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C12 Trouble

Time quickly flowed by as Chen Yu cultivated assiduously.

In the blink of an eye, ten days had passed.

In these ten days of time, Chen Yu successfully cultivated the "Mysterious Sky Forbidden Technique" to the great perfection of the first level.

This caused the blood vitality in Chen Yu's body to become more than thirty percent stronger than before.

At the same time, the Great Perfection of the first layer of the "Spirit Transformation Treasure Scripture" had also increased the strength of the True Qi in Chen Yu's body by 30%.

After another half a day, Chen Yu finally cultivated both the "Spiritual Transformation Treasure Scripture" and the "Mysterious Sky Forbidden Technique" to the peak of the first level before his progress slowed down slightly.

At this point, the blood vitality of Chen Yu's body had increased by at least fifty percent.

With the support of the "Spirit Transformation Treasure Scripture" and the "Mysterious Sky Forbidden Technique", the power of Chen Yu's One Thought Dragon Fist was also extremely shocking.

The power of the first form of the Dragon Searching Method was already enough to suppress the second stage of the martial way, Chen Rui's "Seventeenth Kill of the Raging Python".

The second move, the Dragon Transformation skill, was even more terrifying. If he used his full strength, he could even contend against experts at the third stage of the Martial Dao!

At the same time, after training "One Thought Dragon Fist", "Spirit Transformation Treasure Scripture" and "Mysterious Sky Forbidden Technique" together, Chen Yu's cultivation also soared rapidly. In merely ten days, his cultivation had already risen from an early stage to a late stage of the second stage of the martial arts.

He believed that as long as he cultivated step by step for another ten days, his cultivation would surely be able to advance to the peak of the second level of the Martial Dao and break through to the third level of the Martial Dao at any time!

Thinking about it, Chen Yu was filled with anticipation for his future.

Today, for the first time ever, Chen Yu did not go to the training grounds to cultivate.

It was mainly because Chen Yu was preparing to start training the other two secret manuals, "Flowery Blood Scene" and "Floating Cloud Steps".

"Flowing Cloud Steps" was a secret footwork technique. One could practice it in any open area.

However, the "Ephemeral Blood Scene" was not good. As a secret technique for practicing the "Ephemeral Blood Scene", one must have a suitable hidden weapon.

Regarding the choice of hidden weapons, the first thing Chen Yu thought of was throwing daggers.

In order to create the appropriate throwing knives, Chen Yu would have to walk around using the weapon manual in Kai Yang City.

By the way, he also wanted to go home and visit his parents, so that he could briefly explain to them the results of his efforts during this period of time.

After cleaning up, Chen Yu quickly went to the most famous weapon shop in Kai Yang City, "Treasure Pavilion".

This main weapon shop was very famous in the Kai Yang City, it almost monopolized 60% of the armors trades here.

The weapons here were famous for their high price and high quality. Almost every martial artist who searched for a weapon would first choose this "Treasure Pavilion".

When Chen Yu saw the signboard of the "Treasure Pavilion", he walked in without hesitation.

The shopkeeper of the Treasure Pavilion looked to be around thirty years old.

His image was gentle, humble, calm and honest, with a bit of cunning unique to businessmen.

He, who was originally seated stably behind the counter, could already tell with a glance that Chen Yu's clothing was extraordinary with just one glance. He was no ordinary commoner, so he immediately walked out from behind the counter and personally went forward to receive his.

With regards to the shopkeeper's enthusiasm, Chen Yu did not mind at all. Instead, he gave a cursory glance at his surroundings.

He discovered that the weapons on display here were all top-notch, but unfortunately, there were very few projectiles.

But Chen Yu was not disappointed, and turned to the shopkeeper and asked:

"Manager, I wonder if we can customize a weapon here?"

When the middle-aged shopkeeper heard this, he smiled and said, "As long as the requirements are not too high, you can customize them! Is that the weapon that Young Master needs to customize? "

Chen Yu smiled and did not reply. He walked over to the counter and took out two pieces of yellow paper and a brush, he then started to draw.

In a short while, the design of a throwing knife was already drawn on the paper.

Following that, Chen Yu left the brush in his hand and, according to the "Twilight Flower's Blood Scene" and the flying dagger description, said:

"The requirements of this saber are two inches long and as thin as a cicada's wing. The blade was made of fine steel, and a gram of pure gold was mixed into the blade. I want 30 of these knives! How long will it take to create these? "

When the shopkeeper heard this, he pondered for a moment before smiling bitterly:

"The throwing knives that Young Master requested are quite exquisite. Although my store can forge them, if I want them to be accurate, it will take at least seven days."

After Chen Yu heard this, he nodded his head slightly. "Treasure Pavilion" was indeed the best weapon in the Kai Yang City. The seven days of time had already far surpassed his expectations.

Chen Yu nodded his head in satisfaction: "Alright, then I will come to pick up the goods in seven days. This is for the deposit!"

With that, Chen Yu threw away the hundred silver and turned to leave.

After leaving the "Treasure Pavilion", Chen Yu headed towards the "Medical Shop" that was located on the same street.

When he arrived at the medicine store, he was told that his father had gone out to stock up. It would be a while before he returned.

Thus, Chen Yu went to the medicine store's back room to rest.

This Shun Kang Medicinal Store was located not far from the south gate.

Due to the high price of the land within the city, the medicine store was not too big, whether it was the front or back of the store.

Maybe it was because of the small scale of the business, or because of Chen Yu's father's talent in management, but it seemed that he was much more orderly than the other medicinal stores in the city.

Although the acolytes and servants that came and went seemed to be very busy, their work was very orderly, and did not fall into disorder at all due to the absence of the shopkeeper.

Chen Yu did not bother anymore as he walked into an empty room.

Just as Chen Yu closed his eyes and was about to take a nap, his ears suddenly twitched, and he heard sounds of fighting from the front hall.

Frowning, Chen Yu pushed open the door and walked towards the direction of the hall.

Halfway there, he coincidentally met a shop assistant who ran towards him with an anxious expression.

When the waiter recounted the whole situation to Chen Yu, a sharp light flashed across Chen Yu's eyes.

"There's actually an outsider in the Kai Yang City, and is causing trouble in my Chen family's shop?!" "Hehe, this is truly rare!"

Chen Yu was truly shocked, after all, this was the Kai Yang City's Chen family's shop.

In the entire Kai Yang City, other than the Chen Clan members who wielded great power, he was the only one who could suppress others with her power.

Even if it was someone whose martial arts cultivation had already reached the martial artist realm, as long as they wasn't a member of the Chen family, they would still have to stay in the city with their tails between their legs. Who would dare to cause trouble for their Chen family's store?

"Young Master, among the people that have come to cause trouble this time, there might be members of the Chen Clan as a shield!"

"A disciple of the Chen Clan's main sect?!"

After hearing those words, Chen Yu's face finally started to turn serious ?

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