Invincible God King/C1 Die together!
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Invincible God King/C1 Die together!
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C1 Die together!

If you want to die, die together!

Early in the morning, the sky had just begun to brighten, and all the people of Tong Ye Town were still deep in their sleep.

However, in the dense forest ten miles outside of the town, there was a sixteen-year-old young man who woke up early and painstakingly practiced his martial skills.




One heavy punch after another sounded.

The heavy punch smashed straight into the trunk of the hundred year old tree in front of the youth.

The youth who punched was called Chen Yu. Although his body looked somewhat thin, the strength behind his fists was extremely strong.

A huge tree with a age of one hundred years. Its wood was extremely hard, comparable to rock.

But even so, the clear imprints of Chen Yu's fists were still left on the tree trunk.

"Whew ~"

Chen Yu exhaled a long breath of impure air and wiped the sweat off his body. He looked at the fist marks on the tree trunk and muttered in a slightly regretful tone of voice:

"It has already been three years, but his strength is only at the early second stage of the Martial Dao ?"

So it turned out that Chen Yu was a branch disciple of Sky Sun City's Chen family.

Three years ago, he advanced to the first level of martial dao at the age of thirteen.

As one of the top youngsters among the Chen family in the Tong Ye Town, Chen Yu had the chance to enter the main sect of the Chen family in Sky Sun City.

Unfortunately, on the day he was preparing to leave for Sky Sun City, his parents' words dispelled his thoughts.

"Yu'er, all these years, you've worked even harder than your peers on the martial way. Only then did you stand out amongst hundreds of your peers and become a genius of the Tong Ye Town."

"But, the Chen family's scale of strength is more than a hundred times, even a thousand times greater than that of the Tong Ye Town. There were hundreds of disciples at the second level of the martial dao. Some of the better ones had reached the third level of martial dao. It is rumored that some of the clan's geniuses possess even more terrifying cultivation levels above the Fourth Stage of the Martial Dao ? "

"With your current level, if you enter our sect, you will quickly be left out of the masses. At that time, you will be reduced from a genius to the lowest of existences, becoming a lowly outer disciple ? I wonder if you have any idea how you should face up to this reality!? "

His father's words made Chen Yu, who was originally filled with fighting spirit, feel as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over him.

Because of this, he listened to his parents. He would rather be the head of a chicken than the tail of a phoenix. In the end, he chose to stay in Tong Ye Town.

However, Chen Yu who stayed in the Tong Ye Town, after bitterly cultivating for three years, was only at the early second stage of the Martial Dao.

Although he was still the number one expert among the younger generation in the Tong Ye Town, Chen Fan, who was even weaker than him back then, after joining the sect, his cultivation had already surpassed him, becoming a martial artist at the middle of the second stage of the Martial Dao.

Do you regret it?

A little bit...

With a bitter smile, Chen Yu picked up the clothes hanging on the tree and walked towards his home.

At this moment, a burst of clamorous noises came from the depths of the forest.

A golden light rolled around, quickly flying past Chen Yu.

Those closely following the golden light were all the young practitioners.

These people's movement techniques were extremely fast, coming and going like the wind.

Unfortunately, the golden light was even faster. It moved like lightning and caused them to roar, but they had no choice but to follow closely behind.

The strange golden light also attracted Chen Yu's curiosity. After hesitating for a moment, Chen Yu also followed behind these people and chased after them.

Although Chen Yu's speed was a lot slower than the young warriors, the golden light that they were chasing after was still circling around, so he could still barely keep up.

Because there were so many weeds and dead branches in the forest, on the way, Chen Yu had already stumbled a few times, but he was still unwilling to give up. His two eyes had never shone like this before, as he chased after them tenaciously.

Gradually, the youths chasing after the golden light also seemed to be in a rage. Streaks of sword light flashed, and streaks of multicolored light shot out towards the golden light.

In the quiet sky, it was as bright as fireworks in an instant.

"Boom boom boom!"

In an instant, countless sharp sword qi, mighty fist wind, and tyrannical palm shadows filled the entire forest like thunder. The forest for two to three miles was destroyed by these people in the blink of an eye.

When Chen Yu saw this scene, his mind finally regained its clarity:

Not good, this place is very close to his home, what if ?

After seeing a small hill being razed to the ground, Chen Yu did not bother to chase after the golden light anymore, and ran towards his home with all his might!

Climbing over a small hill, a family member appeared in front of Chen Yu.

White smoke curled up from the roof, and the old cow, the herdsman, wagged its tail in a leisurely fashion as it ambled down the road.

Chen Yu could even see a little girl with braids waving her arms at him, a slight smile rippling across her chubby face.

"Little sister, run!"

Chen Yu panicked. With a loud roar, he rushed towards the little girl's direction!

However, in the next moment.

A golden light flashed.

What followed was a powerful attack!

Chen Yu's ears could only hear an earth-shattering sound as a huge shockwave hit his face and sent him flying.

With much difficulty, Chen Yu crawled back up and looked in the direction he just went ? ?

The figure of her younger sister had disappeared. Only a pool of blood remained where she had been standing.

"Little sister!"

A heart-wrenching scream came out, in that moment, Chen Yu felt as if he was struck on the head, his heart was once again stabbed!

At this time, Chen Yu's eyes were already on the verge of splitting, his face was distorted, he roared at the young warriors: "I will kill you!"

Coincidentally, right at this moment, the golden light that these people were chasing after, actually stopped in front of Chen Yu.

It was a pearl that was emitting a red glow. It seemed to contain some kind of extremely unstable and powerful energy.

Grabbing the red pearl in his hand, Chen Yu coldly spoke with a voice as cold as the chill of the netherworld, "All of you, for the sake of obtaining this thing, can you disregard human life and recklessly kill innocent people?!"

From among those young warriors, a white-clothed youth with a long sword in his hand came out and said with a sneer on his face, "Brat, don't talk so much nonsense. Hand the thing in your hand over to me!"

"What if I don't hand it over!?" Chen Yu said sinisterly.

"Then go to hell!" After he finished speaking, the long sword in the white-clothed youth's hand trembled, transforming into a streak of cold light, piercing straight towards Chen Yu's throat.

From the moment the youth in white struck out, Chen Yu could tell that this person's cultivation was at least at the fifth stage of the Martial Dao. was absolutely not a match for this person.

However, so what?!

The grief of his own sister's death was like a bolt from the blue, and sent Chen Yu to hell.

By this time, his eyes were bloodshot, and he had imprinted the faces of the people in front of him into his mind.

A blood debt would be repaid in blood!

Even if he had to die, he would bring these people with him!

"Die, die together!"

Saying that, Chen Yu reached out his right hand and crushed the blood red bead that was in his hand!

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