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C12 Real Trace


Ye Mo suddenly reached out his hand to touch the bamboo leaves. Then, an unusual expression appeared on his face as he carefully examined the painting.

"What's wrong?"

Lin Xi was stunned by Ye Mo's sudden action and asked.

"It's fine, it's fine."

Ye Mo touched the shaft again and retreated with a complicated expression.

When he looked at Lin Xi again, admiration could already be seen in his eyes.

"What the hell are you doing? Shocking."

Lin Xi was confused by Ye Mo's suddenly admiring gaze. She followed Ye Mo's actions and touched the bamboo leaves on the drawing, but she didn't discover anything.

When he touched it, it was just a normal feeling, nothing unusual.

"Hurry up and wrap it up."

Ye Mo urged the middle-aged employee, who was confused by their actions.

The middle-aged man was confused. In the end, he just thought that Ye Mo was purposely teasing his girlfriend. After rolling up the picture scroll, he put it in the box and handed it to the two of them.

Ye Mo took the painting box and held it in his arms, as if he was afraid that the middle-aged man would go back on his word.

"Ye Mo, what the hell are you doing?"

Knowing that there were too many people here, Lin Xi suppressed the doubts in her heart after they left the Pure Heart House.

Lin Xi finally asked as they walked back to the parking lot and got into the car.

The unusual behavior of Ye Mo in Suxin Zhai aroused Lin Xi's curiosity.

"You've picked up a big mistake, this painting is real."

Ye Mo said after putting on his seat belt.

Picking up the loot and not showing it off in front of the boss was also an unspoken rule.

The first reason was that it seemed like a bit of a petty person getting what they wanted. Picking up the loophole and showing off in front of others was truly a loss of self-restraint.

Secondly, he was afraid that the seller would do some emotional actions on an impulse out of jealousy and regret.

Even if the boss was able to hold back the anger and frustration in his heart, it didn't mean that he wouldn't take the risk.

After all, they were not afraid of thieves.

It was a good thing that Lin Xi asked him before she left the Pure Heart House. Otherwise, it would have been really hard for him to explain. There were all sorts of people on the street.

It was hard to avoid unnecessary trouble if people wanted to hear it.

"You mean, this is really the real Zheng Banqiao?"

Hearing Ye Mo's words, Lin Xi was obviously shocked and hurriedly asked.


Ye Mo said nervously.

What are you thinking about, girl? If it was really Zheng Xie's real product, then the boss definitely wouldn't be able to catch up and kill you in the future.

Ye Mo cursed in his heart.

If the painting of Zheng Banqiao were to be auctioned off, the price would at least reach over ten million.

It was, after all, called: "the most mimicked person in history."

"Then what are you making such a fuss for!"

Lin XiXingmu glared at him. She was so excited that she felt like Ye Mo was playing with her.

"Although it is not the real Zheng Xie's work, it is still the real Zhang Daqian's work. It is just a disguise that ordinary people could not see through!"

Seeing that Lin Xi was showing signs of going on a rampage, Ye Mo did not keep her in suspense and directly told her.

"Zhang Daqian? The one who was as famous as Qi Baishi, Xu Beihong, and the number one imitator, Zhang Dajian? "

Although Lin Xi knew nothing about calligraphy and painting, her historical background was not bad.

The moment Ye Mo mentioned Zhang Dajian's name, Lin Xi immediately realized who it was.

"That's right, it's the real work of Zhang Daqian from Hong Kong. Although this painting is an imitation, not Zheng's real work, Zhang Daqian's imitation is also extremely valuable. Unfortunately, the value of his early imitation should have decreased quite a bit, but at least it's worth it."

After explaining, Ye Mo extended three fingers.

"Thirty thousand?"

Lin Xi asked.

Ye Mo shook his head.

"Three hundred thousand?"

Ye Mo still shook his head.

"Three million?!"

Lin Xi's voice trembled a little.

"That's right. If this is the work of the Great Thousand Scholar, the price could be doubled once again."

Ye Mo nodded.

Lin Xi felt that this was not real. The item she spent 10,000 yuan on had turned into the real deal of more than 3 million yuan in the blink of an eye!

However, this was the charm of playing with antiques.

"Hmm? Are you kidding me? How can you understand this? "

Only then did Lin Xi realize that she actually believed Ye Mo completely just now. She didn't believe Ye Mo at all.

But her husband was clearly a good-for-nothing who didn't know anything.

This would never have happened before.

"I learned this line of work in Yanjing, and I know a bit about antiques and antiques. If you don't believe me, you can go to the Academy of Fine Arts and find Old Man Li. Tell him to remove the camouflage, and also verify it on the way."

Li Yuping Li is a good friend of Grandpa Lin before he died, a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, and a master of fixing calligraphy and painting.

Ye Mo told Lin Xi to go to Li Yuping because he was afraid that she would ruin the painting if she didn't know what was good for it.

Secondly, because the Dongjiang was something that only Li Yutian could do, even if he removed the layer of disguise that was extremely secretive, it would not harm the painting of the Greater Thousand Scholars.

Third, they were afraid of outsiders coveting it, after all, 3 million wasn't a small amount.

"You even know how to use antiques? Then what about your pearl? "

Seeing that Ye Mo didn't seem to be lying, Lin Xi actually believed him. After receiving the painting, she was afraid of touching it, so she hugged it tightly.

"Oh right, this painting is a pity, then let's use this as a birthday present."

There was no reason for him to give the over three million paintings away.

Ye Mo took out the bead and said.

"This isn't a street vendor's stall?"

At this moment, Lin Xi also realized that Ye Mo was able to recognize Zhang Dazong's painting, which was disguised as one.

Why would he not give up on a bunch of street vendors?

"What kind of stall is this? This is the proper Hainan Yellow Pear Tree, and it's even a top-grade Purple Oil Pear."

Ye Mo opened the lid of the box and undid the buttons on the messy string of beads of different sizes.

"Da Da Da Da …"

All the beads were poured into the box.

Ye Mo reached his hand out and picked up the bead. After picking it out, he wiped it clean with a tissue and directly put it on the rope.

In less than a minute, a string of exquisite patterns appeared in Ye Mo's hands.

"Is this really Pear Wood Purple Oil?"

Even though Lin Xi had seen it with her own eyes, she still couldn't believe it.

"Most of the Yellow Oiled Pears grow in the western part of Hainan Province. Due to the high terrain, most of them are in dense forest, where trees compete with each other for nutrients. The growth speed is slow, so the materials are fine and the density of oil is high."

Ye Mo explained after passing over the bracelet.

"There should be a ruthless person who treated the dusty purple pear bracelet as a poor quality purple sandalwood leaf. After opening it up, he made up a long string."

Ye Mo waved a greasy tissue in front of Lin Xi's eyes.

"Pfft, who's so stupid. Listening to my classmate say that high-quality Violet Oiled Pear Handstring can be sold for tens of thousands."

Lin Xi burst into laughter, her laughter filled with a myriad of emotions.

Ye Mo was stunned for a moment.

"Driving? What are you waiting for!"

Lin Xi feigned calmness after she realized that she had lost her composure.

"Where to?"

"Dongjiang Academy of Fine Arts, first turn over and frame the painting of the Greater Thousand Scholar."

Lin Xi, who looked like a money-grubber, said as she held the box.

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