Invincible Doctor Son-in-law/C9 Foot to Disease Removal
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Invincible Doctor Son-in-law/C9 Foot to Disease Removal
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C9 Foot to Disease Removal

"I think you should stop filming and quickly go back to raise some money. If you drag it out any longer, I'm afraid your entire leg will be crippled!"

Ye Mo waved his hand and said with a serious tone.

"Let's go, let's go. This hospital doesn't need amputation. You can go to another hospital."

The two brothers looked at each other and let out a heavy sigh as if they had already accepted the painful reality. The big man carried his brother and prepared to walk outside.

However, Ye Mo said the moment they turned around.

"I almost missed out on a big matter. I remember that there's someone who specializes in treating these kinds of bone injuries. Moreover, he can treat them as he pleases. Do you guys want to try it?"

This sentence was no different from a glimmer of dawn in the pitch black night, especially when the injured youngster heard this. He even forgot about the pain in his feet. He suddenly turned around, his face full of excitement. "I'm willing …"

Before he could finish his sentence, he saw Ye Mo stride forward and stomp his foot.

Moreover, it was neither too slanted nor too slanted, and just happened to stamp on the large bag on the patient's foot.

A "ka" sound was heard, followed by the miserable scream of the young man.

Without any warning, Ye Mo's kick landed on the brain of everyone present, who were still thinking about who could treat bone injuries.

old man in Tang costume and the two brothers were so shocked that their mouths could not close.

"My feet!"

Looking at the bone that was cut off from Ye Mo's foot, the injured guy retreated a few steps with an extremely frightened expression. However, he suddenly realized that his foot no longer hurt when he walked.

His frightened expression immediately changed into doubt. He raised his foot and turned around twice before speaking in a strange tone:

"Eh? "My feet seem to be fine now …"


old man in Tang costume and the big guy gasped at the same time.

The young man stretched his legs and tried to walk a few steps back and forth on the ground, then said with a face full of surprise and surprise.

"It's done, it's really done. It doesn't hurt anymore."

With that, he walked in front of Ye Mo and said gratefully.

"Godly Doctor!" "Thank you, you really are a good person!"

"Little brother!" No, Godly Doctor! Thank you so much! "

The two brothers hurriedly expressed their gratitude to Ye Mo.

"Go back to the drugstore and get some blood circulation medicine. You can also put some safflower oil on it. Go back."

Ye Mo waved his hand and expressed his gratitude towards the two of them in a very calm manner.

The two brothers gratefully left.

"Young man! I finally got an opening today! It's amazing! "

old man in Tang costume was obviously very excited, as he gave a thumbs up and said.

First, he had to strike out at the hope of the patient, then he had to pretend to be the authority to push forward the situation, and he even took out an amputation to scare the patient, completely destroying the patient's hope.

While the patient was in despair, Ye Mo gave him a sliver of hope. At this moment, the patient's attention was completely focused on that lifesaving straw, and he was completely unprepared.

Ye Mo stomped on the ground and made the bone return to its original position.

The big man may have been confused about the whole process, but old man in Tang costume had seen it very clearly.

The depth of Ye Mo's thoughts, the accuracy of his timing, the ruthlessness of his kick, and the righteousness of his angle — they were all amazing techniques!

"Senior, you're flattering me. It's just a coincidence that my kick didn't hurt his bone, but it's just a malposition."

Ye Mo smiled, showing that he didn't mind.

"Young man, you don't have to be so modest. If it were any other doctor, even if they saw through it, they wouldn't have your level of courage and insight! What's your name? Which one is your master? "

old man in Tang costume asked with shining eyes.

"My master is Huang Yizhi. My name is Ye Mo."

Speaking of his master, Ye Mo, revealed a respectful expression as he replied.

"Huang Fu? Huang Fuzhi … "Sigh!"

old man in Tang costume thought about it carefully, but he still couldn't match up to any of the large countries in his memory.

"My master is a wandering doctor …"

"No wonder! For your esteemed master to be able to teach such an outstanding disciple, he must be one of the most outstanding Saint Hand of the people.

Upon hearing that Ye Mo's master was a wandering doctor, old man in Tang costume not only did not despise him, but he respected him even more.

Unlike the doctor sitting in the hall, who was registered as a doctor, the doctor was carrying a medicine kit on his back as he traveled to various remote areas to seek medical advice.

The journey was arduous, and it was hard for others to reach the peak of medical ethics. Who knew how many people in the remote areas would benefit from the treatment of these people?

It was just that the Wanfang doctors had no fixed residence and did not care about their reputation. Wherever they went, they would be isolated, resulting in many Wanfang doctors not gaining a reputation.

"I'm afraid I will have to disappoint the old senior. Master …" My master is already dead. "

Ye Mo's expression froze as he said in a deep voice.

"How deplorable! Xing Lin has lost another Saint Hand! "

old man in Tang costume sighed when he heard this.

Ye Mo carefully checked and found that the old man's grief did not seem to be fake. It was really because of the passing away of his peers that he felt regret. He could not help but have a better impression of old man in Tang costume.

"Ye Mo!" What are you wandering around for! a disgrace. "

Without waiting for Ye Mo to speak up to comfort old man in Tang costume, Lin Jiayuan's scolding voice came from the Chinese medicine department.

old man in Tang costume turned around and saw that the person was wearing a white coat and frowned.

The doctor was very virtuous, not to mention that this person was wearing the name plate of the Chinese Medical Department. As a Chinese Medical doctor, he should cultivate his Qi and treat others calmly.

However, the person was shouting loudly in such a solemn place like the hospital, and what this Brother Ye said was rather unpleasant to hear.

"Hurry up and disappear!" The Principal said that Elder Chen of the Provincial Hospital's Classic Faction had reached the Dongjiang yesterday. Just in case, go to the pharmacy and help Little Sun throw away all the expired medicinal ingredients. "

Lin Jiayuan instructed without turning his head back as he walked past Ye Mo.

"Does your Chinese Medical Department not even clean up medicine that has expired?"

old man in Tang costume seemed very angry after hearing what Lin Jiayuan said.

"Where did this old man come from?" It's none of your business. If you're sick, go and register yourself! "

Lin Jiayuan's mood wasn't good, so his tone was harsh. The matter of Elder Chen going to Dongjiang was highly valued by the cadres of the Health Department, but the Chinese Medical Department had always been a place where they ate empty money. Suddenly, a lot of things had to be taken care of, causing him to be extremely anxious.

If it wasn't for Lin Jiayuan, who didn't want to improve his resume, he wouldn't have stayed in the Chinese Medical Department for so long. Now, not to mention getting involved in trivial matters, even an ordinary old man could question him.


Lin Jiayuan straight upstairs made old man in Tang costume very angry.

"Ridiculous! "Ridiculous!"

Even old man in Tang costume, who thought that he had good self-restraint, was infuriated by Wu Tie.

"Senior, don't be angry, there's no need to lower yourself to the same level as him."

Ye Mo was quite speechless. He had already known that Lin Jiayuan had a bad reputation in the hospital, but he didn't expect to see it with his own eyes.

"Lil 'Ye, I have something to do, so I'll be taking my leave first. Call me when you have time. I'll introduce a few seniors from my industry over to get to know you."

old man in Tang costume said as he handed a name card to Ye Mo.

"Old senior, take care."

Ye Mo bowed to send him off while old man in Tang costume left in a huff.

"Chen Hsingquan …"

After the old man left, Ye Mo looked at the name card in his hand and read it.

"Hmm? It shouldn't be such a coincidence. "

Ye Mo suddenly had a conjecture in his mind. If it was true, then Lin Jiayuan would really lift a rock and smash his own foot with it.

However, it was also his own doing. Ye Mo smiled and ignored him as he walked towards the pharmacy.

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