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C5 Fist

The one who felt the most about Chen Yu was Chen Rui, who was facing him head on.

In an instant, Chen Rui had no choice but to take it seriously, because this Branch Sect disciple in front of him only had a cultivation at the first stage of the Martial Dao.

"From the looks of it, you're prepared to resist?!" With that, Chen Rui climbed up, and walked towards Chen Yu's direction.

The air in front of Chen Yu seemed to have been frozen over with killing intent, and the surrounding people were also shocked by Chen Rui's imposing manner.

"I originally didn't want to bully the weak, but you, a trash from a branch family, actually dared to be arrogant in front of me. If I don't punish you, people will think that my Chen family's disciple is weak and easy to bully!"

As his voice fell, the serious Chen Rui, in a short moment, had already released all of his cultivation at the second level of the Martial Dao.

At this time, Chen Rui was like a ferocious giant snake, releasing an ice-cold and ruthless aura.

A gloomy and evil aura surrounded Chen Yu like floodwaters.

The killing intent that erupted from Chen Rui at this instant also caused the disciples of the sect who had just been taught a lesson by Chen Yu to become excited.

"Oh my god, Chen Rui has actually mastered the clan's high level martial skill" Raging Python Seventeen Killings "!?"

"High level martial skill, how is this possible!?" Isn't it true that disciples of the second stage of the Martial Dao can only be passed down normal martial skills at most? How can Chen Rui know high level martial skills?

"Isn't it because he became the second elder's son, Chen Jianxin's follower ?"

"No wonder Chen Rui is so confident of winning with one move, but the power of the 'Wild Python Seventeen Killing Strikes' is extremely strong, after one move, Chen Yu breaking his limbs is considered light, is there a need to be so ruthless?!"

"You don't know, but this Chen Rui is avenging Chen Jian Xing, and it is said that Chen Yu has offended Chen Jian Xing's woman ?."

"Chen Jian Xing's woman? You mean that Chen Ran who came from a branch? "

"That's right ?" It is said that Chen Yu... "

The words of the disciples of the surrounding sects fell into Chen Yu's ears without missing a word, which immediately allowed him to understand the sequence of events of the matter.

Speaking of which, in the past few days, Chen Yu had also heard some rumors.

Most of these rumors said that he was shameless and kept pestering his fellow townsman, Chen Ran, on the way to the sect.

After Chen Ran had decisively rejected him, he had still not given up. He had been trying to force Chen Ran into submission, but luckily, Chen Ran was so strong that he had no choice but to give up.

From the looks of it, these rumors must have come from someone with ulterior motives, the purpose being to prevent him from mentioning the scene where Chen Ran pursued him, so as to prevent Chen Jianxing from losing face.

As Chen Jian Xing's lackey, Chen Rui was even more vicious. For such a small reason, he casually found an excuse to cripple him!

The anger in his chest was still burning, and Chen Yu's eyes revealed his dissatisfaction.

Because of Chen Jian Xing, Chen Rui and the others were born in our sect, they were strong enough so they could do whatever they want to cripple his cultivation and even his life, which came from a branch sect!?

Just because he was weak, he should be stepped on and bullied by others?!

Until today, Chen Yu finally understood why he was so focused on the martial way!

Because when he was humiliated, only the martial way would allow him to regain his dignity!

Because when he was bullied, only martial arts allowed him the right to resist!

Because when he was being suppressed, only martial arts could make him loudly say no!

Martial dao was also the way of the heavens.

The self-help person is assisted by heaven.

If he didn't have the courage to resist, what was the use of cultivating martial arts?

In the next moment, Chen Yu's aura also changed.

In his eyes, there was no fear. Instead, it was filled with determination!

Placing his hands in front of his chest, Chen Yu assumed the gesture of a dragon capturing hand, in order to deal with Chen Rui's "Wild Python Seventeen Killing Strikes".

In the eyes of the disciples of the sect at the side, Chen Yu's actions were no different from courting death.

They had even made preparations for Chen Yu to be killed by the "Seventeenth Kill of the Raging Python".

"Hiss ~ ~"

Chen Rui's fist instantly arrived two meters away from Chen Yu.

This move was precisely the third killing move of the Violent Python Seventeenth Kill, the Wild Python Bind.

The sound of the fist wind tearing through the air was like that of a poisonous snake spitting its tongue, bringing Chen Yu enormous pressure.

It was as if in the next moment, he would be fatally attacked by the python.

At the most dangerous moment, a red light suddenly flashed deep within Chen Yu's eyes.

This was the ability brought to him by the mysterious willpower ? see through it!

The scene that was projected in Chen Yu's eyes suddenly changed.

In his eyes, every single piece of Chen Rui's muscles, every single vein, meridian, and nerve was perfectly revealed in his mind.

The trajectory of the energy that Chen Rui used to execute the martial skill "Raging Python Seventeen Killing" was completely displayed in his mind.

In Chen Yu's mind, a few fighting scenes appeared.

These scenes depicted how Chen Rui's attack was dealt with.

A bright light flashed in Chen Yu's eyes as an indescribable excitement arose in his heart.

He urgently wanted to know what would happen if he attacked according to the moves on the screen.

Could the special ability of this mysterious will be able to find flaws in the enemy's moves?!

On the other hand, when Chen Rui saw the excited expression in Chen Yu's eyes, he was inexplicably shocked.

He even had the feeling that his own move had been seen through.


The "Wild Python Seventeen Killing Technique" was a high level martial art, how could it be seen through by a disciple who was only at the first stage of the Martial Dao?

Thinking of this, Chen Rui no longer hesitated, the speed of his punch started to increase, like a giant snake, he sprung up like lightning.


His punch was like the wind.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Rui's fist wind blew up Chen Yu's hair.

The disciples of the sect all revealed cold smiles, waiting to see the scene of Chen Yu being blasted flying.

However ?


Accompanied by a thunderous sound, a strong stream of air suddenly blew up the entire arena.

To everyone's surprise, on the stage, Chen Yu only retreated half a step, but he spat out a mouthful of blood and was blasted away to the sky!

"Bam!" A loud sound was heard.

When Chen Rui heavily fell on the ground, everyone finally woke up from their shock.

What was going on!?

This was a question that had appeared in everyone's mind.

The twist in the battle just now had happened too quickly, to the point where almost no one had realized how Chen Yu had attacked!

Only Chen Yu himself understood what had happened in that instant.

He took a step back and punched out.

Chen Yu used two simple movements to repel the powerful Chen Rui.

Retreat and dodge the opponent's attack.

The punch landed on the opponent's weakness.

Although these two movements looked simple, they required the user to have an extremely harsh grasp of the timing.

If Chen Yu had used the mysterious ability brought about by his will to see through the changes in Chen Rui's punches and the rhythm of his attacks, he would not have been able to make such an accurate judgement in an instant.

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