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C20 Auction

Peak of the second level of the Martial Dao!

At this time, Chen Yu took a deep breath, suppressing the excitement in his heart.

One had to know that it only took him half a month to advance from the first level of the Martial Dao to the peak of the second level.

This speed was simply abnormal!

Furthermore, even though he had not entered the Fourth Stage of the Martial Dao realm, when he used the mysterious will, he could feel that his true energy was already able to emit outwards, forming a heat energy that was like blazing flames, causing the power of his "One Thought Dragon Fist" to far exceed the limits that a fist technique should have.

It had to be known that this special ability of releasing true energy to form additional injuries was unique to martial practitioners who had broken through the Fourth Stage of the Martial Dao realm.

All of this originated from his mysterious will.

Chen Yu was convinced that with the help of this mysterious will, his originally ordinary fate would completely change!

After the excitement, Chen Yu began to calmly ponder over his future path.

Next, if he wanted to become stronger, he would need more resources and opportunities to do so.

And right now, the biggest opportunity was the Family Competition!

As long as he achieved a dazzling result in the Family Competition, he would definitely be able to become a fish leaping over the dragon gate and become the focus of the clan's nurturing.

At that time, as long as the Chen family's resources slightly slanted towards him, it would be sufficient for him to cultivate!

However, if he wanted to make a name for himself in the Family Competition, it would not be easy.

With his current strength, he might not even be able to beat Chen Jianxing, not to mention the one ranked first among the ordinary disciples, Chen Hong.

If he could not even get the first place in the rankings of the ordinary disciples, how could he possibly get the attention of the family, and even push the resources towards him?

One had to know that the family's large amount of resources was directed towards the core disciples.

Although the current Chen Yu only had a cultivation of the second stage of the Martial Dao, he had the heart of a strong warrior. What he longed for was not to stand out in the crowd, but to let out a dragon's roar to the ninth stage!

The first place disciple of the Chen family was not Chen Yu's goal, his goal was to compete with the clan's core disciples and even the top geniuses in Sky Sun City!

Not only did the mysterious will grant Chen Yu all kinds of special abilities, it had also imperceptibly established the faith of a strong warrior for Chen Yu!

It was this belief that secretly changed Chen Yu, allowing him to become stronger!

"There are only two and a half months until the Family Competition. If I want to obtain the first place amongst the ordinary disciples, I'll need to be at least at the peak of the third level of the martial way!"

"If you train step by step like this, you'll surely be unable to reach the third level of the Martial Dao in the Family Competition."

"Only by using a large amount of cultivation resources can this goal be reached. But where did the money come from?"

Chen Yu's eyes flashed, his mind quickly pondering.

After the mysterious will fused with him, Chen Yu's mental strength had increased significantly, and she had become even calmer at the same time.

As long as he calmed down and thought, he would be able to come up with a few ideas.

After pondering for a moment, Chen Yu suddenly remembered that in three days, he would be holding Qian Feng Auction House in Sky Sun City, and that he would be able to take note of that very quickly.

Qian Feng Auction House had a history of over a hundred years in Sky Sun City. It was a large-scale auction organized by the Qian Feng Merchant Guild, and every auction lasted about a month.

Qian Feng Auction House was able to endure for over a hundred years, and it was not an easy task to attract many participants.

This had a lot to do with the good reputation Qian Feng Chamber of Commerce had built up in these 100 years.

First of all, at this time of year, Qian Feng Merchant Guild would hold a large scale auction every year. Here, there would always be unexpected quality products and high quality cultivation resources.

Secondly, the quality of Qian Feng's auction was very clear. Every time it auctioned, one had to pay at least 1000 silver taels. This was the bottom line.

Because the Qian Feng Chamber of Commerce had monopolized the best cultivation resources in the Sky Sun City, the martial artists of the Sky Sun City would all want to buy high quality cultivation resources, and they would all be attending the auction this month!

In the end, Qian Feng Auction House had a close relationship with the three families of Chen, Zhang, and Huang, making it difficult for the Qian Feng Auction House to not get angry.

With so many advantages, Qian Feng Auction House became a place where everyone in Sky Sun City thought it was possible for them to have exceptional strength, background and quality.

Three days later.

Chen Yu pulled his father and went to Qian Feng Merchant Guild to participate in the auction.

There were two main reasons why he came back to the auction this time:

As for the first place, he wanted to see if there were any cultivation resources he needed in this auction.

Secondly, because the mysterious will possessed the ability of analysis, Chen Yu wanted to see if he could find anything wrong with it during the auction.

Tianyang City was located in every direction, and as it was the most important commercial street in the city, it was extremely spacious.

The entire street was paved with limestone, leading to the north and south. It was over a thousand meters long.

On both sides of the road, there were at least a few hundred merchants.

The goods were arranged neatly in a variety of different styles and styles. However, the shop bed was neat and tidy, giving off a sense of elegance.

The one at the center of the receiving line was the Qian Feng Merchant Guild.

A pair of huge golden lions about two meters tall stood in front of the door. Apart from reflecting the strength of Qian Feng Merchant Guild, it also gave them a strong atmosphere.

Other than the two dazzling and rich golden lions, the statues and paintings of Qian Feng Merchant Guild were all masters of fame. Just by looking at them, one could tell the strength of Qian Feng Merchant Guild, not to mention that there were many rare and famous items stored in the collection room. People could not see their true faces, and could only imagine how amazing Qian Feng Merchant Guild's possession of so many treasures was.

It was only a little while before the official opening of the first day of the auction, and the majority of the distinguished guests were already resting and waiting, but they did not show any signs of impatience. They all knew, that the auction would only officially begin if all the representatives of the Kai Yang City's three great clans were present, and no matter how anxious the others were, it would be useless.

In next to no time, a few figures appeared at the entrance of the auction house, and soon after, everyone saw the people of the Qian Feng Auction House walking over to greet their esteemed guest.

The people who had come were naturally the representatives of the Chen, Huang, and Zhang families of the Kai Yang City.

The auction will officially begin when the main person arrive

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