Invincible God King/C17 strong fist
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Invincible God King/C17 strong fist
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C17 strong fist

"Oh my god!" In that moment, how many punches did Chen Yu use?! "How can a level two martial dao practitioner possess such a long span of true qi support?"

"This is completely illogical! "The true qi of a martial artist at the second level actually exceeds that of a martial artist at the third level?!"

Seeing this scene, the eyes of all the surrounding Chen Family disciples nearly fell out of their sockets. This attack from Chen Yu simply violated their common sense of cultivation, and surpassed everyone's imagination!

Although the quality of Chen Yu's true qi was far less than Chen Chong's, he still obtained victory in terms of quantity. Dozens of dragon fist qi superimposed over each other like a tidal wave, causing Chen Chong's "Wild Python Seventeen Killing Strikes" to finally be unable to endure it and was smashed to pieces in one go.

"This is bad!"

The instant Chen Chong's "Wild Python Seventeen Killing Technique" was smashed apart by the "One Thought Dragon Fist", his expression changed. Both of his hands continuously waved about, forming a shield like illusion that blocked in front of him.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The moment Chen Chong's fist shield was formed, it welcomed the storm of attacks.

Chen Yu's "One Thought Dragon Fist" solidly blasted over, causing a thunderous sound to echo in the air.

Chen Yu seized this rare opportunity and utilized "One Thought Dragon Fist" to its limits!

Fist surges, unending!

Chen Yu attacked Chen Chong consecutively, in a single breath, he had actually punched out hundreds of times.

The dragon roared again and again.

The fist seemed like a dragon's dance, but the power behind it was like a dragon's roar.

At this moment, Chen Yu had already released the essence of the "One Thought Dragon Fist".

Each of his punches brought with it a wave of air, causing the air around him to undulate like a dragon swimming in the four seas. The entire world was filled with this draconic roar of his punches!

This whistling sound was so wild and violent, so shocking.

Everyone present felt that Chen Yu was like a beast from the Primordial Era, crazily killing each other.

"Is this my misconception?!" Why does it seem like I saw a monster fighting?! "

"Not a human, definitely not a human?!" "He threw out hundreds of punches in one breath, his punches were like the roar of dragons, even a real monster can't be so ferocious?"

"What kind of strong power is needed to support Chen Yu in making such a ferocious attack? His body is actually this strong?! "

Finally, someone couldn't take it anymore and began to tremble.

Just now, Chen Yu had consecutively released over a hundred "One Thought Dragon Fist", his strength was shockingly strong.

Even if they saw it with their own eyes, they would still think that it was all a dream!

And at this moment, Chen Chong, who was in the sea of fists, felt even more uncomfortable.

He could only retreat.

Under Chen Yu's storm-like attacks, Chen Chong basically did not have any chance to retaliate at all. He could only maintain his defensive posture, to prevent his defense from being broken by Chen Yu.

"Damn it, how long is this boy's fierce attack going to last?! For a normal warrior at the second stage of the Martial Dao to produce ten such ferocious attacks was already considered rare, but why was Chen Yu able to attack so fiercely after punching out a hundred times? My third stage true qi is far inferior to his. If this goes on, I'll probably run out of true qi and be defeated by him! "

During the process of retreating, Chen Chong thought for a while. He was also an experienced expert, how could he be defeated so easily?!

In the next moment, Chen Chong's imposing manner changed!

"Wild Python Seventeenth Kill, Wild Python Hanging Kill!"

At this moment, Chen Chong was betting everything on this.

His fist had become one with the world.

The heaven and earth aura surrounded him, circling around him, allowing him to freely control them.

The fighting spirit in his eyes was rising.

A python-like simulacrum appeared, and its vast and endless power seemed to be endless as well. It exploded in the air and scattered all of Chen Yu's fist force.

Chen Yu could not help but retreat continuously after being shaken like this.

The ferocious winds from the raging python's killing punch caused him to be unable to stand still at all.

"Kid, lie down!"

In the next moment, Chen Chong's body pounced over like a python leaving its lair.

The fist that was like a snake coiling around Chen Yu's waist.

Chen Chong's punch was the move with the strongest killing power out of the Raging Python Seventeen Killing Strikes.

If he was struck by this fist, not to mention a human, even a fake mountain would be cut in half!

Chen Jian Xing and the rest were a little worried about Chen Chong being at a disadvantage, but after seeing Chen Chong use "Raging Python Strangle", their expressions finally relaxed.

Let alone Chen Yu, a mere martial artist at the second level, even a martial artist at the peak of the third level would admit defeat in front of this move from Chen Chong!

He was sure, Chen Chong was going to win this time!

Chen Jian Xing and the rest's faces revealed cruel smiles, they quietly waited for Chen Yu to be blown away.

However, the moment Chen Chong punched out, Chen Yu's mind quickly calmed down.

At this point, he had already pushed the power of his mysterious will to its limits.

If one observed carefully, they would notice that the color of Chen Yu's eyes had changed.

A pair of pure black pupils gradually turned dark-red, as if flames were pulsing within them!

Time, seemed to have come to a standstill in Chen Yu's eyes.

Image after image appeared in Chen Yu's eyes.

"See through!"

The special ability of the mysterious will activated once again!

The flaws in Chen Chong's fist technique appeared in Chen Yu's mind one by one.

Then, a way to break this fist came into Chen Yu's mind.

In the next moment, Chen Yu's body seemed like a reef at the bottom of the sea amidst the violent winds created by the fist, unmoving.

However, when Chen Chong's fist arrived in front of him, Chen Yu turned from being calm to moving extremely quickly.

"Flowing Cloud Steps!"

Chen Chong only felt his vision blur, and the moment his fist struck down, Chen Yu was already like a feather, flying close to his fist.

The fists surged, the force was violent, and Chen Chong's momentum was ferocious as his killing moves arrived one after another.

However, no matter how heavy a punch was, it was impossible to shatter a feather that had fallen from the sky!

As for Chen Yu, he was like this feather, no matter how ferocious and how fast Chen Chong's punch was, he was like a walking steel wire, swimming in the fist waves. He encountered danger time and time again, and was able to dodge at the peak of his strength, causing Chen Chong to continuously punch in vain.

In that moment, everyone present held their breath, staring straight at Chen Yu's figure without letting go.

It was as if in the next second, Chen Yu was going to be hit by Chen Chong's fist.

However, an incense stick of time had passed.

Chen Yu was still the same as before.

However, cold sweat was already dripping from Chen Chong's forehead.

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