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C19 First Aid

"Holy sh * t!" Which heartless person ran off after bumping into someone?! "

When the driver reached Wen Feng Road, he suddenly found an old man lying on the road, whether he was dead or alive.

Because it was already late at night, there weren't many people on the street. After being hit by that beast Lin Hai, the old man didn't know how long he had been lying on the empty and cold road.

If he had been conscious at the time, how desperate would he have been.

Ye Mo threw down a red note, opened the car door and ran towards the old man.

"Bro, just call the police. Wen Feng Road doesn't have any surveillance cameras. If this old man wants to bluff you, you won't be able to explain yourself!"

Seeing that Ye Mo was generous, the driver kindly advised.

In recent years, the social atmosphere had not been very good. Ever since an old man had helped him to become a rich merchant, a job like "Pengci" had arisen in the society.

As long as an old man falls and you help him, then you must be the murderer! Otherwise, if others don't support you, what else would it be if it isn't a guilty conscience?

After this twisted social scene was completed, coupled with the fact that many old people had been bumped into, they were afraid that if they couldn't find the culprit and were unable to bear the huge medical expenses, they would have to find someone unlucky to take the responsibility.

Thus, this twisted atmosphere intensified.

Many people have become very resistant to "doing what you want to do", avoiding it like a snake or a scorpion.

The driver's words made sense.

However, Ye Mo didn't have the time to think about those things. He came to save people.

Grabbing the old man's wrist, Ye Mo calmed his heart and checked his pulse. After a moment, Ye Mo's face lit up.

Although it was very weak, it still had a pulse!

As long as he didn't die, there was a way.

However, the old man's condition might not be enough for an ambulance to arrive. He was more than ten kilometers away from the nearest hospital.

"Bro, I'm leaving now. Take care of yourself!"

The driver panicked a little when he saw that Ye Mo refused to leave. He left after saying those words.

Ye Mo ignored him and took out a silver needle and quickly injected it into the old man's body.

The silver needle pierced through the old man's clothes, stimulating his body's vitality.

When Ye Mo inserted the last needle, the old man's originally pale face regained some color.

Ye Mo checked his pulse again.

After a moment, he frowned. Although his meridians had increased, the life force infused with the Qi Proficiency Needle Art was like rootless duckweed. The life force did not fuse with the old man's body, as if it was separated by something.

"Blood energy, intracranial hemorrhage!"

Ye Mo suddenly realized the reason.

"Damned dog!"

Ye Mo couldn't help but curse at Lin Hai once again. Then, he reached into his collar and pulled down the pendant that he had been wearing all this time.

It was a dark golden Plum Blossom Pendant. Ye Mo looked at the pendant with a complicated expression, then pulled on the stamen of the Plum Blossom.

An 8 inch long golden needle appeared in Ye Mo's hand!

He took the alcohol out of the medicine box and sterilized it. Ye Mo stabbed the needle into the old man's nose.

The golden needle began to pierce through bit by bit. Soon, the outside part of the needle was less than two inches away!

In other words, the golden needle had already pierced into the old man's skull!

A trace of black blood flowed out from the golden needle and dripped onto the ground.

The blood clot inside his brain had been drained out!

Ye Mo carefully pulled out the golden needle and wiped off the blood on it before returning it to the pendant.

"Wula... "Wula..."

From afar, the sound of an ambulance could be heard. The ambulance that Ye Mo called had finally arrived.

Ye Mo heaved a sigh of relief as he felt the elder's pulse gradually becoming stronger.

"Sssii!" As the driver of the ambulance screeched to a halt, the ambulance of Dongjiang City's hospital stopped by the old man's side.

The door opened and the paramedics jumped out with a stretcher.

"Did you call for first aid?"

The leading doctor with slightly dark skin asked Ye Mo.


Ye Mo answered.

"I've already lowered his intracranial pressure, but he needs to be given a blood transfusion immediately. Moreover, this old man's heart is not easy to stimulate, so we have to be careful when rescuing him."

Ye Mo said as he wiped the blood off his hands.

"Are you a doctor? How do you lower your blood pressure here without equipment? "

The doctor asked Ye Mo as he looked at the black blood on Ye Mo's hand.

"Forget it, it's not important. Little Liu, slowly lift the stretcher. This old man's brain is injured. Give the emergency room a call to prepare the blood pressure lowering drug!"

the emergency doctor called.

"Forget it, I'll go too."

There weren't any ghosts on Wen Feng Road in the middle of the night, so Ye Mo decided to go to the hospital with the doctors in the ambulance.

Although he knew that this old man's name was fine, he still saw him wake up with his own eyes and felt more at ease.

The ear-piercing sound of an ambulance cut across the street and headed towards the hospital in Dongjiang City.

Outside of the emergency room, Ye Mo quietly waited.

Not long after that, the doctor opened the door and walked out. When he saw Ye Mo, he smiled and sat down on a chair.

"You're not going to ask me what the outcome of the rescue is?"

The doctor took off his mask to reveal a dark face.

"I've already saved them, what else can I do?"

Ye Mo yawned and didn't seem to mind.

"My name is Luo Gaang, I'm the director of the emergency room."

The dark-faced doctor introduced himself.

"Ye Mo, the intern of the Chinese Medical Department …"

Ye Mo imitated Luo Gaang's tone.

"TCM?! An internship? "

Luo Gaang appeared to be in disbelief.

"What happened to traditional Chinese medicine?"

Ye Mo frowned and looked at Luo Gaang.

"Do you always wake up when you're sleeping? Recently, you've been feeling as if your heart has been pressed down by a rock. Do you need to pee?"

Ye Mo asked.

"It's too godly!" How do you know? "

Ye Mo's words were too accurate, it hit the mark!

"Nonsense, don't all emergency departments have this problem? The diet is irregular, and the insomnia is explosive, it would be strange if they don't have chest tightness."

Ye Mo looked at Luo Gaang with an expression that seemed to say "your IQ is hopeless," making Luo Gaang blush.

"But it's not just an occupational disease you've had at dawn for almost a month now."

Ye Mo no longer joked around and instead looked at Luo Gaang seriously and said.

"You also guessed that?!"

Luo Gaang was stunned once again. Even his wife didn't know what Ye Mo was talking about.

In the past month, he would wake up with a stomachache every time it was close to dawn, so he went straight to the toilet when he was in the emergency room.

When he was at home, he was afraid of his wife, so he endured it. Every morning, he would sweat profusely and suffer unspeakably.

"Even though my abdominal pain has been alleviated, but my waist and knees are sore and cold. I am afraid of the cold, and my hands and feet are cold. My tongue is white, and my veins are weak and slow."

Ye Mo asked while looking at his finger.

Luo Gaang was completely dumbfounded. Such an extremely detailed description couldn't be entirely guessed.

In other words, just by looking at the young man, he was able to reverse all the illnesses that had happened to his body!

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