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C16 Qigu

"We hope that you will join the association and attend some events to let those in the industry know that Chinese medicine has not died out, and that there is still new blood that has joined and succeeded."

Everyone in the association except for the staff members had turned over a hundred years old and their hair was graying.

The others, even if they did not say it out loud, would think, how could the Chinese medicine people of the Broken Generation recover from such a serious state?

Seeing the obsession in Hua Gui's eyes, Ye Mo suddenly recalled the first case that he had cured.

When the patient thanked him gratefully, the happiness, the satisfaction, the pride of being a Chinese doctor, would never be forgotten.

"Alright, I'll join."

Ye Mo raised his head and looked into Hua Gui's eyes as he spoke.

The inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine must not be cut off. As the inheritor of the 'Cyan Sack Scripture', he must do his best.

"Good!" Good! "Alright!"

Hua Gui said three good words in succession, appearing very excited.

Chen Hsingquan heaved a sigh of relief.

The other two old men's faces were full of joy as well.

Seeing that Ye Mo agreed to another goal of theirs was successfully accomplished, the four elders were in high spirits. They discussed some interesting medical cases with Ye Mo and the atmosphere immediately became harmonious.

When the sky was about to turn dark, Ye Mo saw the three elders on the car. When he was about to return with Chen Hsingquan, he saw a person.

"Senior Chen, you should return first. I've met a friend."

Ye Mo turned around and said to Chen Hsingquan.

"Alright, then I'll be going back first. We'll meet again in a few days."

Chen Hsingquan was in a high mood. Before he got into the car, he patted Ye Mo's shoulder and said meaningfully.

After the four elders' cars had gone far, Ye Mo turned around and returned to the Guming Teahouse.

"Please come with me."

The waiter didn't ask any questions this time. When he saw Ye Mo return, he immediately led the way.

He walked around the guest area, the private room area, and only stopped when he reached the depths of the Guming Teahouse.

"Sir, your men are waiting here."

The waiter gestured with his hand and left.

Ye Mo looked at the private room in front of him that was even more exquisite than the chartered room and smiled. It seemed that this teahouse was really not simple.

High-class mahogany was a luxury.

Ye Mo pushed open the door and walked in.

"Welcome, sit anywhere."

A man with a ferocious scar on his face laughed as he said.

"Why are you looking for me? I won't have a car to call if I'm late. I don't want to walk back. "

Ye Mo didn't stand on ceremony, he pulled out a chair made of fragrant wood and sat down.

"You sure are good at picking your timing. You ran over even before I came to find you."

Zong Hu picked up a delicate purple clay teapot and made a cup of tea for Ye Mo in a very proper manner.


Ye Mo, who originally didn't have a seat, sat up straight on the armrest.

"Seventh Master is here?"

Ye Mo pointed to the ground.

"Not bad, this teahouse is also Seventh Master's business."

Zong Hu handed over a cup of tea and said.

No wonder this teahouse took up so much space, and was rather particular about decorations. It was definitely owned by someone with an extremely high Dongjiang and financial power.

However, he really didn't expect that the real culprit was Seventh Master.

Ye Mo shook his head. He held the lid with his thumb, the base with his ring and tail fingers, tilted the lid and poured the soup into the cup. Then he picked up the cup and took a sip.

A feeling of a wild and intrepid vigor rose from within him.

"Whoa, aren't you a Chinese doctor? How can you use our method to drink tea?"

Ye Mo's manner of drinking tea was completely different from what he had imagined.

The civil servants all drank it all in three gulps.

After all, there was a saying in the Way of Tea: "three mouthfuls will only move one's heart after three tries."

"After drinking so much water, I've long since lost the mood to drink tea. I'm no longer in the mood to pretend to be poor. That's boring."

Ye Mo said as he sniffed the tea cup.

"It's purely my curiosity. Why are you doing this in the Lin family?"

Zong Hu asked with a weird expression.

"A person like you is simply not someone a mere Lin family can hold, yet you never reveal yourself nor leave. Could it be that you've really fallen for that wife of yours who doesn't spare a glance at you?"

Zong Hu rubbed his chin that was full of stubble with his fan-like hands and pondered. He seemed to be quite concerned about the life of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was a bit speechless. A knife-scarred tough guy had flames of gossip burning in his eyes.

"That's my problem, you don't have to worry about it. Compared to that, Seventh Master, why are you looking for me? "I don't mind telling you."

Being watched by Zong Hu, Ye Mo felt a little scared. After glaring at Zong Hu, he suddenly turned around and said to the wall in the private room in a flat tone.

"I want to make a deal with you."

After a short period of silence.

Suddenly, the sound of a machine opening could be heard coming from the wall of the private room. A hidden door appeared on the smooth wall.

An old man in a black Tang suit with sharp eyes said.

"Seventh Master!"

Zong Hu stood up and bowed to the old man on the wheelchair.

Ye Mo sized up this giant powerhouse who was dominating everyone in Dongjiang and even half of Guangyuan.

Zou Qi's appearance was no different from an ordinary old man. He could never imagine that a person who unified the Dongjiang and underground powers was only a crippled old man like Zou Qi.

"Seventh Master, you're sick."

Ye Mo looked at Zou Qi and said with a sudden tone of certainty.

Zong Hu immediately glared and thought in his heart, "Could it be that Ye Mo is a dog?" Just a moment ago, they were still talking nicely, but the moment they turned around, they couldn't help talking back. There wasn't the slightest bit of change in their attitude.

"Oh? So tell me, what's wrong with me? "

Zou Qi, surprisingly, did not get angry. According to common sense, a little kid would always scold him for being sick, so Zou Qi had already ordered people to fill up his cement bead.

"Cauldron disaster."

Ye Mo said affirmatively. Zou Qi's pupil shrank imperceptibly.

Seeing Zou Qi, Ye Mo finally understood why Zou Qi was interested in him. Zou Qi was infected with the Gu, and he was also dealing with Liu Yuanwei using the Gu.

"Kid, how did you figure it out?"

Zong Hu walked up to push Zou Qi's wheelchair in front of Ye Mo. Zou Qi asked in a friendly manner, as if they were chatting in the neighborhood.

"Although Gu is proficient in Miao Jiang family in the Hundred Thousand Mountain Range, but Gu is also a treatment method in Chinese medicine. Many Gu can also be used in medicine, so I can naturally see it with Chinese medicine."

For an ordinary person, Zou Qi might not even be able to speak clearly, but Ye Mo wasn't scared. He answered Zou Qi's question calmly.

"Since you can see it, then you must have a way to treat it, right?!"

Zong Hu asked excitedly.

"Not yet."

Ye Mo shook his head.

"Why not!"

Zong Hu said anxiously.

The Gu in Seventh Master's body isn't any evil Gu, it's instead a beneficial Gu that's good for the body. It's been nurturing in the body for a long time, and now it has reached a symbiotic relationship with Seventh Master.

Ye Mo shrugged and said.

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