Invincible Doctor Son-in-law/C7 Take over East Street
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Invincible Doctor Son-in-law/C7 Take over East Street
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C7 Take over East Street


Liu Yuanwei was standing respectfully on the left side of his desk. However, his trembling right hand revealed that his heart was not at peace right now.

The yellow hair behind him had a deathly pale complexion, and his gaze towards the young man who was flipping through the accounts was filled with fear.

Thinking about the scene in the hospital ward, his stomach couldn't stop churning.

"Don't hold back, go."

Ye Mo looked at the yellow-hair with a faint smile.

The yellow-hair felt like he had been granted amnesty. He covered his mouth and rushed out of the office. Before he even ran into the bathroom, he was already crying "Wow!" He spat it out.

White and red and purple, as if opening a dyeing shop.

Yellow-hair cried as he vomited, until his eyes were bloodshot.

"Do you want to go as well?"

Ye Mo pointed in the direction of the bathroom and asked with a smile.

"Director Ye, no …" I don't need it. "

Liu Yuanwei's face also turned pale.

The sound of the yellow-hair vomiting reminded him of the scene from before.

However, Liu Yuanwei was clearly a man. He pinched his fingers and forcefully repressed the urge to vomit.

Ye Mo nodded secretly. This Liu Yuanwei was different from that coward, the yellow hair, and he was a bit courageous.

"Don't be afraid, the Gu I gave you previously wasn't fatal, and I've already helped you take it out. As for the later one, it's Benefit Gu, but you have to listen to it, otherwise it might become stronger than the previous one."

Ye Mo said happily as if he was a joke between friends.

However, Liu Yuanwei's face instantly turned golden.

He thought about those thin and red worms that Ye Mo took out from his nose when he arrived at the hospital.

Liu Yuanwei felt his soul tremble.

Later on, the youngster took advantage of his weakened state to pour a transparent worm that was as thick as a thumb into his mouth!

"Leaves..." Ye... Director Ye! Don't worry! "Yuanwei will never betray you!"

Liu Yuanwei said with a trembling voice.

"What are you panicking for? I spent a lot of effort to raise the Vajra Gu, and now that your diabetes and stones have been cured, your strength will be much greater than an ordinary person's. There's no need to be afraid, if it wasn't for the fact that I couldn't find a suitable one for myself, I would have planted one long ago."

Ye Mo waved his hand, signaling Liu Yuanwei not to worry.

"What are your businesses?"

Ye Mo knocked on the table and asked.

"In addition to this thousand degree East Street, there are also two bars and a KTV. As for the East Street's shop, they will also pay a protection fee every month, ploughing out the expenses and providing them to make a net profit of about 30w per month."

Liu Yuanwei answered straight up.

He managed the East Street single-handedly, so Liu Yuanwei was also very proud of his scale.

Liu Yuanwei was a lot more confident when it came to business.

"What era is it to learn about the underworld?"

Ye Mo frowned when he heard about Protecting Fei.

"Director Ye!" Don't misunderstand! We have a security company, it's not like a gangster. After receiving the money, we would really send people to take a look at the venues, and we would also need this for other entertainment sites like East Street. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to solve the problem even if someone were to cause trouble. "Don't worry, it's all a licensed business."

Seeing Ye Mo frown Liu Yuanwei was shocked and hurriedly explained.

"Hmm, who are the petitions going to be given to?"

Ye Mo looked at the accounts, the monthly expenditure was covered by 60% of the total income!

"Some of them tried to build relationships with Seventh Master, but most of them were filial to him."

"Seventh Master?"

"Yes, it's Director Ye. Seventh Master is named Zou, and is the boss of Dongjiang Underground."

Liu Yuanwei replied respectfully.

"Mm …" Then, you can list out the powers around the East Street and those that are hostile to them for me. "

Ye Mo thought for a while before saying.

The enemy was hidden, so if he wanted to use East Street as the starting point to develop his own forces, he had to do it step by step.

In the face of such a colossus like the Zhang Clan, they could not afford to make any mistakes.

"Yes!" "Director Ye!"

Liu Yuanwei replied happily.

How many years had it been? Even if he had the ambition, he didn't have the ability to expand his East Street by even a single step.

Not sure... It was really possible for them to unite the eastern region of the Dongjiang!

Liu Yuanwei's long-sealed ambition became restless once again.

"Beep Beep Beep!"

Ye Mo's phone rang.

"Ye Mo, where are you?"

On the other end of the line was Lin Xi's voice.

"I'm outside. What's the matter?"

"Second uncle has something to talk to you about. He wants you to go to the hospital."

"Alright, I understand."

After putting down the phone, Ye Mo put on his clothes and prepared to leave even though he was a bit confused.

Refusing Liu Yuanwei's offer to drive away, Ye Mo took a taxi to the hospital in Dongjiang City.

Dongjiang City Hospital's Chinese Medical Department.

Lin Jiayuan was still participating in a conference.

The nurse took Ye Mo to Lin Jiayuan's office and left.

Ye Mo idly looked around Lin Jiayuan's office furnishings, after which his heart was filled with disdain.

Lin Jiayuan's office was obviously carefully modified. The entire thing in the office might not even amount to two thousand yuan.

However, Wu knew that Lin Jiayuan loved to collect antiques and antiques. Although he had a poor eyesight, he had spent a lot on this field.

Many of the deficits in Lin Xi's accounts were taken by the Second Branch people to buy antiques.

Therefore, to Lin Jiayuan, this simple and crude office was too deliberate.

Even the simplest and most modest of people would not have made such shabby things their face.

This was purely because he had a pig's nose with scallions.

A few minutes later, the sound of tables and chairs colliding came from the meeting room upstairs. Lin Jiayuan pushed open the office door with his notebook in his hands a few minutes later.

"Second Uncle."

Ye Mo stood up and greeted him dryly.

"Hmph …" "Trash, you're quite lucky."

Lin Jiayuan threw the book away and pretended to be deep in thought.


After that, there was a long silence. For Lin Jiayuan, Ye Mo had always been ignoring him and didn't care about him at all.

If it was anyone else, they would have approached him to ask what was so good about it. However, Ye Mo seemed to be extremely calm and unmoved.

Lin Jiayuan felt the veins on his forehead trembling. Playing with this trash was a waste of time.

"Tomorrow, scram to work at the Chinese Medical Department. Since the old lady has spoken, you better be careful. If you dare to cause trouble, scram back to Lin Xi's place!"

Lin Jiayuan slammed the table and shouted.

"I …"

Ye Mo stood up and was about to refuse, but he was interrupted by Lin Jiayuan before he could finish his words.

"I what me!" How much of your Lin family do you want for free? I'll just call Lin Xi. Giving you the salary is a waste. Scram! Come early tomorrow! "

Lin Jiayuan was furious when he saw Ye Mo. He pointed at Ye Mo's nose and scolded him.

Ye Mo did not say anything. After Lin Jiayuan finished his curses, he stood up, pushed open the door and walked out.

What did the old lady mean?

Ye Mo thought as he walked.

He definitely wouldn't have any good intentions.

The Lin family old lady was definitely not a merciful person, she definitely had her schemes in mind for this trick.

Beep, beep, beep! "Beep, beep, beep!"

Ye Mo picked up his phone again and was surprised to find that the caller was Lin Xi.

These days, Lin Xi called him more than she used to do in a month.

"Hey, it's me."

Ye Mo picked up the phone.

"What is Second Uncle looking for you for?"

Lin Xi asked bluntly.

"Let me work in the Chinese medicine department."

"Hmph, they seem to have good intentions in stealing my job."


Ye Mo did not dare to reply.

"Come back early to cook dinner!"

Lin Xi said crisply on the other end of the phone.

"Alright …"

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