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C19 opportunity

"Pa Pa Pa!" A crisp sound was heard from the crowd.

Looking in the direction of the voice, Chen Yu realised that the person clapping was Chen Jian Xing.

Slowly walking out from the crowd, Chen Jian Xing's eyes looked at Chen Yu and said:

"Cousin brother Chen Yu, I never thought that you would actually be able to defeat a martial artist at the third level with your cultivation of the second level! "Martial dao talents are rarely seen in the family. I'm very happy to see you and would like to exchange pointers with you, how about that?!"

"So you're the cousin of Swordstar. You're a genius from the younger generation of the family, and you're at the peak of the third level of martial arts, aren't you?"

At this moment, Chen Yu did not want to directly clash with Chen Jianxin, since Chen Jianxin was a genius amongst the ordinary disciples of the Chen family. Before the age of eighteen, he had already advanced to the peak of the third level of the martial way.

Chen Yu also knew his own limits. Although he had defeated Chen Chong who was at the third stage of the Spirit Dao just now, he relied on his mysterious will to suddenly erupt and defeat Chen Chong when he was caught off guard.

Even if three Chen Chong went at the same time, it would still be impossible for them to defeat Chen Jian Xing, so it was even more impossible for Chen Yu to defeat Chen Jian Xing.

However, with the mysterious will in his body, Chen Yu was confident that he would be able to surpass Chen Jianxing and become the Chen family's number one expert.

Therefore, facing Chen Jianxing's challenge, Chen Yu did not blindly accept the challenge, but said calmly:

"Swordstar elder cousin, you are five years older than me, and your martial arts cultivation is higher by a level. I am naturally not your match right now!"

"What is it? Chen Yu, were you not arrogant just now? A Chen family disciple who was watching from the sidelines jeered.

"That's right, that's right, where did that awe-inspiring aura just now go?!" Another Chen family disciple said in a weird tone, as if he didn't want the whole world to be in chaos.

"It's only reasonable to exchange pointers with other disciples of the same generation. If you refuse me like this, I'm afraid it won't be good," Another sinister voice sounded out.

Most of the people that dared to spectate within the Chen family's territory were members of the Chen family.

Although they knew that Chen Yu was already a peerless genius when he had achieved such results, his limelight was too great, and they needed someone to thwart his might!

"Chen Yu, you said that Chen Jianxing is five years older than you. Don't tell me that you want to spar with him again after five years, but five years later, he is still five years older than you. This excuse is not good." The crowd burst into laughter.

"I don't need five years. Two and a half months is enough." Chen Yu said coldly.

With that, he stared at Chen Jianxing and said, "Chen Jianxing, from today onwards, in two and a half months, it will be the Family Competition. When the time comes, how about we have a victor on our platform?"

"Alright, I hope that you won't be eliminated early on!" Chen Jianxing sneered and turned to leave.

He did not want to be eloquent, in any case, in two and a half months, the Family Disciple Tournament would begin. At that time, he would teach Chen Yu a lesson.

As Chen Jianxing left, the crowd gradually dispersed as well.

Chen Yu also followed his father back to the main hall of the medicine store.

Only, Chen Yu did not know that within the crowd, there was a pair of eyes that was still watching him closely. That person was precisely Chen Ran.

This time, she felt an unfamiliar feeling from Chen Yu's body. It was an indescribable intuition.

However, Chen Ran once again denied his feelings.

"You really think highly of yourself. With just your branch family's disciple's cultivation method, financial resources, and cultivation resources, which one of you can compare to a direct descendant disciple of the Chen family, and even a direct descendant genius?!"

It had to be known, among the ordinary disciples of the Chen family, there were no less than 40 or 50 people who had advanced to the third level of the Martial Dao.

Some of the more outstanding disciples at the third level of the martial way, in the hands of Chen Jianxin, couldn't even take a single move, much less Chen Yu who was at the second level of the martial way!!

After that, Chen Ran also sneered before quietly leaving.

Returning to the main lobby of the medicine store, Chen Yu briefly described to his father the progress of his martial arts cultivation.

Knowing that his son was about to reach the third stage of martial arts, Chen Haoran was very excited.

But at the same time, he was also worried about Chen Yu's future.

After all, today, he had already offended the young geniuses of his family, Chen Jianxing.

But Chen Yu was noncommittal towards his father's worries, he did not regard Chen Jian Xing as his opponent, his goal was to be the champion of the Clan Competition this time around, and Chen Jian Xing was only the third place disciple.

After consoling his father for a while, Chen Yu returned to the Chen family sect and continued his cultivation.

In the training grounds, Chen Yu mainly trained in the "Floating Cloud Steps".

Because in the battle with Chen Chong, Chen Yu realized that if the two of them were of similar strength, speed was the key that determined victory!

He had already cultivated the "One Thought Dragon Fist", "Soul Transformation Treasure Scripture" and the "Mysterious Sky Forbidden Technique" to a bottleneck. Now, the thing that could greatly increase his strength was the "Flowing Cloud Steps".

Using the mysterious willpower's playback ability, the first art and skill of "Floating Cloud Steps" once again surfaced in Chen Yu's mind.

When he comprehended "Floating Cloud Steps", Chen Yu discovered that its cultivation difficulty was even higher than the high level technique "One Thought Dragon Fist".

However, this type of training difficulty wasn't difficult for him.

In only three days, Chen Yu had cultivated "Flowing Cloud Steps" to the Small Success Realm.

At this time, the "One Thought Dragon Fist", "Spirit Transformation Treasure Scripture", "Mysterious Sky Forbidden Technique" and "Floating Cloud Steps" that he cultivated had all reached the Initial Stage.

The current Chen Yu, in every aspect, had a perfect balance, without any flaws!

After mastering "Floating Cloud Steps", Chen Yu began to practice "One Thought Dragon Fist" with "Floating Cloud Steps".

Chen Yu discovered that the "One Thought Dragon Fist" after matching "Floating Cloud Steps" was even more ferocious, ever-changing, and hard to understand.

It could be said that because of the addition of the "Floating Cloud Steps", the power of the "One Thought Dragon Fist" had increased by at least three levels!

"Boom boom boom!"

The "One Thought Dragon Fist" was being continuously punched by Chen Yu!

"A hundred punches!"

"Two hundred punches!"

"Three hundred punches!"


Even after going through 500 punches, Chen Yu still continued to punch non-stop!

It was because he could feel the blood in his body surging. The zhenqi in his body had risen to a new level, as if he only needed an opportunity to break out of the cocoon and become a butterfly!

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