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C20 Disputes

"Insufficient kidney Yang, the decline of the Fated Gate of Fire, the lack of warmth, hence the relief of the five dynasties;

The waist is the kidney, kidney yang deficiency, waist and knee lost warm nurturing, so see waist and knee acid cold;

Yang deficiency and warmth failed in their duty, so they feared cold limbs and cold body. The pale white tongue and weak pulse are the signs of deficiency of the kidney yang. "

Ye Mo suddenly started to talk about the difficult Chinese medical terminology, summing up Luo Gaang's situation.

Then his face suddenly leaned close to Luo Gaang's ear and whispered.

"It means that you have kidney deficiency."

"Then... Is there any way to cure it? "

To say "you kidney deficiency" to a man is quite "malicious".

If he was a normal person, he would have long stood up and said, "You are the one who is weak in the kidney!" I should return the favor.

However, Luo Gaang did not. Instead, he started to seek a cure.

There was nothing he could do, because Ye Mo had observed Luo Gaang through the Ventilator Technique and confirmed that he was really kidney deficient.

"Jin Jiu Shen Qi Wan, I'll write a prescription for you."

Ye Mo laughed.

He took out the notebook that he was about to tear down and quickly wrote down the recipe for Jin Jiu's Kidney Pill. Then, he tore off the page and handed it to Luo Gaang.

He had a good impression of Luo Gaang, so he was willing to help him solve this "unspeakable problem".

The doctor in the emergency room was the last place in the hospital that doctors liked to be.

Not to mention the fatigue from running around all year round, the time of eating and sleeping was irregular.

Moreover, many emergencies can lead to medical accidents if not handled properly, even if they are not wrong, it is hard to avoid the responsibility.

So most of the people doing this were either excluded or doctors with no connections.

Luo Gaang, on the other hand, was in a righteous mood. He left in the middle of the night to save an old man who was obviously not rich. He was not impatient at all.

This meant that he was definitely one of those people who were shitty and ostracized.

After all, no matter where he went, he couldn't leave the worldly wisdom. It was inevitable that a straightforward man like him would offend someone. As the chief physician, it was understandable that he would be arranged to be in an emergency room.

"Thank you brother!" Since it's all in the same unit, I won't pay your medical fee. I'll treat you to a meal during the break! "

Luo Gaang smiled as he took the prescription.

"But then again, how did you drain the old man's cranial cavity and lower his blood pressure? That old man's head was indeed hit. If it wasn't for you draining blood, the rescue wouldn't have been so optimistic. "

Luo Gaang asked.

"It's the same as seeing that you have kidney deficiency, it's both a traditional Chinese medicine technique."

Ye Mo raised his voice.

"Shh!" Be quiet! "

Luo Gaang quickly pulled Ye Mo back. Kidney Deficiency was naturally something that the fewer people knew, the better.

Sure enough, a small head popped out of the duty room and the nurse on duty curiously looked around to see who it was.

"What are you looking at? Go to work!"

Luo Gaang glared at him, while the nurse stuck out her tongue and retracted her head.

"Four interrogation techniques of traditional Chinese medicine, looking and seeing, what I used was the" Gazing-Character Formula "."

Ye Mo said seriously.

It's clearly summer, yet you're wearing long sleeves under your protective suit, which means that your four limbs are cold, and your face is dark yellow, and your eyes are sunken, which is the result of a year of irregular work and rest. Furthermore, you're still shaking your legs, so it's clear that you want to go to the toilet.

Ye Mo laughed.

"So you can actually look at it that way!" The "Gaze" Technique of Chinese Medicine "is really magical."

Luo Gaang sighed.

"Since you saw through it, then I won't hide anymore. I'll go to the toilet first, then we'll talk when I get back."

Luo Gaang's privacy had already been guessed out. Thus, he stopped pretending. After saying that, he stood up and ran towards the toilet.

I knew everything about you from the first moment I saw you.

You won't understand the profoundness of the [Book of Blue Sack] even if you say it out loud.

Ye Mo gazed at Luo Gaang's back as he thought to himself.

By the time the old man moved from the emergency room to the ward, it was morning, and Luo Gaang brought Ye Mo his breakfast.

The hospital had also identified the old man.

The old man's surname was Zhao, and he was one of the Mausoleum Guardians of Dongjiang. He had once seen an illness in the Dongjiang Hospital, and it was said that he was the old Red Army who had fought in the War of Resistance.

Hearing Luo Gaang recount the old man's real identity, Ye Mo became even angrier. Lin Hai, this dog, almost caused the death of an old senior who had shouldered a gun for the country!

"Who is Ye Mo?"

At this time, two police officers wearing police uniforms suddenly appeared at the door of the ward. After knocking on the door and entering, they asked.

"I am."

Ye Mo stood up and said.

"Someone reported that you ran away on Wenfeng Road. Mr. Ye, please cooperate with us in our investigation and come with us."

One of the policemen said.


Ye Mo remained silent for a while and said.

He didn't even need to think to know who called the police.

"Have the two comrades misunderstood something? "This is the doctor from the Chinese Medical Department, and he called the ambulance from the emergency clinic. He was also present at the scene. If it wasn't for Ye Mo, this old man might have died. How could it have been him escaping?"

Luo Gaang became anxious the moment he heard that Ye Mo was going to be taken away. During the past few hours of communication, he had already acknowledged Ye Mo's medical ethics. Furthermore, there were no witnesses at all on the road.

There must be some kind of misunderstanding.

Hearing Luo Gaang's words, the two policemen were also stunned. This was completely not the same number as the one reported.

If it weren't for the fact that they had repeatedly confirmed it, they might have even suspected that they had found the wrong person.

"Please come with us first. If what you say is true, the law will give Mr. Ye a clean death."

One of the policemen said.

"Don't worry, Old Luo."

Ye Mo patted Luo Gaang on the shoulder and followed the two policemen out of the ward.

"You're the one that knocked my dad away?!"

The moment Ye Mo and the two policemen left the ward, a young man with glasses suddenly went up and grabbed Ye Mo's collar and said angrily.

"Sir, please calm down. We just need Mr. Ye to cooperate with the investigation."

One of the policemen stepped forward and pulled open the glasses wearing young man.

"If it really is you, I, Zhao Zhengyang, will not let you off!"

The old man's son glared at Ye Mo before he turned around and ran into the ward.

"What happened? What happened?"

Lin Jiayuan suddenly appeared from the crowd.

"Comrade Police, what is the situation?"

Lin Jiayuan asked hypocritically.

Ye Mo looked at him in disdain.

"Are you the leader of this hospital? Someone reported this Mr. Ye to escape after causing a hit-and-run accident. We would like to invite Mr. Ye to cooperate with us in our investigation. "

One of the policemen said.

"Ye Mo!" You bastard! "In a society governed by the rule of law, you still dare to cause trouble and escape? Where did you put the legal organs of the country?!"

Lin Jiayuan pointed at Ye Mo and scolded him harshly.

"Leader, we just asked Mr. Ye to be investigated, and did not confirm Mr. Ye's crime."

The older policeman said with a frown.

How could there be such a leader? They would just cooperate with the investigation and directly yell and curse at their subordinates in a place like a hospital.

"Don't think that we can just let this matter go! Lin family will definitely not let you, a criminal, off! "

Lin Jiayuan did not give up and snorted coldly.

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