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C3 Critical Condition

"Dongping, this child Lin Hai just returned from graduation. Youngsters should train more. Ye Mo really causes others to worry, so don't let Xi Er suffer any more. You go back and hand over Sill's property to Linhai. Let Sal take charge of the logistics department. "

After Ye Mo left, the old lady turned around and said to Lin Dongping. There was no expression on his face.

Lin Dongping sighed.

"Okay, Mom."

Lin Xi was taken aback. Ye Mo was just an excuse to call her back from somewhere far away. She just wanted her to hand over the position of the finance department so that Lin Hai, who had just graduated, could step aside.

Lin Xi was very capable. Ever since she had taken over the finances of Lin family, there had not been any problems.

Unfortunately, the old lady didn't use marriage, he was still a woman after all.

How could a granddaughter who could no longer be used for marriage compare to her own grandson?

"The transfer will be done tomorrow. "Hai'er, you've just graduated and you haven't rested yet to take over Finance, aren't you pushing it too far?"

The old lady asked amiably.

"Grandmother, don't worry!" What I am learning is economic management, how can I force myself to contribute to Lin family as soon as possible. "

Lin Hai patted his chest and gave his guarantee.

"Mom, don't worry. If this stinking brat dares to be careless, I'll be the first to take care of him!"

Li Ping patted her son's head and said to the old lady with a smile.

Lin Jiayuan, who stood on the side, was extremely happy.

His own son had taken over the finances of Lin family, so he would be well aware of any accounts within Lin family. Then wouldn't the authority of the Patriarch of Lin family be easy to come by?

"Alright, alright. Since you are willing to put in the effort, I am relieved."

The old lady looked very happy.

The rest of the Lin family people all congratulated Lin Jiayuan's family.

The two big rooms were full of smiles, but Lin Dongping and Lin Xi were not happy.

Lin Xi had worked so hard for so long for the Lin family, yet she ended up marrying Lin Hai.

No one would feel good about it.

Bastard! It was all because of that bastard, Ye Mo!

Lin Xi wished she could hack Ye Mo into pieces.

"Grandma, I'll go back and prepare for the transfer."

Suppressing her anger, Lin Xi said in a low voice.

"Yes." "Go ahead."

The old lady raised her hand and waved it. She didn't even look at Lin Xi as she said this.

Lin Xixing's eyes swept over her father. Lin Dongping immediately averted his eyes and did not try to dissuade her.

Lin Xi sighed and made her way to the door.

"Cough!" Cough cough! "

At that moment, the old lady suddenly started to cough violently.

The cough was loud and lungful.

With a "Wa" sound, he vomited a mouthful of dark blood, then his neck tilted to the side and he fainted on the spot.


The Lin family people were all confused.

Lin Xi, who had just walked to the door, was also stunned.



"Mom!" What's wrong with you! "

"Second brother!" Second Brother! "Hurry up and go see what's wrong with Mom!"

"Second Brother! "Hurry up and take a look!"

"Don't be impatient! Don't worry! We're in the middle of a pinch! "

Lin Jiayuan was also panicking as he shouted in a strong and calm voice. Then, he grabbed the old lady's hand and started counting her pulse.

However, after a moment, Lin Jiayuan's face became as pale as paper.

"Second Brother! What's wrong with Mom? "

Lin Wu Tie asked anxiously as he saw Lin Jiayuan remain motionless.

"Mom …" Mom's pulse is weak, Mom. "Mother's about to die …"

Lin Jiayuan said in shock.


The Lin family people were all dumbfounded. Just now, the old lady was still full of energy, how did she become so weak in the blink of an eye?

"The old lady can't die now! Since she's still in control of the company, then her business will be thrown into chaos! "

Li Ping blurted out the thoughts in her heart in her anxiety.

They were all waiting for the old lady to die.

But he definitely wasn't going to die now.

The old granny hadn't yet fully handed over her power, if she were to go to hell now, all her efforts would have been in vain!

A company that could continuously earn money was the most important one. If it were to directly split up the property, it would be done for.

Lin Jiayuan was also getting anxious. He had spent so much effort and finally got the old lady's favor. His son had also been placed in an important position.

If the old lady died, everything he did would be wasted!

Lin Jiayuan used the needle again, but no matter if it was the Piercing Wind Pond or the pinching, there was no effect.

"Second brother!" Mom's breathing was getting weaker and weaker! Can't you hurry up and think of a way! "

Lin Guangfa said anxiously after trying the old lady's breath.

"This, this mother's pulse is very strange, I can't be sure. Go get the nurse! Take Mom to the emergency room! I will go to the most authoritative doctor in the hospital, a western doctor! "

Lin Jiayuan was sweating profusely.

This situation was already beyond his capabilities.

The people from the Lin family started preparing in a flurry.

No one had expected this sudden change.

Everything happened too quickly! It was too unbelievable!

Lin Xi watched the scene in a daze, momentarily at a loss as to what to do.

Suddenly! She seemed to have thought of something and quickly took out her phone to dial a number.

"What's wrong?"

Ye Mo's voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

"Grandma's about to die!"

Lin Xi asked in a trembling voice.

"I know."

Ye Mo's voice was very calm.

"Do you have any way to save Grandmother?!"

"Yes …"

"Then why aren't you coming over!"

Lin Xi was so anxious that she was about to cry.

"… …." You really want me to save her? "

Ye Mo asked after being silent for a while.

"Of course!"

"Alright, Eldest Uncle and Second Uncle definitely won't let me do it. You go and take care of them."

After taking a deep breath, Ye Mo said in a clear voice.

"Good!" Where are you? "

"The door to the emergency room …"

Lin Xi was stunned. She hung up the phone and rushed to the emergency room.

At this moment, Ye Mo was standing at the end of the emergency room's corridor, watching as Lin family people rushed over and pushed the old lady into the emergency room, as if they had expected this to happen.


Lin Xi stepped forward quickly with an icy expression. Ye Mo's nonchalant attitude made everyone angry.

"Can you really save Grandmother?"

Honestly speaking, Lin Xi didn't believe Ye Mo at all. Although the two of them hadn't been husband and wife for the past three years, Lin Xi was well aware of what kind of person Ye Mo was.

"If you don't believe me, I can still go."

Ye Mo shrugged. Compared to the anxiety of the Lin family people, he did not seem to mind.

"Good!" I'll believe you this time! "

Lin Xi clenched her teeth and dragged Ye Mo into the rescue room.

All the specialists from the hospital were already there.

After all, Lin Jiayuan became a director at a young age, and at this moment, he had mobilized almost all of his connections.

However, the woman was still unconscious after a series of first aid measures. The situation had already gone out of control.

Lin Jiayuan walked out of the emergency room with a pale face.

"Second Brother, what's the situation with Mom?"

"Home?" You have to save the old lady! "

The surrounding Lin family people immediately surrounded him.

"The disease is too sudden. Even the doctors in a few departments are unable to determine the cause of the disease. I'm afraid the old lady is …" "I can't hold on any longer."

Lin Jiayuan said in a hoarse voice.



"How, how could this be!"

The people from the Lin family were instantly thrown into a state of panic.

Lin Jiayuan didn't say anything else. He rubbed his face and turned around to return to the emergency room.

A hand grabbed him.

Lin Jiayuan was stunned. He turned around and saw that it was Lin Xi who held him back.

"Lin Xi, what are you doing?"

Lin Jiayuan was not in a good mood and his tone was very rude as well.

"Second uncle, Ye Mo, he …" He said he had a way to save Grandma. "

Lin Xi said carefully after hesitating for a moment.

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