Invincible God King/C16 Zhan Chen Chong
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Invincible God King/C16 Zhan Chen Chong
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C16 Zhan Chen Chong

One move!

Another instant kill!

However, this time, no one thought Chen Yu was lucky.

Being able to beat Chen Rui, who was at the peak of the second stage of the Martial Dao, to the point of suffering a fate worse than death, was sufficient proof of Chen Yu's strength.

One had to know that Chen Rui was not some trash. Even if he met an expert at the third level of the Martial Dao, he would not be in such a sorry state.

Amongst the crowd, the eyes of the young ladies from the Chen Clan were already dumbstruck.

Chen Xiner could not help but mutter:

"This Chen Yu is using a high level skill, 'One Thought Dragon Fist'. However, just by relying on 'One Thought Dragon Fist', I am afraid it is unable to achieve such a strong power. He must have cultivated some other cultivation technique, combined with the 'One Thought Dragon Fist', his power will increase exponentially."

After hearing what Chen Xiner had said, another young girl could not help but ask curiously:

"But big sister Xin'er, Chen Rui's cultivation is higher than Chen Yu's, and he is also training in a high level martial arts, how could he lose?!"

Chen Xiner analyzed: "Wild Python Seventeen Killing". Although it was also a high level martial art, Chen Rui used it very stiffly, and could only use its shape, not its meaning. However, Chen Yu is different. Watching her punches cultivate "One Thought Dragon Fist" to the large success stage, when compared to others, naturally Chen Yu will have the upper hand! "

After hearing Chen Xiner's words, the girls all looked at Chen Yu in a different light.

As a young girl, she was the age when girls had an endless yearning for the strong.

Chen Yu already had a good appearance. In addition to the strong temperament that he gained from cultivating the martial way, he was especially attractive in the eyes of many girls.

Chen Yu probably never would have thought that a battle would attract the attention of countless beauties.

However, the people from Chen Jian Xing's side hated Chen Yu to the bones.

"What a beast!" Checking the condition of Chen Rui's injuries, he suddenly raised his head and looked at Chen Yu fiercely: "We are both members of the Chen family, and you actually did such a vicious thing."

Chen Yu curled his lips in disdain: "Are you blind? He was the one who attacked me first. Are you saying that you want to stand up for him?! "

"You!" However, with his strength, attacking Chen Yu was purely asking for humiliation. After all, the fighting strength Chen Yu displayed was close to the peak of the second stage of the martial arts, which made him deeply afraid.

"Kid, you are only a Branch disciple. How dare you speak to a disciple of my sect in such a manner? To injure a fellow clan member, how dare you!? " Suddenly, Chen Chong stood up, presenting the fist art expert behind him.

Chen Chong was one of the talented experts of the Chen Clan. His strength had already reached the third level of the Martial Dao.

With his strength, he could even be ranked in the top ten of the Chen family's ordinary disciples.

The appearance of Chen Chong instantly silenced the surrounding spectators.

After all, the pressure from a third level martial dao practitioner was just too great.

However, Chen Yu seemed to ignore the pressure that Chen Chong was emitting.

"What is it? It was a fair fight between me and Chen Rui, do I need to be afraid? Or could it be that you want to teach me, like Chen Rui, when you stand up?! However, Chen Chong, I heard that your fist technique is ranked in the top three in the family. I really hope that you can teach me a few moves. "

Chen Yu's casual words made Chen Chong blush for a while.

"Chen Yu!" Chen Chong gripped both his hands together, and a burst of strong wind exploded out as he said, "Today, I will teach this brat who doesn't know how to respect others!"

"Sure." After he finished speaking, Chen Yu also took on a fighting stance, and was actually going to fight with Chen Chong.

"Chen Yu is really going to fight with a powerhouse at the third level of the Martial Dao?!"

"Where does he come from?!" You have to know that the difference between the third level of the martial way and the second level of the martial way is at least ten times stronger. Even if ten Chen Yu were to be added together, they would still absolutely be unable to defeat a powerhouse at the third level of the martial way.

"You're too arrogant!" Did Chen Yu really think that just because he defeated Chen Rui, who had only cultivated the "Seventeen Raging Pythons" to the fifth stage, he would still be able to defeat Chen Chong?! One had to know that Chen Chong had cultivated the "Wild Python Seventeen Annihilation" to the Mastery Stage of the Tenth Annihilation.

The surrounding Chen Family disciples started to discuss again, among them a few disciples with extraordinary strength, were looking at Chen Yu with increased interest.

After all, the Chen family was going to hold the Family Competition in two months.

Chen Chong was one of the seeded contestants in the competition, yet Chen Yu actually dared to find trouble with him.

"Chen Yu, do you really think that my" Wild Python Seventeen Killing "is the same as Chen Rui?! You'll die a miserable death!"

With that said, Chen Chong clenched his fists, he instigated his Spirit Qi and moved his body forward, suddenly, a burst of sharp Spirit Qi burst out, in the air, it formed the image of a snake, pouncing towards Chen Yu.

"Wild Python Seventeen Killing, First Kill, Bow Snake Shadow!"

Chen Chong's "Wild Python Seventeen Killing" was different from Chen Rui's. Chen Rui used "Wild Python Seventeen Killing", which released waves of yin aura, but Chen Chong's "Wild Python Seventeen Killing" was known for its might and ferocity.

All of a sudden, the air in the arena was filled with punches and punches. The crazy aura was captivating!

Some of the disciples with weaker mental states were scared witless by Chen Chong's punch.

However, Chen Yu was extremely calm.

The moment Chen Chong unleashed his punch, Chen Yu had already activated his special ability of mysterious will, and was able to see through the flaws in Chen Chong's fist technique.

Before the punch had even arrived, Chen Yu had already moved his feet.

"Flowing Cloud Steps!"

His body moved, Chen Yu's figure seemed to stick close to Chen Chong's fist, barely dodging the attack.

At this time, with the help of Chen Yu's mysterious will, he was able to escape danger within this short period of time.

His own talent could be considered outstanding, after painstakingly training, his cultivation could be considered outstanding amongst his peers, but after going through the transformation with the mysterious will, Chen Yu's cultivation in the Martial Dao had long since increased greatly.


Chen Chong saw that Chen Yu actually dodged his fist, his right foot followed suit and kicked out, as if a python had come out of its hole.

"Raging Python Attack!"

This time, Chen Chong used the fifth move of the 'Seventeenth Kill of the Raging Python'. This move was extremely powerful and was capable of cutting metal into stone. If a person were to be struck by it, they would surely be chopped into two.

The spectators immediately knew that Chen Yu was in a bad situation!

Chen Chong's move was his trump card.

The move came out without any warning and was as fast as lightning.

Although he had expended a great amount of strength, it was difficult to dodge due to the sudden enigma. If he were to come into contact with it for the first time, he would be easily hit!

"One Thought Dragon Fist, Dragon Transformation skill!"

Chen Yu growled, and then threw out a few punches.

Every single one of his punches was wide open and wide open. It was a battle of life and death between the enemies!

The fist wind powerfully collided with Chen Chong's fist.

Originally, there was an enormous difference between the second and third level of the martial dao.

However, with the support of the Mysterious Sky Forbidden Technique and the Spirit Transformation Treasure Scripture, Chen Yu's strength was not the least bit weaker than Chen Chong.

Moreover, the power that Chen Yu had unleashed far surpassed Chen Chong's.

Therefore, when the "One Thought Dragon Fist" and the "Wild Python Seventeen Killings" met in midair ? ?

"Bam!" A loud sound was heard.

"Wild Python Seventeen Killings" was actually defeated!

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