Invincible God King/C3 Hedonist of our sect
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Invincible God King/C3 Hedonist of our sect
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C3 Hedonist of our sect

When Chen Yu resolutely voiced out his thoughts, the room suddenly fell into silence.

In the next moment, when Chen Yu saw his father raise his right hand, he couldn't help but sigh in his heart.

Was his father still disagreeing with him?

However, to Chen Yu's surprise, his father used a heavy palm and pressed it against the back of his head, and laughed heartily:

"As expected of my son, Chen Haofeng, he has quite the elegance!"

The change in father's attitude made Chen Yu at a loss of what to do.

He did not understand why his father, who always opposed his practice of martial arts, would have such an abnormal attitude today.

Following that, his mother's words completely solved all of Chen Yu's doubts.

It turned out that back then, after Chen Yu's father displayed his extraordinary talent, he was called back to our sect to continue cultivating like Chen Yu.

However, Chen Haofeng, who came to the Chen family's main sect, discovered that in the main sect, the main sect disciples despised and despised these branch disciples. Moreover, there were often cases of branch disciples being bullied and bullied by the main sect disciples.

In order to save a good friend, Chen Haofeng had once brazenly punched a disciple with a decent cultivation level. However, because of the great disparity in strength, Chen Haofeng's cultivation was actually crippled. Furthermore, he wouldn't be able to cultivate for the rest of his life.

"I didn't want you to follow my path, that's why I've always stopped you from practicing martial arts." After saying that, Chen Haofeng paused for a moment, then smiled, "I didn't expect that your temper would be as bad as mine!"

Hearing her father's tone, Chen Yu's eyes lit up, and she immediately asked: "Father, from your tone, you won't stop me anymore?!"

"That's right!" Chen Haofeng boldly nodded, "Although it is very difficult for a branch family disciple to stand out in the family, the blood flowing through your body is still that of the Chen family. As long as your strength is outstanding, your family will still pay attention to you!"

"Therefore, Yu'er, since you want to embark on the road of martial arts, go to my sect and put your life on the line!"

His father's words further strengthened Chen Yu's confidence.

At the same time, Chen Yu secretly made up his mind that he would definitely not let down his parents' expectations and make them feel proud!

The morning of the second day, Chen Yu brought along the luggage that his mother had prepared for him and stepped into the carriage heading towards the Chen family's residence in Sky Sun City.

The Chen family of Tong Ye Town was one of the important branches of the Chen family. Every three years, they would receive two spots to recommend people to enter the sect.

Inside the carriage, the other person who was travelling with Chen Yu to our sect was a girl called Chen Ran.

Logically speaking, Chen Ran, who had not reached the first level of the Martial Dao, should not be qualified to receive this recommendation.

However, among the cultivators on the path of martial dao, there were extremely few women, and even fewer beautiful women.

Although Chen Ran's talent in martial arts was lacking, she was still a beauty. It was for this reason that she was able to obtain a recommendation spot.

Chen Yu and Chen Ran were from the same hometown, so they naturally knew each other.

As the Tong Ye Town's genius, Chen Yu was the idol of many girls, including Chen Ran.

Along the way, Chen Ran repeatedly indicated to Chen Yu that he admired his.

Unfortunately, the current Chen Yu was wholeheartedly pursuing the martial way, ignoring Chen Ran's suggestion.

Until the horse carriage arrived at Sky Sun City and the two of them separated, Chen Yu did not speak a word to Chen Ran.

Unknowingly, Chen Yu had already been at the Chen Family Sect for six days.

In these six days, Chen Yu discovered that cultivating in the main sect of the Chen Family, compared to cultivating in this small town, was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Here, not only were there complete practice areas, but every seven days the family would distribute a batch of Body Refinement Pellets for free.

After all, the Body Tempering Pill was an extremely valuable cultivation medicinal pill, and consuming a Body Tempering Pill was equivalent to bitterly cultivating for 10 days.

However, the clan would naturally not distribute such a precious pill to the public. Every time, the clan would only distribute a hundred pills, and each person would be limited to five pills.

Only the first to arrive would have the opportunity to receive a Body Tempering Pill on the day the medicinal pills were distributed.

This day was precisely the day that the clan distributed the Body Refinement Pellets.

In order to obtain the Body Refinement Pellets, Chen Yu had long since arrived at the pill distribution point, the Alchemy Hall.

Looking at the surface of the table in front of him, where neatly placed bottle after bottle of medicinal pellets, Chen Yu's eyes revealed a look of yearning.

He urgently hoped to get his own pill as soon as possible.

Immediately, it was the time to distribute the medicinal pills. At this moment, a group of young men and women walked into the alchemy hall.

These people's clothes were extremely bright, forming a sharp contrast with Chen Yu's coarse clothes.

It was obvious that these people came from the main branch of the Chen Clan.

When they saw Chen Yu's shabby appearance, they instantly guessed that Chen Yu definitely came from a branch family of the Chen Family.

"Yo, I'm not seeing things, right? Why is there a trash from a branch here?!"

"Could it be that a trash from the branch family wants to receive such a precious Body Tempering Pill as well?!"

That's right, you trash from the branch families, you better know your place well, and scram back to where you came from, so as to not embarrass yourself day and night, and let the other clans of Kai Yang City watch our Chen family become a joke!

One after another, sarcastic remarks reached Chen Yu's ears, causing his gaze to turn cold.

It seemed like what his father said was correct. The people of the sect were discriminating against disciples that came from branches.

From the auras these people gave off, Chen Yu could feel that their cultivation was the same as him, only at the first stage of the Martial Dao. But because they were born in the sect, they felt superior when they saw a branch family disciple like him.

The leader of the group was especially arrogant, shouting 'trash' every single time and shouting 'trash' every single time!

Just as Chen Yu was about to ignore these people, the young man in the middle, who was dressed in white robes, arrived in front of Chen Yu with an arrogant look on his face.

"You, scram to the back!"

"What?!" Chen Yu's expression instantly became incomparably unsightly.

"I told you to scram to the back of the line, do you not understand human speech?!" The white youth saw the dissatisfaction on Chen Yu's face, and his eyes flickered with a condescending contempt.

"Impossible!" Chen Yu spoke with anger.

"Hmm?!" The corner of the white-robed young man's eyes lifted slightly when he heard this. A ruthlessness surfaced in his eyes.

"I won't take your face if I give it to you. I think you are asking for a beating!"

While he was speaking, the white-robed youth had already rushed in front of Chen Yu, and slapped his face towards Chen Yu.


Chen Yu's hand firmly grabbed onto the white-robed youth's wrist, causing his palm, which was flying towards Chen Yu, to stop half an inch away from Chen Yu's face.

"Brat, you actually dare to fight back?!"

Just at the moment Chen Yu grabbed onto the white robed youth's wrist, behind him, a short and ugly youth with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks directly sneaked over from behind without saying a word.

The ugly youth channeled all of his strength into his fists and attacked Chen Yu's waist with a lightning fast speed as if he was a tiger or the wind.

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