Invincible God King/C15 Again Instant Kill
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Invincible God King/C15 Again Instant Kill
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C15 Again Instant Kill

Huang Xu did not dare to stay any longer at the entrance of the medicine store. When he was able to stand up, he was prepared to lead his group of subordinates and leave in a dejected manner.

However, a voice that made him terrified suddenly rang out from behind him:

"Wait, Huang Xu, are you prepared to leave just like that?"

Following that, Chen Yu slowly walked towards Huang Xu, enunciating every word:

"Like I said, if it is really a problem with the medicine store's medicine, then we will repay you with our lives. If it is not, then we will have you all stay here with your lives!"

With that, Chen Yu looked at Huang Xu with extreme seriousness: "Whose life are you planning to keep!?"

Chen Yu's words were like the cold wind of hell, causing people to feel chills all over their body.

Not only Huang Xu and the others, even the medicine store's protective guards and the surrounding spectators all had a slight change in expression.

As for Huang Xu, who bore the brunt of the impact, he could only feel a wave of extremely terrifying aura, which caused his blood and Qi to churn ?

"Ugh ?" He couldn't help but vomit a mouthful of blood.

When Huang Xu raised his head to look at Chen Yu again, he felt that this thirteen or fourteen year old youth in front of him had an extremely strong aura.

How is this possible?!

For a moment, Huang Xu couldn't help but retreat.

Thump thump thump

After a few steps, Huang Xu was so scared that he fell on his butt!

Chen Yu knew that Huang Xu had been completely scared out of his wits.

In Chen Yu's eyes, such a person was already as light as dust.

At this moment, Chen Yu's attention was completely focused on Chen Jian Xing and his group.

He had been using the corner of his eyes to observe Chen Jianxin and the others.

Suddenly, Chen Yu's eyes narrowed imperceptibly.

It was only because with Huang Xu's collapse, Chen Jian Xing and his men could no longer hold it in.


With an explosive shout, the first person who stood out was Chen Rui, who had previously been defeated by one of Chen Yu's "Dragon Seizing Hand".

Did they really come?!

Chen Yu smiled, and then said sarcastically: "What? You lost to me, and you still have the face to appear in front of me?! "

"Bullshit!" You just happened to win against me by one move. Do you really think I'm afraid of you? " Chen Rui was furious with Chen Yu's words.

The corner of Chen Yu's lips curled up imperceptibly, his expression still as domineering as ever.

"Speak, Chen Rui, what do you want to do now?!"

"Nothing, I just feel that you want to kill someone without saying a word. Isn't this punishing too much?"

"Hahaha!" Without waiting for Chen Rui to finish speaking, Chen Yu interrupted him with a burst of laughter.

"Chen Rui, we warriors train our martial skills, is it to reason with others?!" Pausing, a sharp light shot out from Chen Yu's eyes:

"If I am strong, then reason will stand on my side. Not to mention taking his life, even if I threw his corpse into the wilderness, no one would dare to say anything!"

"What a great theory: the strong is respected, and the weak is just an ant." At this time, even Dugu Xingfeng stood out from the crowd and said:

"Brother Chen Rui, since Chen Yu thinks that the logic is on the side of the strong, why do you need to reason with this kind of person, isn't it better if you use your fists to reason with him? According to what I know, the reason why your 'Raging Python Seventeen Killing' was cultivated to the fifth level was precisely to teach this kid that doesn't know his limits a lesson! "

"If you want to make a move, don't beat around the bush." After he finished speaking, Chen Yu slowly stood in front of Chen Rui, and said indifferently: "Chen Rui, let me tell you, what is a truly strong person!"

"Haha, just with trash like you? I can smash you with one hand! " After he finished speaking, Chen Rui pushed his aura up to the limit, and said fiercely: "Chen Yu, this time, I won't be careless. If you insist on courting death, I'll grant you that wish."

"That's right, Chen Rui, let him know how powerful you are!" The other Chen Family sect master, a young genius, jeered on the spot: "Maybe Chen Yu thought that he didn't win by a fluke last time, and thought that he was an expert!"

"Haha, Chen Rui, wake Chen Yu up, don't let him live in his dreams!"

"Chen Rui, if we don't teach the trash of our branch a lesson, they will not know what's good for them and embarrass our clan."

At this time, some of the Chen family disciples who were standing beside Chen Jian Xing started laughing out loud, ridiculing Chen Yu.

"You must be tired of living!"

Chen Yu stood with his hands behind his back, and looked around the place with a sharp gaze: "I will remember the few people that you guys laugh the most about. I will break your legs one by one in the Family Competition three months from now, and then, I will see if you guys can still laugh or not!"

"Bullsh * t."

Chen Rui's pupils contracted, his entire body suddenly erupted with a venomous cold aura, with both of his palms attacking, the cold aura enveloped Chen Yu's head.

"Wild Python Seventeen Killing Strikes, Fourth Kill, Wild Python Swallowing the Heavens!"

This was the most explosive move of the 'Wild Python Seventeen Killing Strikes'. The palm power contained the power of ice, and whoever was hit immediately had all the meridians in his body freeze, turning him into a zombie!

Evidently, this time Chen Rui had already trained the "Wild Python Seventeen Killings" to the maximum.

In his view, his own moves were completely flawless, even if Chen Yu's luck was heaven defying, she would definitely not be his match.

Unfortunately, in Chen Yu's eyes, the move that he thought to be flawless, was filled with loopholes.

"A mere python is an earthworm in front of a True Dragon!"

The moment Chen Rui's cold Qi arrived in front of Chen Yu, he made his move!

"One Thought Dragon Fist, Dragon Searching Art!"

The punch was like a dragon. Before it had arrived, the winds from the punch were already raging!

In this instant, Chen Rui only felt the air in front of him exploding inch by inch.

On the other side, a wave of fiendish aura caused him to feel suffocated. This was a vast dragon's might that came from the heavens!


It was like the Soaring Dragon Nine Prefectures!

The ground shook, a wave of blazing energy instantly scattered Chen Rui's cold Qi.

The powerful fist force landed on Chen Rui's chest in the blink of an eye!


Chen Rui instinctively sensed danger.

The hairs on his body had all stood on end, and there was no time to think about it. Chen Rui's expression changed drastically, and in a matter of seconds, he placed both of his arms across his chest and roared: "Python Bind!"

An ice-cold power formed a line of defense in front of Chen Rui.

However, the defensive power was like paper in front of the One Thought Dragon Fist.

Just as Chen Rui finished his roar, Chen Yu's fist struck heavily on his chest.

Chen Rui only felt as if he had been struck by a huge dragon.

His entire body was sent flying into the air in a flash, flying straight out of the crowd.

The blood drew an arc in the air.


When Chen Rui landed on the stone floor, he was instantly killed.

He stared straight at Chen Yu, and before he could even say the word "you", he fainted.

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