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Invincible Doctor Son-in-law/C15 Current Situation of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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C15 Current Situation of Traditional Chinese Medicine

"I say, Xu Xiuxiu, when do you plan on seeing this?"

Zeng Huai saw that Xu Wenchang was still holding the prescription written by Ye Mo and didn't let go as he asked.

"Lil 'Ye, you know how to write, right?"

Xu Wenchang ignored Zeng Huai and turned to Ye Mo.

"I've practiced it before."

Ye Mo answered.

"Then it can't be wrong. The words you wrote with your pen gave off a feeling of elegance and agility. You must have worked hard before."

As Xu Wenchang spoke, he stuffed the prescription into his pocket.

"What are you trying to do, Scholar Xu?" It's not like you're sick, so why are you snatching my prescription? "

Zeng Huai was completely stunned by Xu Wenchang's actions.

"Great!" "You old brat, you must have seen the good words and became muddled again. I haven't even read them yet, take them out for me!"

Zeng Huai suddenly reacted. This old friend of his was extremely obsessed with calligraphy and paintings, and he often used shameless methods to plunder his collection as he shouted.

"It's fine if I just write you a letter. It's a waste for me to give you the recipe."

Xu Wenchang covered his hood as he spoke.

Ye Mo's face was covered in cold sweat, but Chen Hsingquan was used to it.

Although these old friends of theirs had very high reputations in the pavilion, they did not put on any airs when they gathered together, so they were very open.

"What are you two fighting over, you two are almost two hundred years old. The main character isn't in there. We just need him to write one."

Hua Gui laughed.


Xu Wenchang slapped his thigh, then stood up and called for a pen and ink from the waiter.

In teahouses like this, there were often some people who wanted to raise their brushes and write crazily after drinking a few cups of tea soup.

Therefore, pens, ink, paper, and paper were all well-prepared.

The several waiters cleared up the table, sharpened the ink and placed the brush, and waited for Ye Mo to "open and close".

"This... "That's not appropriate, how could I possibly write for Elder Hsu?"

Even Ye Mo, who was usually indifferent, was scared by this group of seniors and hurriedly refused.

He was very respectful towards these seniors, the Dongjiang's Xu Family had once sent an imperial physician, but Xu Wenchang was different from the Yanjing's Zhang Family. He did not directly take control of the apricot forest and entered the main health care system to gain fame and reputation.

but to promote Chinese medicine in the cause of education.

Rison was also a conscientious medicine company. In an era where fake medicine was rampant, Zeng Huai would rather sell his family's property to fill the gap than lie. He almost went bankrupt several times.

In the end, he was nominated and praised by the central government.

In front of these seniors who were giving their all for the sake of Chinese medicine and the people of the country, Ye Mo felt that he was being too arrogant.

"Lil 'Ye, don't burden yourself with anything, and don't mind those red tape. We're just a bunch of ordinary old people."

Hua Gui saw through Ye Mo's thoughts and tried to persuade him.

"Old Xu told you to write it, but he didn't ask you to write it. What's there to be afraid of? You can just draw a circle for him."

Chen Hsingquan interrupted.

This made Xu Wenchang, who was waiting for his collection, glare at him.

"That kid is too big."

Ye Mo shook his head. Rejecting the elderly man's request would seem a little unreasonable. Thus, he rolled up his sleeves and continued to stick to the ink.

Recalling that Elder Hsu was willing to give up his career, in order to let the Chinese medicine that was suppressed by western medicine to be passed on to the next generation, he had to take care of his own affairs.

Ye Mo already had a few words in his heart. When it came to the wolf Bristles, it was as smooth as the clouds and flowing water. It was done in one go.

"Good calligraphy!"


When Hua Gui and Zeng Huai saw Ye Mo's writing brush, they knew that it was lacking. Just like what Xu Wenchang said, Ye Mo only knew how to write.

"Spring in the apricot forest!"

Xu Wenchang was stunned for a moment.

Gushan does not farm, for the cure of illness for money. Those who are seriously recovered can cultivate five apricot plants, while those who are light can grow one. The more than one hundred thousand stalks that had grown over the past few years had formed a magnificent forest. It was because of this that the hundreds of birds and beasts in the mountains …

Ye Moti's calligraphy was from "Taiping Records". It said that Dong Fengshu practiced medicine without taking money and only had the patient plant an apricot tree after being cured. After a few years, there were more than 100,000 apricots.

This was an extremely high evaluation of the medical ethics of doctors.

"Elder Hsu was willing to devote his whole life to Chinese medicine, but he didn't return the favor. So, this kid has to thank the young generation of Chinese medicine on behalf of his own authority."

Ye Mo said.

"Lil 'Ye, I'll just accept this calligraphy."

Xu Wenchang took over Ye Mo's handwriting. His eyes were a bit red.

He had never thought of repayment for doing all of this, and the sincere gratitude of a Chinese medical junior had moved his heart.

With his back facing Hua Gui, Ye Mo sighed with emotion. He turned his head and looked at Chen Hsingquan. The two elders looked at each other and nodded.

"Lil 'Ye, the reason I called you here today is because I have something to tell you."

Hua Gui said.

Here it comes.

Ye Mo thought.

Although he cured that young man's foot in front of Chen Hsingquan, there was no reason for him to invite him in this private party today.

After all, that young man couldn't possibly be the descendant of one of the elders in the room.

Thus, there must be a reason why he was called here.

"I want you to be the director of the Guangyuan Province Chinese Medical Association."

Hua Gui looked into Ye Mo's eyes and said.

Ye Mo was obviously confused by Hua Gui's words. The number of directors of the Chinese Medical Association was not small. Let's not talk about the dividends. In the future, there would be a big and small meeting of the health care system.

"Elder Hua, this isn't appropriate."

If Ye Mo wanted to shirk his responsibility, Dongjiang City Hospital would only have those who have already retired home. Only Elder Qi of the Chinese Medical Department would have this title as the director. If Lin Jiayuan could be promoted to the top rank, then maybe he would have one, but definitely not at the moment.

Ye Mo couldn't even justify giving such an identity to a young man who wasn't even thirty.

"You don't have to be so hasty to shirk from us. We did this because we had our own considerations."


"Old Chen had witnessed your treatment at the hospital that day, so he was rather complimentary towards you. Therefore, we decided to take advantage of today's gathering to see you."

Hua Gui looked at Chen Hsingquan and said.

"You're not bad, to be able to see through Old Zeng's problem means that your qi training is better than mine. With this skill and the medical case in the city hospital, you already have the qualification to be a director."

"But …"

"It is because you are young that I have come to find you."

Hua Gui interrupted Ye Mo.

"Chinese medicine now... It's so hard! "

Hua Gui tried to find a word to describe it, but only the word "difficult" summed it up.

"Lil 'Ye, Chinese medicine is a treasure passed down from the ancestors. However, the inheritance of Chinese medicine has already appeared in the generation of the Broken, which one of them is not white-haired? When this group of people is gone, will there still be any Chinese medicine? "

Xu Wenchang sighed and said.

Ye Mo was shocked!

When he was learning medicine, he was only concerned with improving his medical skills and didn't really care about the problems of the traditional Chinese medicine.

Now that he thought about it, Hua Kui and Xu Wenchang weren't just alarmist rumors.

How many youngsters can truly calm their hearts and diligently study the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine?

Even some of the medical school's traditional Chinese medicine specialties also began to use X-ray, CT and other western medicine equipment.

Can traditional Chinese medicine still be passed on when the older generation of Chinese medicine dies?

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