Invincible God King/C14 You want to leave?
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Invincible God King/C14 You want to leave?
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C14 You want to leave?

Want to leave?

"You can give it a try!" A youth's voice sounded.

Soon after, Chen Yu also slowly walked over from within the crowd.

Although there was a smile on his face, the powerful aura that spread out from him made everyone know that if Huang Xu dared to attack him, this young man would not be courteous to him.

Chen Yu had already observed the situation from the shadows. If he allowed Huang Xu to continue pestering him, it would be even more disadvantageous for his father's pharmacy.

The person who set up the plan was indeed a good person. This blackmail might not be their final goal.

If they were allowed to cause a ruckus, it would definitely be endless trouble in the future.

Very quickly, Chen Yu was standing in front of his father.

"You dare to behave so atrociously in my Chen family in Kai Yang City, I think you don't want to live anymore!"

Once he appeared, Chen Yu's words seemed to attract everyone's attention.

There were people in the crowd who were scornful, people who were sneering, and people who didn't understand what was going on.

However, Chen Yu ignored everyone's reaction. He only stood on the stairs and looked down coldly at the man in front of him whose name was Huang Xu.

"Huang Xu, let me ask you one last thing. Are you going to leave by yourself, or are you going to be carried out by someone else?! "

Huang Xu was stunned upon hearing this, he did not seem to have expected Chen Yu to use his power to suppress others!

However, in the next moment, he reacted. Even though he did not dare to make a move against Chen Yu's father, his attitude still appeared to be overbearing:

"My brother originally saw that your medicine store's reputation was not bad, that's why he came here to buy medicine, I didn't think that you would sell fake medicine here, now that my brother has eaten your medicine store's medicine, he's seriously injured and on the verge of death, not only are you not going to compensate him, you're even planning on using your power to bully others?!" "Fine, I want to see how you guys will let us get out of here in front of all these people!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the few robust men behind Huang Xu all pressed down onto his waist at the same time.

The entire medicine store's entrance was filled with sharp swords.

Facing several people's coercion, Chen Yu said fearlessly: "Huang Xu, I have a method, but like you said, publicly verify the injuries on your brother's body, and whether or not it was caused by taking my Shunkang Medicine Shop's injury, do you dare to try it?!"

"Why would I not dare?!" Huang Xu replied.

"Don't be in such a hurry to agree to my request. I'm not done yet!" Following that, Chen Yu's voice was filled with ice-cold killing intent:

"If the results of the verification prove that your brother's injury was caused by medicine sold by our medicine store, we will lose our lives here. If you didn't, you would have insulted my shop and my Chen family's reputation. I want you to stay here with your life!"

Chen Yu's words immediately caused the already restless environment present to become somewhat dull.

On the left side of the crowd, the group of people whom Chen Yu had been secretly paying attention to all this while also had different expressions.

Chen Xiner's face revealed a tinge of admiration.

On the other hand, Chen Rui, who was originally observing coldly from the sidelines, had an angry look on his face.

However, what Chen Yu was most concerned about, was Chen Jianxin. He only saw that this young man, who had a deep experience in the city, still had not a single expression on his face.

On the other hand, Huang Xu, who was in front of him, had a face full of astonishment, as if he did not dare believe Chen Yu's words.

The men behind him were even more flustered.

"What, you don't dare?!" Chen Yu said coldly.

Hearing that, Huang Xu's heart was even more uncertain, his gaze involuntarily turned towards Chen Jian Xing and the rest.

Although his movements were concealed, in Chen Yu's eyes, it was as if he did not fall down at all.

"It was really Chen Jianxing and the others who caused it!" Chen Yu silently said in his heart.

However, when Chen Jian Xing looked at Huang Xu sternly, Huang Xu also gritted his teeth and said: "Why would I not dare to, tell me, how do I test it!?"

"With your blood, of course!"

Before even finishing his words, Chen Yu had already disappeared.

But when Chen Yu reappeared, what followed was a miserable scream.


His sternum completely shattered.

At the same time, Huang Xu spat out a huge mouthful of blood.

Besides painful groans, an expression of disbelief flashed in Huang Xu's eyes.

How is this possible?!

Didn't they say that Chen Yu's cultivation was only at the first stage of the Martial Dao?

How could this be the first level of martial arts? He had clearly reached the strong standard of the second stage of martial arts!

"Dragon Seizing Hand?" Shocked exclamations could be heard from the crowd.

As a disciple of the Chen family, he naturally recognized this most basic martial skill.

However, this most common technique, made Chen Yu use an extremely tyrannical effect.

"You, you, what are you trying to do!?"

Huang Xu felt the fear of death, and at this moment, his voice was already hoarse and hoarse from fear.

"Use your injuries to verify the medicine I gave to the medicine store." Chen Yu spoke slowly, but it was precisely his attitude that made Huang Xu feel even more fear.

Because the look in Chen Yu's eyes, was akin to that of a blade of grass.

"I didn't expect you to be so vicious at such a young age!" After a long while, Huang Xu said with difficulty, his voice a little shaky.

However, in the face of Huang Xu's despair, Chen Yu continued to speak with an unhurried tone of voice.

"I'm afraid you've misunderstood. What my family does is a medicine store, we can't do anything like killing people. We're just discussing the effects of medicine in a friendly atmosphere ?"

Hearing that, Huang Xu was startled at first, but then frowned: "Exploring? "What kind of discussion is this?!"

"As for the medicine in our store, will it worsen our injuries?" After he finished speaking, Chen Yu once again heavily stepped on Huang Xu's body.

Huang Xu, who was lying on the ground, was almost out of breath. With such injuries, he could only go back home and prepare for future events.

However, Chen Yu took the medicine in his hand and pointed it at his medicine shop. He walked in front of Huang Xu and once again examined his wounds before nodding with satisfaction: "This kind of injury, is quite convincing."

"?" When the crowd heard these heartless words, they all felt a chill run down their spines.

"Alright, eat this. Let's see how effective it is."

With the support of Chen Yu, Huang Xu struggled to get up, and then, with even more difficulty, swallowed the medicine. From start to finish, Huang Xu didn't dare to even glance at Chen Yu once.

Without a doubt, Chen Yu's killing intent from before had completely scared him out of his wits.

After an hour had passed, the effects of the medicine gradually appeared, and the wounds on Huang Xu's body began to heal.

After another hour, although Huang Xu's injuries were still extremely severe, they were no longer fatal.

At this moment, anyone could see that the healing effect of this medicine was excellent, and it was absolutely impossible for it to aggravate one's injuries.

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