Invincible God King/C2 Will of the King of the Gods
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Invincible God King/C2 Will of the King of the Gods
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C2 Will of the King of the Gods

The instant Chen Yu crushed the pearl in his hand.

With a flash of light, there was only one color left in the world ?

It was blood-red!

The immense pressure caused everyone to be unable to breathe.

Under this pressure, everyone felt as if they were ants compared to the heavens and the earth ? incomparably insignificant.

"Dong Dong Dong ?" Dong dong dong!

This blood-red world seemed to have a life of its own, a heartbeat, as if it were alive.

Moments later, a human-shaped figure slowly appeared in the air.

The shadow was hazy and looked like a layer of bloody mist.

However, the pair of eyes of the mysterious man shone with a shocking light.

That gaze carried a terrifying chill akin to the depths of hell, causing one to be terrified.

Their bloodlust and nakedness made it impossible for everyone to look straight at them.

Finally, in the group of young experts that were chasing after the red bead, a young man with a long blade could no longer withstand the pressure. With an angry roar, he rushed towards the shadow.


Accompanying the roar was the saber light that was like a waterfall.

The blade was cold and the light was bone-piercing.

Chen Yu could clearly feel that this blade of the saber-wielding teenager's was full of fire. It had at least reached the level of Sixth Stage of the Martial Dao.


Such a powerful saber light instantly shattered before it could come into contact with the shadow.

The twinkling lights of the saber disappeared into thin air like sparks blown away by the wind.

He was stupefied.

The saber-wielding teenager stood on the spot in shock.

In the next moment, before he could even react, a huge force came from the red shadow and grabbed his body.


After a miserable howl.

The saber-wielding teenager's body exploded like a rotten watermelon that had been smashed by a giant hammer.

Blood splattered all over his companions.

Soon after, an ancient voice echoed out through the blood-colored world.

"I am the supreme God King. If you dare to offend my dignity, you will be guilty of a thousand deaths!"

As the sound of his voice faded, the blood-colored simulacrum turned its fierce gaze onto the other youths.

"Puff Puff Puff Puff Puff..."

A few muffled sounds sounded out one after another, all of these youths with extraordinary cultivations, none of them managed to escape death's gaze, and all died with their bodies exploding.

When the rest of the youngsters saw this scene, their minds completely collapsed. This strange scene had completely exceeded their scope of knowledge.


It was unknown who shouted first, but the few youngsters immediately turned into scattered birds and beasts, fleeing in all directions.

However, all of this was child's play in the eyes of the strong will.

A stream of divine will that looked down upon the world gushed out, and all of them fell to the ground like mud.


Dust flew everywhere.

Even the ground they were standing on was pressed down to a depth of one meter by a powerful force.

When the immense power disappeared, there was only a huge pit left on the ground, with dark red blood.

At this time, in this blood-red world, only Chen Yu remained standing at his original spot, unmoving as he stared at the blood mist phantasm in the sky.

Gradually, the mysterious man arrived three meters away from Chen Yu and stopped.

The shadow in the sky emitted a mysterious light. It was incredibly deep, as if it had extended from the Primordial Era all the way until now. It gave people a feeling that it would never end, as if it was eternally eternal.

Chen Yu's mind was instantly captivated, and was unable to extricate himself.

"Why didn't you run away?!" The mysterious figure suddenly asked.

"Why should I run?!" Chen Yu said.

"Are you not afraid of death?" The mysterious figure asked again.

"Why should I be afraid!" Chen Yu said fearlessly.

"Oh ?" "Why?"

The vast divine will seemed to be stopped by Chen Yu's forceful answer, but in the next moment, the powerful divine will suddenly laughed out loud:

"Hahahaha ?" Good! What's so good about that! " The desolate voice seemed to be sighing, but it also seemed to be rejoicing.

In the next moment, the blood shadow slowly dissipated, transforming into a red light that shot into the center of Chen Yu's brows.

Chen Yu only felt that someone was speaking to him from the depths of his soul:

"I have searched bitterly for tens of thousands of years and have finally found someone who perfectly fits my soul. You shall continue my Bloodline Will, rule over everything, control everything ? ? Lucky junior, please do not disgrace my name ?"

In the next moment, Chen Yu only felt his vision darken, the domineering will that looked down upon the entire universe gradually disappeared, and everything returned to normal once more ?

After an unknown period of time.

In Chen Yu's mind, there seemed to be countless fragments that fused with it.

"Bang bang!"

"Bang bang!"

A powerful heartbeat sounded, allowing Chen Yu to regain his five senses.


His mind stirred intensely, and images of the world shattering and the ancient gods falling appeared before Chen Yu's eyes.

Endless darkness engulfed the last sliver of light in the world. As the dim light was extinguished, the world was about to meet its end.

The void storm tore through the sky. Huge meteorites descended from the sky along with flames. Violent energy surged, frantically tearing apart the already weakened space.

The earth began to collapse and the entire world began to violently shake. Powerful god-like figures gradually disappeared one by one.

Everything had been brought to the end of its path.

When everything was engulfed in darkness, Chen Yu suddenly opened his eyes!

After waking up, Chen Yu found himself lying on a bed.

The next moment, his door was pushed open, and his father walked into his room with his mother, who was carrying a newborn girl in her arms.

Little sister?!

When Chen Yu saw the girl in his mother's arms, he was momentarily stunned.

What's going on? How did this little sister turn into the little sister who was born three years ago?!

Without waiting for Chen Yu to understand what exactly happened, his father Chen Haofeng let out a long sigh and said:

"Yu'er, have you considered the quota to enter our sect?!"

Weng! *

Hearing that, Chen Yu's mind buzzed, and his mind went blank.

Could it be that he had returned to three years ago?

Back to the fork in the road of life?

This time, how would he choose?

His father's next words were very clear:

The Chen Clan's main sect had a rule: if the branch disciples didn't break through to the 2nd level of the Martial Dao before the age of 15, they wouldn't have the qualifications to participate in the Clan Competition next month.

With Chen Yu's current cultivation level, wanting to reach the second stage of the Martial Dao in one month was simply impossible. Hence, Chen Haofeng came to persuade Chen Yu to give up this opportunity.

If it was the previous Chen Yu, he might have hesitated, but he might also give up.

But after experiencing that cruel dream, only a strong will remained in Chen Yu's heart.

"Dad, there's no need to persuade me. I won't give up!"

While speaking, a trace of resolution emerged in Chen Yu's eyes, and he said loudly:

"I will not waste my life in this small Tong Ye Town. I will use my own power to charge through and create a world of my own!"

In that moment, Chen Yu's temperament underwent a qualitative change.

Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, or a carp turning into a dragon.

Chen Yu had already transformed from an ordinary warrior into a warrior with firm conviction!

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