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Invincible God King/C4 oppression
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C4 oppression


Chen Yu never thought that these well-dressed youths would actually be so despicable. Not to mention bullying the young, they even sneak attacked him from the back!

An angry expression surfaced on Chen Yu's face.

He took a step forward, and the force of his fist pierced through the wind!

After Chen Yu let go of the white robed youth's wrist, he stepped forward and in the blink of an eye, faced the ugly youth's fists!

Dragon Seizing Hand! "Sidestep, Murderous Fist!"

Chen Yu immediately used the basic fist technique that he had bitterly practiced for many years ? "Dragon Seizing Hand".

This punch was as fast as the wind.

The wind from his fist tore through the air as he punched out.

"This is bad!"

The ugly youth suddenly felt his vision blur.

He, who was originally in a sneak attack, had actually been seized by Chen Yu. He couldn't help but be shocked.

"Rock Splitting Palm!"

In the midst of his panic, the ugly youth frantically unleashed his strongest palm technique, hoping to force Chen Yu back.

But, how could Chen Yu let go of this opportunity so easily!

With his fastest speed, Chen Yu attacked with his heavy fists, ruthlessly breaking the palm image of the ugly youth.

With a huge bang, Chen Yu's fist passed through the layers of palm silhouettes of the ugly youth, heavily smashing onto his chest!


This ugly youth was instantly sent flying by Chen Yu's fist.

When he fell to the ground, blood was already wildly spurting out, and a fist mark was even left on his sternum.

One punch kill!?

Everyone present was stunned.

No one would have thought that an extremely ordinary looking Branch Sect disciple would actually send a direct disciple of the sect flying with a single punch.

"Little bastard, you dare to hurt me?!"

The white gowned youth who was thrown off by Chen Yu saw his comrade getting grown up, his face turned sinister. "Little bastard" cursed out of his mouth out of instinct.

"What did you say?!"

His parents were the most important loved ones to Chen Yu, how could Chen Yu allow others to insult him in the slightest?!

A trace of ruthlessness could be seen on his face.

His footsteps flashed, and as he spoke, Chen Yu's figure had already appeared in front of the white-robed youth.

He raised his right fist and punched towards the white-robed youth's face.

If this punch landed, the white-robed youth would at least be disfigured.

"How dare you!"

Suddenly, a shout came out in Chen Yu's ears.

Chen Yu only heard the wind ripping beside his ear as a palm appeared out of thin air right before his eyes. Before the palm had arrived, the wind from the palm strike had already caused him a sharp pain.


In the midst of his haste, Chen Yu quickly retreated to the back.


Chen Yu's figure instantly retreated over a dozen meters, barely dodging the palm strike.

"Chen Rui!"

When Chen Yu finally stabilized himself with much difficulty, he could clearly see the person's appearance.

So it turned out that this person was a disciple of the Chen Clan's main sect.

He, who was at the second level of the Martial Dao, was known to be domineering and domineering.

Relying on his advantage in cultivation, he would often find trouble to bully the disciples from the branches.

Now, he seemed to have his eyes on Chen Yu.

Looking at the spitting white cloaked young man, Chen Rui frowned and asked: What's going on?!

Brother Li, we were originally queuing up to obtain the Body Refinement Pellets, but who would have thought that this kid from a branch would rely on his own strength to cut in line. I was only trying to speak up.

"That's right, Brother Li, this kid doesn't even put our sect's disciples in his eyes. He actually mocked our sect's disciples because their strength is too weak and he doesn't have the qualifications to take the Body Refinement Pellet!"

"Brother Rui, it's fortunate that you came. Otherwise, we would have suffered a huge loss today!"

"That's right, Brother Li, you must stand up for our sect's disciples!"

Chen Yu, who was at the side, saw that these people were all spouting nonsense, turning black and white, and immediately opened his mouth: "All of you are spouting nonsense!"

"Did I make you speak!"

As he spoke, Chen Rui's body released a strong aura that was as heavy as a mountain, causing Chen Yu to be unable to breath.

Was this the power of the second level of the Martial Dao?

Chen Yu could clearly feel how strong Chen Rui was!

If they truly fought, he probably wouldn't even be able to block one of Chen Rui's punches!

"Chi ~" a soft sound was heard.

While Chen Yu was still stunned, Chen Rui had already punched out brazenly!

Without question, without question or question, because Chen Yu was a disciple of a branch family, Chen Rui had to teach him a lesson!

This punch was as fast as lightning. As it rubbed against the air, it even made sounds like a viper biting into the air.


Chen Rui's fist instantly bit Chen Yu's right arm.


Chen Yu only felt as if the bones in his arm had been shattered.

The pain caused his mind to go blank!

"Fall down!"

Along with Chen Rui's low shout, Chen Yu felt as if his body had been thrown out from the impact and lost balance.

It was as if he had been smashed in the chest by a giant python, all his internal organs seemed to have been shattered by Chen Rui's punch.

"Wow ~"

Only until he spat out a mouthful of blood did Chen Yu manage to straighten his body a little.

"You're like a dog. You actually dare to attack my sect's disciple and cripple your own cultivation. I can spare your life!" Chen Rui stared at Chen Yu like he was looking at a dead dog.


In Chen Yu's eyes, a raging fire instantly ignited.

He clenched his fists so tightly that he felt no pain in his nails.

Between life and death, there was great terror.

Anyone who faced a life or death situation would lower their head.

However, in Chen Yu's heart, there was a conviction preventing him from bowing his head to anyone!

This conviction could be called martial arts!

In a life or death situation, whether or not one could punch was the value of martial arts.

If he was humiliated and still did not dare to punch out, then what was the point of practicing martial arts?


Even if he had to die, he would fight!


Just at the moment Chen Yu made his decision.

It was as if an explosion had exploded in his mind.

From within Chen Yu's body, a mysterious will transmitted, completely compatible with the fighting spirit that had risen in his heart.

In an instant, a profound energy instantly filled Chen Yu's entire body.

Right at this moment, the time in front of Chen Yu's eyes suddenly condensed.

A voice that seemed to have come from ancient times sounded in his mind.

"Your faith and mine are of the same origin. You can inherit my legacy, fight against the heavens and earth, destroy the ghosts and gods, and prove your dao with martial arts, becoming a god king!"

Immediately after, Chen Yu realized that his body seemed to have been altered by some kind of power.

When he circulated the mysterious will within his body, his eyes instantly turned crimson.

The world before his eyes, on the other hand, became even clearer.

In that instant, he was able to capture the color of the bird's eyes, the fine veins in the leaves a thousand meters away, and the trajectory of every breeze.

When Chen Yu was completely focused, even if a mosquito was flying a thousand meters away, he could still clearly see the flapping of its wings!

Following the descent of the mysterious will, Chen Yu's entire temperament suddenly became extremely sharp and fierce.

The current him was like a sharp blade that had left its sheath, revealing its sharpness. Compared to the gentle young man from before, he was like a completely different person.

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