Invincible Divine Emperor/C8 Would He dare to Accept It?
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Invincible Divine Emperor/C8 Would He dare to Accept It?
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C8 Would He dare to Accept It?

The Yunann City's Alchemist Guild was located in a bustling area on the east side of the city. The towering buildings were like towering mountains, giving people an ancient and majestic feeling.

When Zhang Henn stepped into the hall, he found that the people queuing inside were like a long dragon, bustling with activity.

"If we line up like this, I don't think we'll be able to wait for me until tomorrow. " He thought in his heart.

However, Zhang Henn also thought that since the president of the Alchemist Guild, Chung Xuan, owed him a favor, he could avoid contacting the staff and directly talk to the president. This would save him a lot of time.

As he thought, Zhang Henn walked towards the reception desk.

"Pavilion Master Zheng, take care. Pay attention to your feet. "

Hongling, the receptionist at the reception desk, spoke in a respectful tone. Her back was always bowed. The smile on her beautiful face vividly displayed her charm.

She seemed to really hope that Pavilion Master Zheng would favor her so that she could fly up the tree and become a phoenix.

Pavilion Master Zheng, who had a big belly, kept rubbing his hands on the golden belt on his waist. He held his belly high and looked at Hongling's proud figure with his wretched eyes.

When the surrounding staff saw this scene, they could not help but feel envious.

Some of the female staff even began to feel jealous.

"You actually stole it first, you little slut!"

However, the people beside her immediately looked at her with a terrified expression.

"Shh! Don't seek death. This is the Pavilion Master of Dragon and Phoenix Pavilion, Zheng Yun. How can you casually talk about him?"

"Do you see the two followers behind him? They are both at the Fourth Stage of Inner Strength. I will kill you. No one would dare to interfere. "

The female staff members who had spoken with hatred earlier immediately turned pale, like eggplants that had been frosted. They did not dare to breathe loudly.

The Dragon Phoenix Pavilion was one of the best restaurants in the world. Those who could eat and drink inside were all aristocrats and experts. Ordinary people could not enter at all. The money that flowed in every day was not an exaggeration to say that it was gold, silver, and sea.

The lowest level staff of the Alchemist Guild didn't have the talent to concoct pills, and they also didn't have the talent to do martial arts. Most of them were thinking of climbing the dragon and the phoenix one day, and ending this kind of hard work as early as possible.

Hongling's family background was average, but she kept thinking about it. With her natural beauty, she could enter the aristocratic families.

Today, her dream was only a step away from being able to achieve it.

Licking the corner of his mouth, Zheng Yun said, "You are called Hongling, right? Tonight, you can come to my. . . "

But before he could finish, he was interrupted by a voice.

"Please notify President Cheng that I have something to discuss with him. "

Zhang Henn's expression was indifferent, and his actions and actions gave off the feeling of a pine tree standing tall and straight.

At this moment, Hongling's heart felt like it was on fire. This young man opposite her had ruined her big matter, so how could she not be angry?

However, when she saw Zhang Henn's calm attitude and imposing manner, she thought that the background behind this person must not be simple. Thus, she revealed a professional smile that was extremely fake.

"May I ask if this young master has any relevant letters or tokens?" Hongling's expression seemed to be respectful, but in reality, her tone was filled with coldness.

"None. " Zhang Henn shook his head slightly.

"Just inform them that Zhang Henn from the Zhang family is here. Chairman Cheng will not blame you. "

Hongling's fake smile froze when she heard this.

Zheng Yun sneered and shouted, "So you are the famous trash, Zhang Henn! Do you think you can meet Chairman Cheng just because you want to? What a disgrace. "

Zhang Henn's words just now had made Zheng Yun feel that it had ruined his beautiful plan. He had been furious for a long time. Now that he had the opportunity, he had beaten the dog that had fallen into the water.

"Who do you think you are? How dare you bark and bark in front of me?"

The sharp edge of the blade kept blinking in Zhang Henn's eyes, causing Zheng Yun to feel slightly afraid. He took half a step back.

But immediately after that, Zheng Yun regained his senses and said in a stern voice, "So you're not just a trash, you're also an idiot, how dare you yell at me?"

"Left and right, go and teach this little trash a lesson about how to behave!"

The two burly men behind him immediately widened their leopard-like eyes and unleashed their killing intent.


Hongling smiled playfully.

"You want to see the president, right? It's fine if you don't have a token or letter. As long as you can take out fifty thousand gold coins, I will let you know. "

Anyone who came to the Alchemist Guild to request pills would either line up or make an appointment in advance. They could meet the higher-ups of the Alchemist Guild.

If both of them were unwilling, they could also take out their money and directly trade with the Deacon and the manager.

Zhang Henn's interruption had already made Hongling bear a grudge. She was prepared to humiliate Zhang Henn in front of everyone. After all, even if Zhang Henn took out fifty thousand gold coins, she would not inform him.

Narrowing his eyes, Zhang Henn said in a deep voice, "I did not bring anything with me on this trip. "

"But not to mention fifty thousand gold coins, even if it was half a gold coin, would Chung Xuan dare to take it?"

Zheng Yun immediately laughed and did not stop. He held his stomach and pointed at Zhang Henn, almost crying.

"You. . . Hahaha! The Zhang family was truly defeated. Young Patriarch was an idiot. He didn't even bring a single cent with him, and now he wanted to come to the Alchemist Guild to ask for pills? This is the biggest joke in the world!"

A cold expression appeared on her pretty face. Hongling was now certain that this Zhang Henn had definitely come to the Alchemist Guild to cause trouble.

"I see!"

"Zhang Henn, Young Master Zhang, since your identity is so noble, then I can't afford to entertain you. You should talk to our Lu Deacon!"

Hongling snorted in a strange tone.

After that, Hongling whispered a few words to the staff beside her. The staff member immediately ran into the hall.

At this moment, the thirty plus Alchemist guards standing around the hall also surrounded Zhang Henn.

Every single guard had a ferocious expression on their faces, or they held weapons in their hands, or they unleashed their Profound Qi. If Zhang Henn dared to take even half a step, they would immediately attack him in a group.

This kind of chaos also caused the surrounding people in the queue to point their fingers and discuss amongst themselves.

"Didn't you say that the useless Zhang Henn of the Zhang family has been hiding in the Zhang family? He doesn't dare to step out of the main gate, and the second gate doesn't dare to step out. Why did he have the guts to come to the Alchemist Guild and provoke us?"

"Isn't this simple? Usually, the brain of a useless person would be crippled, and that person would only be a fool. "

"He has already offended the pavilion master of Dragon Phoenix Pavilion, Zheng Yun. He even insulted Chung Xuan in front of everyone. He is really tired of living. "

Zhang Henn couldn't help but have a cold expression on his face. Since Chung Xuan felt that one month of free pill concoction wasn't enough, he would just watch the performance of these managers of the Alchemist Association.

Standing tall and straight, Zhang Henn's expression was calm and composed. There was no fear nor panic. There was only a kind of coldness that was like a superior looking down on all living beings.

However, this made Hongling look at him with disdain. She felt that he was an extremely stupid fool. Only then could he show that he did not care.

Zheng Yun was also very happy. He just watched coldly from the sidelines. With the Alchemist Guild's people punishing Zhang Henn, it would save him a lot of energy.

The surrounding people also looked at Zhang Henn as if he was a monkey.

Not long after, a person slowly walked out from the long corridor in the hall.

He walked calmly. His aura was like a surging wave, as if it were a tidal wave. It was like a vast ocean, boundless and boundless.

In the center of his palm, the dazzling light of the Profound Qi was like feathers that filled the sky, shuttling back and forth, almost materializing.

"Zhang Henn, I didn't expect you to be so proactive. Before I came to break your legs, you actually delivered yourself to me in advance!"

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