profound Qi is like comparing a firefly to the bright moon. The amount of cultivation resources required is also enormous. Otherwise, I would have reached the third stage of the Soul Returning Stage a long time ago. "

Without cultivation resources, Zhang Henn would have been able to reach the third level of Divine Power in half a month. However, when he thought about the enmity between him and the Great Elder, Zhang Huacann, the Great Competition of Yun An in a month, and the Royal Capital Pei family, Zhang Henn couldn't wait that long.

With this thought in mind, Zhang Henn said, "The chairman of the Alchemist Guild owes me a favor. In the end, he still wants to concoct pills for the Zhang family for free. So, I will take some cultivation resources in advance. "

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