Invincible God King/C11 The Secret of Cultivation Techniques
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Invincible God King/C11 The Secret of Cultivation Techniques
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C11 The Secret of Cultivation Techniques

In the Compendium Pavilion, time seemed to pass by swiftly.

An hour seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye.

During this time, Chen Yu used the power of mysterious will and memorized five secret manuals.

These five secret manuals were:

High Ranked Fist Art Secret Scripture: One Thought Dragon Fist.

This was the remnant of a high-grade body tempering secret manual, the Mysterious Sky Forbidden Spell.

Advanced Hidden Weapons Secret Art, Twilight Flower's Blood Scene.

Normal footwork manual, Drifting Cloud Steps

Ordinary Qi Cultivation Secret Art, Spirit Treasure Scripture.

After leaving the clan's Book Collection Vault, Chen Yu did not proceed with his cultivation as usual and instead prepared to return home to share the good news of him advancing to the second stage of the Martial Dao with his parents.

However, when Chen Yu returned to the home in the Tong Ye Town, he realized that there was no one there.

Instead, it was their neighbors who told Chen Yu with envious eyes and flattering smiles that because Chen Yu had advanced to the second stage of the Martial Dao, the Chen family had already brought Chen Yu's parents to Sky Sun City and arranged for a medicine store owner to be the one to make them for Chen Yu's father.

After learning all of this, Chen Yu was first stunned, then relieved.

Since he was able to advance to the 2nd level of the Martial Dao at the age of thirteen or fourteen, his future was limitless. Then the Chen family would naturally be able to win over his parents in advance.

Indeed, in this world, martial arts cultivation determined everything!

This small episode further solidified Chen Yu's belief in pursuing the limits of the martial way!

Returning to the Kai Yang City, Chen Yu asked around and soon found his father's medicine store, which was following the directions.

Outside the door, Chen Yu saw his father's busy figure and abundant smile, and felt that he had chosen the right path.

In the evening, after the medicine shop closed, Chen Yu and his father returned to Kai Yang City's new home.

This house was also given to Chen Yu's parents by his clan. With just a glance, Chen Yu could tell that this house was at least three times bigger than his little house in Tong Ye Town.

Moreover, the price was completely different.

As the family ate together at the dining table, Chen Yu's parents repeatedly confirmed that Chen Yu had indeed broken through to the second stage of the Martial Dao Realm.

To be honest, these past few days, the two of them felt as if they were in a dream.

They were truly afraid that one day, someone would come and tell them that their family had made a mistake, and everything would go back to normal.

Upon learning that their son had achieved such good results in the martial way, the parents were finally relieved.

They were basically satisfied with their current lives and did not have any extravagant demands.

They only hoped that their son could live a peaceful life in the future.

The next day, Chen Yu bid farewell to his parents, and returned to the sect to continue cultivating.

After all, he was running out of time.

In the Family Competition three months from now, there would be a battle between him and Chen Jian Xing.

In the clan's martial arena, after Chen Yu finished his preparations to cultivate, he began to practice the few martial skills he had memorized from the Book Collection Vault.

He activated the mysterious will in his body and the contents of the "One Thought Dragon Fist", "Mysterious Sky Forbidden Technique" and "Soul Transformation Treasure Scripture" appeared in Chen Yu's mind.

At that time, the reason why Chen Yu had chosen these three secret manuals was because he had discovered during the process of using the mysterious will memory martial skill, that cultivating these three types of martial skill at the same time could have an unexpected effect.

Although the three secret manuals that Chen Yu had memorized were incomplete, Chen Yu did not mind at all. He spent an hour in the clan's Book Collection Hall to memorize the three martial skills.

This was because the mysterious will in his body had another special ability, which was to deduce martial arts.

In merely the time it took to make a cup of tea, Chen Yu had completely deduced the seventh stage of the "One Thought Dragon Fist".

The seven realms are:

The first movement, Dragon Seeking Art! Before the punch had arrived, it was already devastating!

The second movement, Dragon Transformation skill! With his moves wide open, it was a battle of life and death!

The third movement, Dragon Transformation skill! Straight away throwing out a punch, abandoning all the mysteries, returning to its original nature!

The fourth movement, [Berserk Dragon Art]! This move emphasized on the word "collapse". Before the fist had arrived, the intent had already been broken!

The fifth movement, Furious Dragon Spell! When the punch was thrown out, it created a hundred shadow shadows. The shadow of the fist exploded in the air, and the force behind the punch was able to injure a person a hundred meters into nothingness!

The sixth movement, True Dragon Art! When the punch is thrown, life and death will be decided. Either the enemy dies, or I die!

The seventh movement was the Ascending Dragon Spell! To transform the force into the dragon, its aura was boundless, it was the final profound meaning of the One Thought Dragon Fist!

The "One Thought Dragon Fist" 's Seven Styles Fist Art corresponded to the cultivation level of the Seventh Stage of the Martial Dao respectively. Currently, Chen Yu who was at the second stage of the Martial Dao could only use the first two moves for the time being.

However, just by practicing the Dragon Seeking Art and the Dragon Transformation skill, Chen Yu could already feel the immense power of the "One Thought Dragon Fist".

At the same time, Chen Yu discovered that as a high level martial skill, "One Thought Dragon Fist" could improve the blood vitality in his body by several times more than the basic martial skill "Dragon Seizing Hand".

One had to know that strong qi and blood was the basis for cultivating true qi. Also, the cultivation of true qi was the sign of advancing into the Fourth Stage of the Martial Dao realm.

In other words, as long as Chen Yu could train One Thought Dragon Fist and level up his Fourth Stage of the Martial Dao, it was only a matter of time.

Furthermore, according to the mysterious will's deduction, while cultivating the "One Thought Dragon Fist", he would also cultivate the "Mysterious Sky Forbidden Technique" and "Soul Transformation Treasure Scripture", which could shorten the time it took for Chen Yu to upgrade his Fourth Stage of the Martial Dao to the minimum.

Cultivating these three arts at the same time not only increased the amount of Chen Yu's physique, Innate Qi, and vital energy and blood, but also increased the possibility of Chen Yu comprehending the true qi of martial arts.

This was the chance that the mysterious will had brought to Chen Yu!

Thinking about that, Chen Yu's mouth raised into a smile, and while he was training the "One Thought Dragon Fist", the True Qi in his body started to follow the "Spirit Transformation Treasure Scripture" and the "Mysterious Sky Forbidden Technique" and started to cultivate.

After training like this, Chen Yu felt that after practicing the "Spirit Transformation Treasure Scripture", the True Qi in his body had actually increased the power on his fist by 10%!

At the same time, the cultivation of the Mysterious Heaven Forbidden Technique had also caused the blood energy in his body to become stronger.


The punch was accompanied by the roar of a dragon.

This casual punch, was actually stronger than Chen Yu's full strength punch from before by thirty percent!

For the rest of the afternoon, Chen Yu trained non-stop, practicing martial arts, qi training, and training the body.

After the sun had set, Chen Yu looked at himself and realised that in just half a day of cultivation, he had actually increased the amount of true energy and blood in his body by one fold!

It had to be known that according to the descriptions in the "Spirit Transformation Scripture" and "Mysterious Sky Forbidden Technique", if a martial artist at the second level of the Martial Dao wanted to achieve such an effect, they would need at least ten days of hard work.

Who would have thought that the conclusion derived from the mysterious will would actually be so powerful!?

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