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C18 insanity killing

"What's going on? How can Chen Yu's movement be so nimble? "

"Not only is his footwork outstanding, his fist technique and body tempering technique are high level martial skills. Where did he learn so many high level martial skills?!"

Seeing Chen Yu's battle, everyone felt shock.

From the start of the battle, Chen Yu had already displayed far too many extraordinary aspects.

Fist technique, "One Thought Dragon Fist", body tempering technique, "Mysterious Sky Forbidden Technique", qi training technique, "Spirit Transformation Treasure Scripture", footwork "Floating Cloud Steps", every martial skill was at least an ordinary martial skill. Moreover, after mastering them and cultivating them to the peak, one could actually jump levels to challenge them.

"Could it be that Chen Chong is going to lose?" The narrator's eyes flashed.

"Impossible, Chen Yu is just forcing himself, after all Chen Chong is a martial artist at the third stage of the martial path, his true qi is almost endless, and over time, the true qi in Chen Yu's body will definitely be depleted, and victory and defeat will be decided." Chen Jian Xing's eyes blazed.

Since Chen Jianxing was able to see this point, the person involved, Chen Chong, felt even more deeply.

He, who had reached the third level in his martial arts, had fought with a trash of the second level for such a long time. Even if he won in the end, he would lose all face.

Thus, a trace of killing intent slowly appeared within Chen Chong's eyes!


Chen Chong was infuriated once more. He bit his tongue and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

Blood turned into blood mist and exploded. The blood mist spread in all directions, causing Chen Chong to look like a mad demon!

"Insane Demon Kill!"

Under the effect of this blood qi, the force within Chen Chong's body instantly doubled!

The might of the "Wild Python's Seventeenth Annihilation" had also unknowingly doubled!

The punch whistled through the air and hit the ground. The three foot thick blueflower stone floor was actually cracked and cracked like a spider web in a ten meter radius!

Seeing this scene, the Chen family disciples were instantly excited!

"Chen Chong was actually forced to cast" Insane Demon Kill "! Once this move is used, it will ignite the true energy in the body, is Chen Chong mad with rage?! "

"I never thought that Chen Yu, with his cultivation at the second level of the Martial Dao, would be able to force Chen Chong to such a state. Even if it's a genius, I've never seen such a genius before!"

"After this battle, as long as Chen Yu is not crippled, he will definitely become famous and receive the strong support of his clan. In the Family Competition two and a half months later, he might become a dark horse!"

"But today's battle will end here. Once the" Berserk Demon Kill "is unleashed, Chen Yu will lose for sure!"

At this moment, killing intent flashed in Chen Jianxing's eyes.

He also understood in his heart that if Chen Yu were to continue growing up like this, it was likely that he would lose his position in the clan in less than three years.

However, killing intent flashed across Chen Jianxing's eyes.

After all, Chen Yu had displayed his absolute talent after this battle.

The clan would definitely pay more attention to Chen Yu. If he killed Chen Yu in broad daylight, he would not be able to establish himself in the clan.

If he wanted to get rid of Chen Yu, he could only secretly look for an opportunity.

Just as Chen Jianxin's thoughts were spinning in his head, the battle within the arena had undergone a huge change due to Chen Chong's "Berserk Demon Kill".

"Chen Yu, lie down!"

Accompanied by a furious roar, Chen Chong, who had unleashed "Berserk Demon Kill", instantly unleashed a strong killing power. The air whirl around him sealed Chen Yu's movements, forcing Chen Yu to have no choice but to fight him head on.

"Let's go all out!"

Seeing that Chen Chong's fist was already in front of him, Chen Yu also entered a state of emptiness.

In this moment of life and death.

Within his body, a surge of unyielding battle intent was madly stimulated, actually connecting with the mysterious will within his body.

"One Thought Dragon Fist, Dragon Transformation skill!"

Chen Yu's fist landed heavily on Chen Chong's fist!


Chen Yu felt as if there was a ball of fire that was burning intensely in his heart.

There had to be an outlet to vent the flames in his heart. Otherwise, the first one to be burned to death would be himself!

At this moment, the target of such a torrent of attacks was right in front of him!

In an instant, the mysterious will attracted the raging flames of the Burning Heaven and suddenly erupted.

Immediately, a mass of ferocious flames on Chen Yu's body transformed into a flame dragon, coiling around his entire body, following which his fist struck towards Chen Chong!


A loud sound was heard.

Under the impact of the powerful fire dragon, Chen Chong flew through the air and directly smashed into a stone wall a hundred meters away, only then did he fall down.

At this moment, Chen Chong's entire body was charred and he was unconscious.

After the flash of fire, the flames on Chen Yu's body also disappeared.

He just stood there quietly and looked around.

Looking at the incomparably shocked gazes of the spectators, a wave of pride rose in his heart.

In this world, the supremacy of strength was the eternal and unchanging truth.

As long as one had the strength, he would be able to suppress everything and attract the admiration of everyone.

Only after a while did the crowd quietly discuss amongst themselves.

"How is this possible, being able to release true energy at the second stage of the Martial Dao is not something that can only be done by someone with at least the Fourth Stage of the Martial Dao?!"

"This Chen Yu is too strange, the flames just now were not simply released from his body with Innate Qi, at least we have seen that Fourth Stage of the Martial Dao warrior being so strong and injuring!"

"" One Thought Dragon Fist "" I have seen people cultivate it before, how can it have such a strong power, how did he do it?! "

Almost everyone was looking at Chen Yu as if they were looking at a monster.

However, at this time, Chen Yu was not moved at all. He closed his eyes and looked at his own body, only to realize that the mysterious will in his body was becoming more solid, releasing a bit of will that was slowly transforming his body, causing his originally breakthrough to become a mere layer of distance away that could be easily broken.

He could now feel that the mysterious will within his body seemed to contain a massive treasure. The treasure was only the tip of the iceberg, but he had undergone a transformative transformation.

"That's great! I will soon be able to advance to the third level of the Martial Dao. At that time, my strength will at least double, and I will have the strength of between eight hundred and one thousand Jin. Furthermore, with the help of the mysterious will, my strength can quickly go from quality to quantity and enter the realm of Fourth Stage of the Martial Dao, shocking everyone once again! "

Today, he had already shocked everyone to the core. Thinking about the Family Competition, when the Chen Family's own sect elder suddenly realized that he had broken through to the Fourth Stage of the Martial Dao, and could release his true qi anytime, what would happen?!

To go from the third level of the Martial Dao to the Fourth Stage of the Martial Dao, one would need at least several years of bitter cultivation.

However, after today's great battle, Chen Yu realized that a battle of life or death could stimulate a mysterious will to reform his body.

If he had experienced more life and death battles, he would have been able to achieve this world-shocking miracle!

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