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C14 Gu Liuxuan

When Ye Mo arrived, he saw a large old house door. Entering it, he saw sculptures and paintings, and a pavilion with a serene and winding path, like a garden.

"Good place."

Ye Mo not only exclaimed, he never thought that at the foot of the Jade Dragon Mountain in the outskirts of Dongjiang, there would be such an antique teahouse.

"Those old guys sure know how to enjoy themselves."

It was Chen Hsingquan's first time here, so he clicked his tongue as he looked at the Guming Teahouse on the door.

"Would you like some tea or someone else?"

When the waiter saw Chen Hsingquan and Ye Mo enter, he went up and asked them.

"I'm looking for Hua Gui."

Chen Hsingquan reported the person's name.

"You must be Mr. Elder Chen."

The moment the waiter heard this, he immediately extended his hand to lead the way.

"Elder Hua has already instructed me to bring the two of you with me. Please follow me."

Ye Mo couldn't help but click his tongue in wonder as he walked past. The arrangement of this Guming Teahouse was really unique.

Each teahouse, under the shade of the vines, between the flowers and trees, and beside the small bridge flowing water, there was a relaxed feeling.

There was a great distance between the various teahouses, so he didn't have to worry about anyone overhearing his conversation.

The two of them followed the waiter and entered a private room that had a rich Dongjiang style. Inside, three white-haired elders were gathered together, drinking tea and kowtowing.

"Hey, Old Chen is here."

The white-clothed old man sitting in the seat of honor who was playing with a jade pendant stood up and greeted.

"Old Chen, hurry and sit."

"You're so slow. I've been waiting for you for a long time."

The other two old men turned around to greet him.

"This young man is the one you spoke of?"

The old man in the navy blue Chinese tunic saw Ye Mo who followed Chen Hsingquan in.

"Before I came here, I went to the hospital to block this brat. This time, I've got him."

Chen Hsingquan patted Ye Mo's shoulder and smiled.

"I am Ye Mo. Greetings, seniors."

Ye Mo stood straight up and saluted with his fists.



"That's right!"

Seeing how proper and proper Ye Mo was, the three elders in the room all nodded.

Let me introduce you, the old fellow that's leading is called Hua Gui, he's the president of the Guangyuan Province Chinese Medical Association. This one dressed like a teacher is a professor at the Dongjiang Medical University, Xu Wen Chang.

Chen Hsingquan introduced the three people to Ye Mo with a cheerful tone.

"Old Chen, have some face, look how tall you are!"

The old man dressed in sackcloth, who Chen Hsingquan called a short man, slammed the table and stood up while cursing.

"This short guy's name is Zeng Huai, he's a drug dealer, what's the name of the company he opened …" What's your name? "

Chen Hsingquan looked like he couldn't remember if your company was too small for me.

"Rison …"

The hempen-clothed old man ground his teeth.

Ye Mo's heart turned cold. Chen Hsingquan spoke very easily, but in reality, none of the three elders were simple people!

One was the chairman of the provincial health unit, the other was a professor from a famous school, and the last was the founder of the Rison Medical Group. Rison was one of the top selling big groups in the country, with many medicines sold throughout the country.

Normally, he would only be able to see him in the newspapers and in medical journals. Moreover, Xu Wenchang seemed to be the person his master had once mentioned, the one who had sent out the imperial physician for Dongjiang.

The power of these three elders was not to be underestimated.

"Take a seat, take a seat, there's no need to be reserved."

Hua Gui gestured for Ye Mo to take a seat, but he didn't have the airs of a chairman.

"Lil 'Ye, is what Elder Chen said about the misplaced ankle bone true?"

As a professor, he seemed very interested in the case that Ye Mo had taken over.

"It's just a coincidence."

Ye Mo did so simply.

"It might not be a coincidence. If it were any other doctor, they would definitely not have thought of your method of treatment. They don't have the guts and techniques, how can they … "

Chen Hsingquan was very dissatisfied with Ye Mo's casual attitude.

It was good for a young person to be modest, but he had to be modest. Being overly modest made him seem a little arrogant.

"Old Chen, stop interrupting. You'll know soon enough if this bunch of people can give it a try."

Zeng Huai interrupted Chen Hsingquan.

"That's true. Does this young man want to show off his skills?"

Hua Gui asked with a smile.

"That kid is just making a fool of himself."

Ye Mo didn't decline, but smiled as he took out his notebook and started to write.


Everyone present was a little doubtful. The Fatigue Sect's first time interacting with others was usually about acupuncture techniques, medical records, etc.

The three elders had been waiting for Ye Mo to talk about the medical case they met, but they didn't expect him to start writing something down.

"Ok, Elder Zeng, go back and follow this recipe. The dizziness and gum swelling and pain will be healed after three doses."

Ye Mo tore off the page he just wrote and handed it to Zeng Huai.

"How did you know?!"

Zeng Huai was obviously shocked. He had already given up managing the company, but the recent decline in his business in traditional Chinese medicine had caused him to be quite frustrated.

Getting up this morning was even more tiring and his gums were aching.

Although these problems weren't too big, he didn't mention it himself, nor did he let Ye Mo take a pulse.

In the end, he wrote out the recipe and handed it over. It was simply inconceivable.

Just as soon as you decide to travel, the other person has already handed you the ticket.

Zeng Huai's abnormality aroused Xu Wenchang's curiosity. He directly took the prescription that Ye Mo had just written and started reading it.

"This calligraphy is really good, huh?" "Scutellaria, Pueraria, Mai Mai Dong, Gypsum …"

Xu Wenchang began to recite.

"Huangqin Powder?"

When Hua Gui heard the prescription, he was stunned. He quickly got up and sat beside Zeng Huai, then took Zeng Huai's wrist to check his pulse.

"How wonderful!"

After a moment, Hua Gui put down Zeng Huai's hand and praised.

"How is it?"

Chen Hsingquan asked when he saw that Hua Gui had not moved forward yet.

"It's nothing serious, it's an illness caused by wind, heat, and fire. Lil 'Ye's prescription just so happens to be right."


"That's right!" "Scutellaria baicalensis, fermented bean, light bamboo leaves, raw land, Mai Mai Dong, and Kudo root nourish Yin and heat and produce gold, together with the effects of clearing away heat and generating water, nourishing Yin and removing water. Old Zeng's problem with this baicao powder is the safest.

After hearing that the wind is hot and the fire is hot, Xu Wenchang said affirmatively.

"How did you know?" Senior Chen, did you tell this kid? "

Zeng Huai was still in disbelief.

"You're already half a step into the grave, and we're all hiding something. I only just found out, how could I tell Lil 'Ye?"

Chen Hsingquan said in disdain.

Including himself, Zeng Huai's three old friends were all from the weak sects.

According to common sense, as long as you opened your mouth, this side could immediately cure your problem. However, Zeng Huai didn't say anything when he got the heat.

"The company's troubles are all over the place. You and Old Hua have just arrived, and Old Xu is working hard for his students. This small problem is not worth worrying about."

Zeng Huai waved his hand.

"With the prescription from little Ye, I have no problems with this disease."

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