Invincible God King/C13 Blackmail?
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Invincible God King/C13 Blackmail?
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C13 Blackmail?

The Kai Yang City was the home sect of the Chen Family, so it was common to see the figures of the Chen Family disciples in the Kai Yang City.

At this moment, a few beautiful girls from the Chen Clan at the southern gate attracted the attention of a large number of passersby.

"Big Sister Xin'er, there are a lot of people over there. Is there something happening? Let's go take a look."

The one who spoke was a thirteen year old girl.

At this age, boys and girls were interested in a lively age, so when they saw a crowd surrounding a medicine store, the youngest girl suggested that they go and watch the liveliness.

"Fine." The young girl called Xin'er nodded and followed her little sisters to the medicine store in front of them.

The most unexpected thing was that Xin'er had just appeared and had already caused a sensation.

"Look, it's Chen Xiner!"

"That genius young girl who cultivated to the third level of the Martial Dao at the age of thirteen."

"And the rarest thing is that not only is her cultivation extremely high, her appearance is also extremely beautiful. She's the most beautiful out of the three great beauties of Kai Yang City."

The moment Chen Xiner appeared, the disciples of the Chen family recognized him.

These thirteen and fourteen year old youngsters, after seeing Chen Xiner, all of their eyes were sluggish, their eyes unable to shift at all.

Her impeccable temperament, noble demeanor, and spirited eyes all gave her the demeanor of a goddess.

Facing the burning gazes of the crowd, Chen Xiner frowned.

She really didn't like that look.

When Chen Xiner revealed this displeased expression, a few of the youths immediately retracted their gazes. They did not dare to look Chen Xiner in the eye, as they were afraid that their rudeness would attract the young girl's disgust.

It was also at this time that Chen Yu walked out from the medicine store's back hall.

On the way to the front hall of the shop, Chen Yu pretty much found out what was going on from the shop assistant's mouth.

It was probably a common blackmail scene where a group of people carried a heavily injured person and blocked the entrance of the medicine store. They claimed that the injured person was someone who had taken the medicine from the medicine store, but not only did his injury not recover, he was even left with a single breath, and was about to die!

Coincidentally, when these people arrived at the medicine store, 'coincidentally', they met a few Chen family disciples led by Chen Jian Xing.

Thus, this matter that could have been easily dealt with had become abnormally troublesome to deal with.

When Chen Yu arrived at the great hall, the first thing he saw was a pale-faced middle-aged man lying on a stretcher in front of the door.

There were four to five burly big men standing next to the injured person. They all seemed to be cultivators with a certain level of cultivation.

Their eyes were full of sharpness, as if they were ready to make trouble at any moment.

However, this was the Chen family's territory after all, and the medicine store was the Chen family's property. As an outsider, when these people saw that the onlookers were all members of the Chen family, they didn't dare act rashly.

At the very least, they would have to wait until their side was in control before they could take action.

Glancing at his father who was arguing with him, Chen Yu looked over and saw that the entire entrance of the shop had been surrounded so tightly that not even a drop of water could trickle through.

To the left of the crowd was Chen Xiner and a few other girls.

The moment he saw Chen Xiner, even Chen Yu's eyes lit up.

As the most talented girl in the family, Chen Yu naturally knew Chen Xiner.

Now that he had personally seen her, Chen Yu had no choice but to admit that Chen Xiner was indeed beautiful, and the most rare thing was that there was a kind of elegant and refined temperament on her, allowing her to stand out amongst the crowd like a crane amongst a flock of chickens, allowing others to recognize her existence at a glance.

However, Chen Yu's eyes only flashed across Chen Xiner's body, because his target was not Chen Xiner.

Chen Yu's minute movements did not escape his eyes.

When he saw Chen Yu, his eyes lit up. He couldn't help but feel slightly annoyed.

But then, Chen Xiner realized that Chen Yu's eyes were only filled with amazement, she did not have any other thoughts.

Furthermore, after he shifted his gaze away from her, Chen Xiner's gaze was involuntarily attracted by Chen Yu.

She was very curious as to who the target Chen Yu was searching for.

Very quickly, Chen Xiner noticed that her gaze landed on another group of Chen family disciples.

Among these people, the person in the lead was a young man clad in white. He had a handsome appearance and a special, arrogant aura.

This person was none other than the son of the Chen Clan's Third Elder, Chen Jianxing.

Chen Jianxing's cultivation was ranked in the top three among all the ordinary disciples of the Chen family.

With his cultivation level and strength, in the Family Competition three months later, he would be a strong competitor for the first place in the ordinary disciples.

Next to Chen Jian Xing was another of the Chen family's top disciples, Chen Chong.

This person's cultivation was also not simple, moreover he had used the family's high grade martial skill, "Wild Python Seventeen Killing Strike!" After reaching the tenth level of cultivation, one's fist techniques could be ranked among the top three among the ordinary disciples in the clan.

As for the other two people standing beside Chen Jian Xing, they were's' old acquaintances'.

One of them was Chen Rui who had been instantly killed by Chen Yu, the other was the statement of how he had been chased out of the clan's Book Collection Vault by Chen Yu.

At the moment, the two of them were watching Chen Yu's father argue with someone with a smile that was not a smile.

"City Lord, please uphold justice?! I say, shopkeeper, you have a good idea! Who doesn't know that your Chen Family is the overlord of this Kai Yang City? I'm afraid even the city lord does not dare to preside over this justice! "

Having said that, the leader of the group cupped his hands in salute towards the crowd and said:

"Please give us your judgment!" Debt for money, murder to repay for life, the medicine from the Medicine Shop had caused my brother's life to be in danger, are they still not allowing me, Huang Xu, to say those words!? "

"This is truly funny. When have I ever said that I wouldn't compensate you?!" Chen Yu's father said without changing his expression:

"I will say this again. As long as you can take out the evidence, this person's injuries are caused by the medicine I took. Not only will I pay for the treatment, I will even pay a heavy price for it!"

"Well said, so what if we bring out the evidence? Isn't it something that can be easily rejected with just a single 'medicine'? " Following that, Huang Xu said with a face full of anger:

"Shopkeeper, I wonder if you dare to let me inspect your family's medicine in front of everyone here?!"

When Chen Yu's father heard this, his lips curled up into a cold smile.

"If you don't trust me, how can I trust you?!"

"No matter what you say, you all are not willing to admit it, right?" While talking, Huang Xu took a few more steps forward, the blood veins in his eyes could clearly be seen.

As he spoke, he brandished his fist ferociously.

The fierce fist wind was only half a foot away from Chen Yu's father's face!

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