Invincible Divine Emperor/C9 Leave Someone Under the Sword
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Invincible Divine Emperor/C9 Leave Someone Under the Sword
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C9 Leave Someone Under the Sword

"Alchemist Guild's Deacon, Lu Zhixin!"

With the knowledge of the Divine Emperor, Zhang Henn was able to look down on these mortals. He had nothing much to do, and it could make his emotions surge.

However, when he saw Lu Zhixin coming, Zhang Henn's expression became extremely cold, like the wind and frost in winter.

This Lu Zhixin was a member of the Lu Family and also Lu Yulee's cousin. In his previous life, after Zhang Henn was rejected by the Lu family, Lu Zhixin often compared those genius disciples with Zhang Henn, which was a huge blow to Zhang Henn.

There were even a few times when Lu Zhixin seriously injured Zhang Henn and stepped on his face, twisting his feet and spitting out phlegm.

Someone had already explained what had happened in the hall to Lu Zhixin.

At this moment, he paced back and forth in front of Zhang Henn. His cold eyes pierced towards Zhang Henn like a blade.

"A few days ago, my big uncle, Lu Xing, went to your Zhang family to cancel the engagement. Initially, he wanted to praise your Zhang family and give you some face. I never thought that a trash like you wouldn't know how to appreciate favors. How dare you divorce my sister?"

"My big uncle is kind and won't argue with trash like you. However, I am different because I feel that you, Zhang Henn, lack discipline. "

A cold light flashed in his eyes. Zhang Henn's body was emitting a cold aura, accompanied by the sound of wind and lightning.

"Are you done talking?"

However, Lu Zhixin acted as if he didn't hear anything. He still raised his head and said.

"Originally, I was planning to smash your mouth. "

"However, you came to my Alchemist Guild today to provoke and cause trouble. You didn't bring any money to ask for pills. You insulted President Chung Xuan in front of everyone, so I have to deal with it impartially. "

After that, Lu Zhixin pointed at the void and pointed at the ground, and said in a deep voice.

"Kneel down and kowtow three times to me, then break one of your arms. Perhaps I can consider sparing your dog life. "

Zhang Henn's sharp gaze was like an unsheathed sharp sword.

He slowly raised his right foot. He first pointed at his feet and then hooked his finger at Lu Zhixin, as if he was playing a game of cockfighting and walking dogs.

This unusual phenomenon made Lu Zhixin a little puzzled.

His face darkened. He said coldly, "Little trash. Are you deaf? I told you to kneel, not raise your foot. "

" Give me your face and let me step on it for two hours. I can consider letting you die a quick death. " Zhang Henn's expression was indifferent.

"You are courting death!"

Lu Zhixin flew into a rage out of humiliation. The feather Profound Qi in his palm suddenly spun rapidly like a gear. It was bright and dazzling, producing a sound of friction that caused one's heart to palpitate. It flew towards the top of Zhang Henn's head.

This loud shout shook the eardrums of everyone present. The people in the queue suddenly turned their heads to look at it. Their faces were filled with shock.

They felt that Zhang Henn's actions were simply like a mantis trying to stop a chariot. He was overestimating himself. Furthermore, it was an ignorant mantis.

Zheng Yun hugged Hongling and flirted with her. He said disdainfully, "I never thought that there would be such a supreme level fool in the world. Is he courting death?"

"Lu Zhixin's strength is already at the intermediate stage of the third stage of the Prefecture Return. Adding the intermediate martial skill, Profound Feather Hand, he is invincible in the same realm. Even I don't dare to provoke Lu Zhixin. This Zhang Henn, you can laugh. "

Hongling's coquettish eyes were filled with silk, and the wind was constantly blowing. She said sarcastically, "Master, why let a fool spoil our wedding? One of us will die. . . "

Before Hongling could finish speaking, she heard a scream that sounded like a pig being slaughtered.


Zhang Henn put his fingers together. He drew a line in the air, and a sword energy wrapped in lightning and wind blades shot out like a steel knife cutting through tofu. In the blink of an eye, Lu Zhixin's right arm was cut off.

Lu Zhixin's face was as pale as a sheet of paper. A large amount of Blood Mists shot out from his wound, and he retreated continuously. He glared at Zhang Henn like a mad beast.

"You. . . You piece of trash! How dare you break one of my arms! Surround him! Don't let him escape! Quickly call Shea Hai's Deacon over! Kill this little piece of trash! "

"Run? I won't run. " The sharp killing intent kept flickering in Zhang Henn's eyes. He shouted in a deep voice.

"Besides, you are wrong. I am not cutting off one of your arms. I am going to cut off your dog life!"


As soon as his voice faded, Zhang Henn was like a gust of wind as he arrived in front of Lu Zhixin. He stretched out his foot and stomped heavily on Lu Zhixin's face. It was as if the foot of an ancient War God had cracked the earth, directly stepping on Lu Zhixin's face, causing layers of cracks to appear on the stone floor.

The guard who was about to step forward and inform Shea Hai of the Deacon was stunned for a moment before he moved forward. No, he couldn't retreat either.

Zhang Henn's cold gaze shot over and he said in a deep voice: "What are you waiting for? Call your Deacons over. Bring as many as you have!"

The thirty plus guards surrounding Zhang Henn did not dare to make any rash moves. After all, Lu Zhixin was being stepped on by Zhang Henn. If they attacked together, they would anger Zhang Henn. If he exerted more strength with his feet, Lu Zhixin's head would explode in an instant.

After that, the guard who reported the situation also knew the severity of the situation. He immediately turned around and left.

As for those people who were standing in line and watching, they were so shocked that their eyes were wide open. The sound of them taking in a cold breath could be heard one after another.

Not only did they not run, they even let others call for people. No matter how many came, there was no limit to how arrogant they were.

"This. . . Did Zhang Henn get Gu planted? A Second Level Qi Transfer challenging the entire Alchemist Guild. He wants to eliminate the Zhang family from the Yunann City!"

Although everyone was shocked, they were not optimistic about Zhang Henn's future.

Zheng Yun felt a burning pain on his face, as if someone had slapped him hard. He was just saying that Zhang Henn would be scared to death by Lu Zhixin's slap, but in the blink of an eye, Zhang Henn had stepped on Lu Zhixin.

"He must have swallowed some pill that increased his strength by leaps and bounds, or he must have cultivated the Devil Dao's evil skill. When Shea Hai's Deacon comes, Zhang Henn will be the one to suffer!" Zheng Yun kept snorting.

The long river of blood on the battlefield made Hongling's face panic.

But when she heard Zheng Yun forcefully explain, she also felt relieved and regained some composure.

"Grandpa, those kinds of pills and devil techniques require one to overdraft one's lifespan and blood essence. This Zhang Henn is only strong on the outside but weak on the inside. "

"Besides, who is Shea Hai's Deacon? Although it is only the strength of the fourth stage of inner strength, Shea Hai's Deacon's understanding of martial arts is beyond compare. Back then, he was the head instructor of the three hundred thousand guards in City Lord Mansion. With just one palm, he could topple mountains and overturn seas. We just need to watch a good show slowly. "

Upon hearing this, the smug look on Zheng Yun's face became stronger and stronger, as if he was watching from the sidelines.

At this moment, Lu Zhixin was being stepped on by Zhang Henn. Half of his face had sunk three inches into the ground. His heart was filled with shame and anger, and he roared furiously. The fire in his eyes was as if he was going to kill Zhang Henn's entire family.

"Little trash! My uncle is the patriarch of the Lu family, Lu Xing. My sister, Lu Yulee, is the direct disciple of an elder of the Sky Location Academy. If you dare to kill me, you will become the enemy of the entire royal family of the Ganwu Kingdom!"

"You better take your dog hoof away, or else your Zhang family will be left with no survivors!"

The first dean of the Sky Location Academy was the founding king of the Ganwu Kingdom. Therefore, the Sky Location Academy was equivalent to the direct line of power of the royal family. This was also the reason why Lu Zhixin was stepped on by Zhang Henn.


Zhang Henn shouted loudly. His voice shook the roof tiles of the house. His foot stomped down again, shattering all of Lu Zhixin's teeth.

"Sky Location Academy? The royal family of the kingdom? Even if the king of the dynasty comes, he can only kneel before me. If you dare to destroy my Zhang family, I will kill you first! "

The Wind Thunder Sword Qi on his fingertip surged and turned into a three meter long lightning current.

Zhang Henn swiped his finger, and in the next second, Lu Zhixin's body was about to be separated from his body.

"Leave him under the sword!"

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