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C13 Trimming

The restoration of cultural relics was a very detailed subject. A slight mistake could cause damage to cultural relics that were already very fragile. Especially cultural relics of the calligraphy and painting category, it was not excessive to be cautious.

Dongjiang Academy of Fine Arts.

Li Chunting was carefully brewing the medicine, while Ye Mo looked around in boredom. Lin Xi, on the other hand, stared at Li Chunting's hands nervously.

"Grandpa Li, don't tell me you've ruined the painting, right?"

Lin Xi asked worriedly when she saw Li Chutian spray the liquid onto the painting.

"No, you'll know soon enough …"

Li Chutian smiled and shook his head. After the liquid was ready to be used, he took out a specially made water absorbent tissue and spread it on the surface.

After sucking up the liquid on the surface of the painting, Li Chutian took out an exquisite set of tools, from needle and thread to file picking, and even put on a pair of reading glasses that he rarely wore.

He carefully opened up a small gap on the compressed page of the painting.

Lin Xi couldn't help but hold her breath when Li Chutian made his move. She didn't dare to make even the slightest sound, fearing that she would disturb Li Chutian's movements.

Ye Zichen covered his mouth and widened his eyes, not willing to let go of every one of his movements.

Li Chutian's movements were very gentle; it was as if he was using the speed of a snail to slowly tear apart the edges of the painting.

After that, he continued to rub the antiseptic solution onto the painting, afraid that the original painting inside the painting would be damaged.

Just the task of unlocking the cover took Li Chutian more than two hours.

After all four sides had been picked up, Li Chutian took the tweezers and evenly picked up the later layer of the painting.

"Fresh and handsome, and also revealing the signs of a magnificent and wondrous character. This … this is truly the work of the Great Qian Jushi from his early years!"

After removing the outer layer of the painting, Li Xiao Ting stared at the painting excitedly.

"Little Xi, how did you discover that there was a problem with this painting?"

Li Xiao Ting turned his head and asked.

"Ye Mo saw it."

Although Lin Xi had already guessed it, she still didn't dare to believe it when it was verified that it was the real deal.

Lin Xi did not take credit for answering Li's question. Instead, she directly told the truth that Ye Mo had discovered the abnormality in the painting.

"Lil 'Ye, you have such good eyesight?"

Li Yuping was surprised. He thought Lin Xi was under the guidance of an expert, but he never expected that the expert was Ye Mo.

"This is what friends study when they are in Yanjing. They taught me."

Ye Mo didn't want to ask too much about this, so he replied perfunctorily.

Could it be that I want to tell you that I have cultivated the Blue Sack Classic's Vengeance Method and even overturned the antique family's Xu Family's' Pure Cauldron Record '?

"No wonder you guys picked up something big this time. A lot of wealthy merchants like Daqian Jiu's paintings. This Daqian's imitation bamboo stone map can be sold for at least three million!"

Li Chutian's attention was focused on the painting, so he didn't think too much about it.

"He really hit the mark!"

Only now did Lin Xi completely believe that Ye Mo really knew how to use literature and ancient arts.

Not only did he recognize that the replica had been camouflaged, the price range was also extremely accurate.

Lin Xi's exquisite eyes couldn't help but drift towards Ye Mo, who was looking out the window with a nonchalant attitude.

"Little girl Xi, if you want to help this painting, remember to contact me. I have an old friend who is very fond of the painting of the Great Thousand Scholar. He definitely won't treat you unfairly in terms of price."

Li Xiao Ting carefully rolled up the [Bamboo Stone Diagram] and handed it over to Lin Xi.

"Don't worry, I will. This time, I am really very grateful to Grandpa Li."

Lin Xi accepted the painting and thanked him.

"Not at all, not at all. I should be the one thanking you. You should know that I like to repair these things the most. As long as it's the real thing, just give it to me."

Li Jun waved her hand again. Repairing items was his pleasure. In this line of work, everyone paid attention to the word "elegance". If it turned into a benefit exchange, then it would become unconventional and appear unconventional.

"… …"

At night.

"Just how many things are you hiding from me?"

Lin Xi suddenly raised her head as she was eating.

She suddenly realized that although they had lived together for three years, she didn't seem to know anything about Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didn't know anything about what he liked, what he hated, or whether he was happy or angry.

His past had been a mystery, and now that part of it had been unraveled, it had disrupted the life of the past.

"Stop daydreaming, the food is cold."

Ye Mo suddenly felt a bit unnatural when Lin Xi stared at him. Lin Xi's beautiful eyes seemed to have some kind of special charm in them.

After cleaning up the tableware, Ye Mo ran back to his room as if he was running away. He didn't give Lin Xi a chance to continue asking questions.

Lin Xi was dumbstruck. The characters between them had been swapping out miraculously. Originally, she had been annoyed the moment she saw Ye Mo and wanted to leave quickly every time. But now, it had turned into Ye Mo avoiding her.

"Hmph, let's see how long you can continue acting for."

Lin Xi snorted at the door of Ye Mo's room.

The night passed in silence.

The next day, Ye Mo rushed to the hospital after preparing breakfast.

The Chinese Medical Department was still in its previous state of desolation, but it was clear that they had already taken care of all the hygiene there.

The iron tree that had been dead for who knows how many years was now filled with green bamboo.

It seemed like Lin Jiayuan had 'put in a lot of effort' to win the match.

Since Ye Mo had nothing to do with him, he didn't even need to ask for a patient's number. After Lin Jiayuan arranged for him to be admitted to the hospital according to the Old Granny's orders, he also didn't ask anything about him.

Since Ye Mo was bored, he decided to run to the file room and look through the medical records for the entire day.

"Little friend Ye!"

After getting off work, the moment Ye Mo finished changing his clothes, he was stopped by a shout. It was old man in Tang costume from last time.

"Senior Chen, what a coincidence."

Ye Mo nodded.

"Unfortunately, I'm here to look for you!"

Chen Hsingquan waved his hand to indicate that there weren't that many coincidences.

"Brat, you're not going to call me when you get back. You didn't come to work yesterday either, so you asked me to come here for nothing."

Chen Hsingquan pretended to be angry.

"Heh …"

Ye Mo scratched his head in embarrassment.

"Let's go, I just arrived at Dongjiang and found you pleasing to the eye. There's a plan tonight for you to accompany me."

Chen Hsingquan took Ye Mo's hand and dragged him into the car.

It wasn't good to reject senior's invitation. Luckily, Lin Xi didn't come home during the day, otherwise, he wouldn't be able to explain himself.

Chen Hsingquan's driver started the car and drove away from the hospital.

After getting onto the road, they actually took a turn to head to the outskirts of Dongjiang City.

"Those friends of mine like to be secluded. Let's go drink some tea later and listen to your kick. After you heal the bone wound, there are quite a few old things who are interested in you."

Chen Hsingquan explained.

"I'll follow Senior's arrangements."

Ye Mo said helplessly.

Ever since the last incident, Chen Hsingquan seemed to be quite interested in Ye Mo. If it was just the senior's support of the junior that was unrealistic, then there must be some other tricks involved.

Ye Mo thought.

However, it was clear that Chen Hsingquan didn't have any malicious intent.

Liu Jian saw Chen Hsingquan's calmness in his anger, which was completely different from Lin Jiayuan's flippant and restless attitude.

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