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C10 Funny man

Faced with the resentment of the Ninth Elder, the statement still wanted to explain:

"Elder, I ? I really am only ?"

However, Ninth Elder Chen Feng didn't want to hear any explanation from him.

"I state that you have violated the rules of the Compendium Pavilion, so I can only ask you to leave!"

Stunned. Stunned. Stunned.

What was supposed to be a clever statement suddenly made his mind go blank!

What should he do!

At this time, a voice suddenly came from the crowd:

"Ninth Elder, please wait!"

Hearing this, everyone looked towards the source of the voice.

As for Chen Yu, he also recognized the person's voice and quietly muttered: "As expected, it's related to her!"

It turned out that the person who was speaking was Chen Ran, who had arrived at the sect on a horse carriage with Chen Yu.

At this moment, when compared to Chen Ran, it was as though they were two completely different people.

At that time, Chen Ran didn't even have the qualifications to enter the sect.

But now, even the elder's son, Chen Jianxing, had fallen under her skirt.

The moment she appeared, the eyes of all the male disciples in the library burned with passion as they stared at her graceful figure.

Chen Ran enjoyed this gaze a lot as well. The corner of his mouth curled up in a faint smile as he looked at every single youth that was looking at her.

"Ninth Elder, please wait a moment." Chen Ran casually greeted.

"What is it? You doubt my decision!? " Ninth Elder Chen Feng was different from the other teenagers of the sect. After experiencing so many storms, how could he be confused by a child?

Chen Feng's ice-cold words caused Chen Ran's expression to change. However, soon after, the corner of Chen Ran's mouth revealed a smile as he said:

"How could I dare to question Patriarch Nine's words? But if Patriarch does not pursue this matter, could Patriarch Nine be magnanimous enough to allow us to see this time?"

"Oh? If Head really doesn't pursue the matter, I can indeed spare him once. " Chen Feng nodded.

"Then can Ninth Elder allow this little girl to give you some advice for a moment?" Chen Ran said casually.

Chen Ran called him master, and from his words, it seemed as though he was extremely sure that Chen Yu would not pursue the matter, which made Chen Yu, who was at the side, extremely unhappy.

He was truly arrogant!

Chen Yu, whose face was extremely cold, saw Chen Ran turn around and walk towards him.

"Ninth Elder, I will not accept anyone's dissuasion. Elder, please be official and take care of this matter, and tell us what you want to say to get out of the Compendium Pavilion!"



In the entire library, everyone's gazes were on Chen Yu and Chen Ran.

At this moment, Chen Ran's feet were suspended in the air. She was unable to enter, unable to retreat. Her pretty face was flushed red with embarrassment!

Face smacking!

It was an undisguised slap to the face!

Chen Ran only felt that he was like a parrot with its feathers plucked out, exposing its ugly side to the crowd!

"Hehe!" Ninth Elder Chen Feng laughed sinisterly, looking at the statement, his voice was cold: "Do you still need me to ask you to leave!?"


After giving Chen Yu a fierce look, the narration left the library with endless unwillingness and resentment.

After a long while, when the crowd finally dispersed and there were only Chen Ran and Chen Yu left, Chen Ran spoke with a cold expression: "Chen Yu, do you know what you have done?! You have provoked an enemy you cannot afford to offend! "

"You are Chen Jian Xing's right-hand man, and you will definitely offend him today, have you thought about the consequences?!" When he said that, Chen Ran was still expressionless, and he did not look at Chen Yu.

"What is the result? Chen Jian Xing will personally find trouble with me?! "

Chen Yu looked at Chen Ran with disdain, and unknowingly, his lips curled into a mocking smile.

"Chen Jian Xing is also a name that you can call directly?" Hearing that, Chen Ran became furious, looked straight at Chen Yu, and said word by word:

"Chen Yu, do you know that you, who are the most talented out of everyone in the same generation in the Tong Ye Town, are only an ordinary person in the Chen family's main sect? "You need to understand that there are some people that you don't have the right to offend ?"

Laughing, Chen Yu interrupted Chen Ran and said: "The 'some people' that you're referring to, are you referring to Chen Jian Xing?!"

Facing Chen Yu's disdainful look, Chen Ran's face revealed a trace of anger:

"Chen Yu, for the last time, I'll advise you to kowtow to the Sword Star and admit your wrongs. Otherwise, you will never have a chance to set foot in the main sect of the Chen Family!"

"Kowtow in apology?" How laughable! " Chen Yu laughed coldly: "With his name, I'm afraid he is not qualified!"

Chen Yu's words caused a layer of frost to cover Chen Ran's face.

"Chen Yu, you are truly ridiculous for being so ignorant, the Sword Star is the main sect of the Chen Family, one of the top three ordinary disciples, and his cultivation has reached the peak of the third level of the martial way. He is a genius who can cultivate inner strength at any time."

"In front of him, you are just like the light of a firefly. Compared to the sun, moon, and stars, Swordstar only needs a single sword strike to kill you. Isn't he qualified?!"

Chen Yu's face was gloomy, and he said coldly: "That's why you rushed into his embrace, and because you were afraid that I would speak of what had happened previously, take the initiative to spread rumors, and ruin my reputation!?"

Chen Ran was stunned for a moment before his eyes lit up and he said, "Brother Jian Xing's martial talent is extraordinary and his cultivation is profound. It's very likely that he will become the number one ordinary disciple in the Clan Competition three months from now and enter the core disciples of the Chen family. His future is limitless!"

"I can do anything for him. I hope you don't hate me."

"Of course I don't hate you." Chen Yu said indifferently.

His words caused Chen Ran to be startled, but Chen Yu's following words made Chen Ran extremely embarrassed and angry.

"Only with love can there be hatred. I don't even have the slightest feeling towards you, what's there to talk about hate!?" Soon after, Chen Yu continued:

"As for the incomparably outstanding Chen Jianxing in your eyes, I don't care. In the Family Competition three months from now, I will prove myself to you!"

Chen Ran was furious, "Chen Yu, you are just a frog at the bottom of a well, you don't even know what Fourth Stage of the Martial Dao it means. In the Family Competition, Sword Star will certainly enter the realm of Fourth Stage of the Martial Dao.

"Ridiculous!?" Facing Chen Ran's extremely cold expression, Chen Yu said confidently:

"Chen Ran, in three months, I will let you know that the one who is truly laughable is you!"

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