Invincible Doctor Son-in-law/C6 Invasion of Nightclubs
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Invincible Doctor Son-in-law/C6 Invasion of Nightclubs
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C6 Invasion of Nightclubs

"Who are you!?" "Let go of Brother Wei!"

"Holy sh * t!" "Fuck, where did this person come from?"

It was only when Ye Mo shouted that the lackeys in Liu Yuanwei's room reacted.

They pulled out their weapons and shouted.

But because the boss was being held hostage, no one dared to move forward.

"Your excellency is quite skillful to be able to flip to the third floor without any sound."

After all, Liu Yuanwei had been in the underworld for a long time. Unlike the yellow-hair, the tea knife was pressed against his neck without any change in expression.

"Sorry about your superficial martial arts."

Ye Mo smiled, but the tea knife was still pressed against Liu Yuanwei's neck.

Liu Yuanwei's expression froze. He had already said that, but the other side didn't give him face.

"What business do you have with me?" If it's a misunderstanding, we might as well sit down and have a talk. "

"I'm the plate you stepped on today. Why do you think I found you?"

Ye Mo used his tea knife to scratch Liu Yuanwei's face, which was full of stubble.

"Ah …" Ha … "Haha, since the people under your command did not have eyes for you and charged into the Dragon King's Temple, please do not hesitate to tell me what compensation you need."

Liu Yuanwei was well aware that a wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. At this moment, his life was in the hands of someone else, so the words that came out of his mouth were extremely polite, causing him to be unable to find fault.

After Ye Mo heard this, he flipped his hand and the tea knife disappeared.

"Brother Wei is indeed a straightforward person. I will not waste any time. From today onwards, everyone under your command, including you, will serve me."

Ye Mo pulled out a chair and casually sat down.

Liu Yuanwei felt his face twitching. Even a lion's mouth couldn't be so expensive. The moment he asked for a group of people, including him, he actually asked for horses as soon as he opened his mouth!

"Sir, please don't joke with me!"

Liu Yuanwei said coldly. All of his underlings felt their veins twitch when they heard this. They rubbed their weapons and waited for Liu Yuanwei's command to beat this arrogant kid into meat paste!

"I don't like to joke!"

Ye Mo said coldly as the smile on his face disappeared.

"Since you've offended me, you must follow my rules."

"Ha, you are not afraid of losing your tongue!"

Seeing that Ye Mo's attitude did not change, Liu Yuanwei also did not stand on ceremony.

Ye Mo tore a page from the calendar on Liu Yuanwei's desk and wrote down his number.

"Call me if you change your mind."

Seeing that he could no longer communicate, Ye Mo threw down the number and walked out of the room, not paying any attention to the gazes of the lackeys around him.

"Brother Wei!" If you say so, I'll lead my brothers to kill him right now! "

"Brother Wei!" This kid is going too far! "

"Can you swallow your anger, big brother?"

Ye Mo's suppressed anger finally dissipated after he left, causing the lackeys to become angry.

They all asked Liu Yuanwei to give the order to get back at them.

"Don't act rashly! That kid is not simple! My, my legs are numb! "

Liu Yuanwei stretched out his hand to stop his henchmen and couldn't help but break out in cold sweat.

"… …"

There are often taxis at the entrance of nightclubs waiting for all kinds of people to eat.

Ye Mo also picked up a bargain, if not, who knows how long it would take for him to get a taxi.

Back home.

The sound of a key opening the door could be heard right after he took a shower.

Lin Xi came back.

However, her expression was a bit unnatural.

"What's wrong?"

Ye Mo asked when he noticed Lin Xi's abnormality.

"Grandma woke up, but she claimed that it was Second Uncle who saved her. It was you …"

Lin Xi said hesitantly.

"Because of this?"

Ye Mo laughed.

"I merely coincidentally revived the old lady, and the follow-up treatment was done by the other doctors in the hospital."

Ye Mo waved his hand as if he didn't care.

"But neither of them mentioned you." But neither of them mentioned you.

"Second Uncle is the hospital's Director. If a Director wants to save his mother and has to turn to an outsider, then his reputation in the Apricot Forest will be ruined. The Old Granny is very shrewd."

Ye Mo walked into the kitchen and started preparing food.

Lin Xi was silent for a moment before she asked:

"How did you save Grandma?"

"Just a random needle."

"Acupuncture? You know acupuncture? "

"No, but I once read in a book on the stalls that Second Uncle used the needle technique, and I learned it by imitating a cat."

Ye Mo smiled but did not explain further.

Lin Xi was skeptical, but she knew that Ye Mo liked to study those shabby looking books.

"It's a good thing Grandmother woke up. Otherwise, I wonder what kind of trouble Lin family will cause."

Lin Xi took off her coat and sighed.


Ye Mo stared at the food in the pot and answered casually.

Lin Xi looked at him strangely.

For some reason, from the moment she entered the ward today, she felt that Ye Mo was a little strange, very different from before.

However, he was unable to explain in detail.

Soon, Ye Mo placed a few delicate dishes on the table.

Lin Xi's face was filled with shock, and her mouth turned into an "O" shape.

After taking a bite, he was conquered by the deliciousness that shot straight to the top of his head.

"This, this was done by you?"

Even after seeing Ye Mo fire with his own eyes, it was still hard to believe.

In the past, Ye Mo could only barely swallow the food he cooked, and Lin Xi rarely ate at home.

Occasionally, he would take a break for takeout.

However, since when did Ye Mo's culinary arts have such an advancement?

It was comparable to the level of a Michelin chef.

"It's harder for me to make it worse!" Fortunately, three years have expired. "

Ye Mo cursed in his heart.

Although Lin Xi was puzzled, she did not say anything.

As he continued to eat, he quickly finished off a bowl of rice.

Ye Mo was a bit surprised. He got up and gave Lin Xi another bowl.

Lin Xi's face turned slightly red. It was all this bastard's fault for cooking so well. If she continued to eat like this, she would lose weight.

Although he wanted to refuse, he took the bowl from Ye Mo and continued to eat.

Is this guy hiding something from me?

Lin Xi became even more confused.

Ye Mo had already finished washing the dishes.

The night passed in silence.

The next day, Lin Xi went to work to hand in the finance department while Ye Mo was doing housework.

"Beep Beep Beep!"

Ye Mo's phone rang. The number was from Dongjiang, but it was an unfamiliar number.

Ye Mo picked up the phone.

"Your Excellency, I think we should talk."

It was Liu Yuanwei's slightly weak voice on the other end of the phone.

"Logically speaking, you shouldn't have called me so quickly. If you can't move your legs, you should be able to hold on for a few days. Have you drank the blood again?"

Hearing Liu Yuanwei's weak voice, Ye Mo was obviously shocked for a moment before he suddenly said.

"… …." Looks like the problem with me was indeed caused by you! "

Liu Yuanwei no longer had the strength to scold Ye Mo.

At this moment, he was lying on the hospital bed, and yellow-hair was also holding his phone.

His hand was too weak to hold the phone.

"That's right, it's me. It doesn't matter if you don't want to surrender, I won't force you."

Ye Mo said as he frowned and hung one of Lin Xi's underwear on the clothes rack.

"I... I, Liu Yuanwei, will admit defeat this time. "

"Where are you?"

"Seventh floor of the City Hospital."

Ye Mo hung up the phone and looked at the tall building in Dongjiang City through the window on the ground.

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