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C8 Injury of Foot

At night.

Lin Xi was lying on the sofa, picking her teeth with a contented look on her face, her slender legs swinging back and forth.

Ye Mo continued to wash the dishes obediently.

Since he had cooked properly, Lin Xi, who had never been home before, had waited for dinner every day.

While Ye Mo was washing the dishes, Lin Xi sneakily glanced at Ye Mo.

Although the two of them did not have much feelings for each other, but ever since Ye Mo had developed his culinary skills, she discovered that she did not dislike Ye Mo as much as before.

"What time tomorrow?"

"Eight o'clock."


After a simple conversation, both of them were silent.

This seemingly ordinary daily conversation between husband and wife had never actually happened before.

Lin Xi frowned slightly. She suddenly realized that she had a comfortable feeling about this "home."

Furthermore, she took the initiative to answer Ye Mo, who she was originally too lazy to respond to.

After cleaning up the kitchen, Ye Mo dried his hands and returned to his room.

He felt strange.

In that instant, it was as if the hatred in his heart had been released, and he had become relaxed.

In the living room, Lin Xi hugged her lily-white legs as she thought back to everything that had happened in the past few days, lost in thought.

The next morning, Ye Mo rushed to the hospital's Chinese Medical Department to complete the admission procedures. Although Lin family looked down on him, for face, he still gave Ye Mo the title of an apprentice doctor.

After all, Lin Jiayuan, as the de facto leader of the Chinese Medical Department, was Ye Mo's second uncle in name. It would be hard for him to lose face if he asked his relatives to take care of Lin Jiayuan.

After completing the procedures, no one paid any attention to Ye Mo.

Lin Jiayuan didn't even stand up to Hee Ann.

Ye Mo was lost in thought as he looked at the white coat on his body.

When he had just started learning medicine from his master, he had already dreamed of such a day.

Put on a white coat to cure the illness and become a great doctor of the generation.

He didn't expect to wear this uniform for the first time in the hospital for such an absurd reason.

Normally, Chinese medicine department received very little medical attention. Now, both the hospital and the patient attached great importance to western medicine, which resulted in the whole Chinese medicine department appearing extremely cold and cheerless.

Ye Mo suddenly felt bored and wanted to go for a walk.

However, just as he took two steps, a burly man hurriedly ran in with a young man on his back. It was hard to tell what disease the young man was suffering from, but one could hear him groaning in pain from afar.

"This little brother, please do me a favor and help me support him. I'm going to hang up an emergency room number!"

The big guy ran with sweat all over his face. He looked around the hall, then suddenly arrived beside Ye Mo and begged him with his eyes.

"No problem!" "It was a simple matter!"

Ye Mo quickly reached out his hand to help the young man, then carefully helped him down to the ground.

"Thank you, thank you. Little brother, you're such a good person!" The big Han bowed to Zeng Yi and ran to register.

Only then did Ye Mo see that the young man's foot was injured. His left foot was completely naked, and the originally smooth back of his foot now bulged out a big bump. The shape was terrifying, with a dark green and purple color.

With his naked eye, he could feel that there seemed to be a hard object within the large bag, as if a giant earthworm was lurking below the surface, but could break out at any time.

Ye Mo asked, "What happened to your foot?"

At this moment, the young man was in so much pain that he was sweating and even his back was wet.

"I... I put air conditioners on people and accidentally dropped them... "He fell down the stairs and landed on the ground. It ended up like this, the bones inside seemed to have broken!"

Ye Mo finally understood that the hard object in the big bag was bone, and it was nothing else.

He squatted down and rubbed the young man's foot a few times, feeling the bones inside. After a while, he stood up, thought about it, and prepared to state his conclusion.

"Young man, are you going to treat him?"

At this time, an old man wearing a Tang suit who had just entered the Chinese Medical Department stepped forward and asked.

"Yes, my master taught me orthopedic."

Ye Mo saw that the old man didn't even turn his head as he replied.

"You are a Chinese doctor at such a young age? Which branch of the Fatigue Sect are you from? Classic formula? Typhoid fever? Or warm? "

old man in Tang costume wasn't sent away in a few words, but he continued to ask questions.

When Ye Mo heard this, he immediately turned around to look at old man in Tang costume.

The old man's face was red and filled with vigor.

Despite his white hair, he looked very healthy.

"Old mister, you've offended me before."

Ye Mo clasped his hands and greeted the chief inspector.

Previously, he was too focused on that young man's leg and didn't care much about old man in Tang costume.

However, the moment the old man opened his mouth, he knew that this old man was a senior who was quite knowledgeable on Chinese medicine and could be considered to be on the same side as him.

Otherwise, an ordinary old man would never know about the eight great gates of the martial world: shock, fatigue, floating, writing, wind, fire, viscount, and the one that represents the tiredness of traditional Chinese medicine.

He wouldn't ask which school Ye Mo came from.

Furthermore, Ye Mo could smell something on the old man's body that was unique to traditional Chinese medicine. It was a trace of medicine that could only be carried around with medicinal herbs all year round.

"Hehe, young man, don't be nervous. This old man is just curious."

Seeing that Ye Mo was so happy, the old chief inspector seemed to be very satisfied with Ye Mo following the traditions of the older generation.

"Old Senior, I learned medicine from Master. It can't be considered to be from any big sect, and each faction has a bit of a history."

Ye Mo was very happy to see his classmate, so he straightforwardly answered.

"Oh? "Then I don't know …"

Without waiting for the old man to continue asking questions, the big man who had previously gone to the emergency room stumbled back in.

"The orthopedic emergency doctor told me to take my brother to film. Thanks, little brother."

The big guy recklessly wanted to help the young man whose leg was injured, but he was stopped by Ye Mo's hand.

"The orthopedic doctor wants you to take a film?"

Ye Mo felt that there might be a problem with his hearing.

TCM orthopedic bone has always paid attention to the orthopedic type.

In an era where there was no X-ray, all the seniors of traditional Chinese medicine had trained their hand techniques over several years. With just a touch, they could tell where the patient's bone injuries were and how to treat them.

But when did orthopedic doctors need to use X-ray to identify bone injuries?

"Hmph …" "It's just a show!"

The old man was also very angry. He glanced at the orthopaedic section and coldly snorted.

"What is it? Little brother, don't you need to make a film of my brother's feet? "

The big guy was confused by Ye Mo's and old man in Tang costume's attitude.

"Of course we need to make a film. Besides, I think this injury must be operated on. It's a major operation!"

Ye Mo suddenly thought of something and pointed at the patient's foot with a serious expression.

"The protrusion itself is not serious, but the position of the protrusion is so bad that the bone is holding up the nerves and blood vessels. My opinion is to amputate this leg before the condition worsens.

old man in Tang costume almost broke his beard when he heard that.

However, he did not interrupt Ye Mo's absurd deduction when he saw Ye Mo sneakily wink at him.

As for the two brothers, they didn't know what had happened. They were completely scared silly by Ye Mo's words.

They were trying their best to eat, and no matter if it was crippled or crippled, they could not bear it.

"Don't believe me, this is a person at the highest level in the Chinese medical field. If you don't believe me, ask this old man if he wants an amputation."

Ye Mo signaled the old man again.

"Ah …" Ah … Right, we need to amputate! "

old man in Tang costume was obviously surprised for a moment, but he still trusted Ye Mo and cooperated with him.

The big man's legs instantly went limp and he almost fell to the ground. The injured youngster's face turned ashen, and the last sliver of hope in his heart was shattered.

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